31 October 2008

Still Sitting Here..... Reading and Crocheting

I have been sitting at home for what seems like forever nursing this broken leg.
I did manage to decorate the mantle for the boy's and made Pumpkin Soup, which is always welcome on a wet and windy day like today.
My Pumpkin Head has only been lit for one evening but already he is starting to wrinkle.
The old Witch is not me!
Well.......I am sometimes....my hub is very very patient with me,

A few months ago I bought two wonderful Vintage Prints from Michele at Cowboys & Custard.
At long last I have had them both framed.
I kept this one for myself and the other I bought for Jude's nursery. I will show you that another time.
I was going to put this print in the nursery in my house, but it is so beautiful that I hung it in the family room, well for now anyway.
Ebay Bargains....sitting about is bad if you are addicted to on-line shopping.
And again, I could not resist this huge crochet throw made in gorgeous bright happy colours.
I told Mr N. it was for his VW Campervan...so I got away with it..again.
Just for now it can sit on Katie's old bed.
I sat most of yesterday making my own Granny Squares.
I bought the wool some time ago but went for some very unusual colours for me anyway....
I never like what I have made, and because the colours were all wrong
I have unpicked it countless times.
I decided having spent a small fortune on all this wool, I was just going to have to get on and make the most of it.

I made the squares much smaller and mixed the colours differently.
Now isn't this strange, I like these colours now.
How can you explain that !

I have seen these books on so many of your blogs.
They are really great books, full of inspiration.
I wanted to add them to my huge ever growing collection that I already have, all kept in neat little piles all over the house.
This is becoming a bit of a book obsession.
On a rainy day I like nothing better than to just sit and look at the gorgeous pictures in these books and dream!

And this cookery book is truly scrumptious.
Lots of very tempting, naughty but nice, things in here!
Food for the eyes.
Tonight I am sitting in yet again...babysitting!
Have a good evening all.


MelMel said...

Hello my dear!
Love the vintage prints and your home looks all cosy and Autumn festive!

The blanket is so cute.....i'm after one of them.....i'll keep looking!xxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

The Halloween decor is great & the picture looks darling in it's new frame.
I'm getting out the blankets too - nice & cosy! I have the new Nigella Christmas book & it's really good - very festive but easy recipes.

Sal said...

Gorgeous crochet!
I do have the first three books but not the Nigella book..another one to go on the list! ;-)

Petticoat Lane said...

I love the decorations and the print is beautiful, no wonder you wanted to keep in in the family room.
Love the Granny Squares. Having spent a little while in blogland now I do feel that unless I learn to crochet a granny square I will never be a true 'member'!!! Watch this space, could be amusing!!!
Be careful on ebay at the mo. Somehow someone has hacked in and got my password today!! A little worrying how easily these things can be done, this was the day after someone got hold of Mr PL's bank details. The 'hackers' sure are busy gathering funds for xmas!
Jane. x

LiLi M. said...

I love that banner on your mirror. Great idea! I might do something like that next year. I love those granny square blankets. It's still on my list to crochet one. In fact I cannot and I have 'learning how to crochet more than a rope' on my list, but first I have to find that big bag of time. I think you are doing great doing all these things while you cannot walk properly. I think I was committing murders (just in the house) and worse. Take care! Have a lovely weekend.

periwinkle said...

glad to see you back, love your decorations and that print is just gorgeous. I think I'll be having a look at the Nigella book. Take care
and happy crocheting
lisa x

LOUISE said...

I really love buying books and one day I shall have time to read them, until then I shall just continue to look at the pictures. My favourites are gardening ones with lovely photography. I wonder whether there will be a Nigella Christmas on TV this year? It always tickles me when she comes down and raids her fridge of everything in sight, during the night! x

Grand Life said...

Your vintage print is beautiful. I'm so sorry about your broken leg. When our feet and legs hurt it seems like it's worse than other parts of our body. My pregnant daughter thought she had broken her foot 2 weeks ago but it was just a bad sprain but she was in so much pain. Hope your recovery is swift.

Pondside said...

Those books are tempting me - at this rate I'll need to take a year off just to go through the craft books that I've been inspired to buy through reading blogs!
I love your granny squares. Mia has a similar afghan on her site and it is also gorgeous. Years ago when I was at university, four friends and I made five of these - one for each of us. I must dig it out of the cedar chest and put it to use.
I hope you are feeling better every day and that we soon hear that the cast has come off.

Rosie said...

Hi Carol,
I think your granny squares look great, the colours are really nice, just think how wonderful it will be when it's finished.
Hope your leg is getting better, we were lucky that my mum wasn't in the same situation the other day - see the blog -
I love the print, such innocence in those faces.
Rosie x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Carol... so sorry to hear that you are still hopping around.. not long now I hope before you are freed from your plaster!
The print looks fabulous and a good frame really makes all the difference..
I think it must be the season for crocheting.. I had better hurry up and learn how!
Sending love and healing thoughts for your foot..

Michele xxx

Simone said...

Lovely post Carol. Your home looks so inviting. I bet you don't really mind baby sitting. When the little people have gone to bed you can get on with your granny squares and dip into your book pile. I hope you are on the mend and am sending good wishes your way.

Lavender hearts said...

Hi Carol,

You lucky lady, I love the crochet blanket. I knitted my first granny square the other week. I have never crocheted before and was surprised how easy it is! I think if more people knew they'd more inclined to have a go.

I've never done felting, I tend to steer clear of messy crafts as I am quite clumsy and my OH would have a fit if I made a mess - he's very tidy you see! I've noticed it's become increasingly popular though. It was recently in one of the mags I was reading.

You'll have to report back and let me know if it's easy to do.

Sian x

Michelle said...


Love your Halloween decor. It's so simple. :) This is definitely a cozy post. I love Nigella Lawson!!

Michelle :)

Tea and Margaritas in My Garden said...

Love the Halloween decor and your squares. Sure wish I could crochet!


Sandi McBride said...

Carol, I know how you feel...but that leg will be mended soon, I promise! I love the print you have framed, it's my kind of thing...and the granny squares you've prepared are JUST GORGEOUS!! I'm glad you felt up to blogging and it really is a sorry way to end a vacation...but hugs to you...kiss for Guy...One day I'm going to have me a little fellow like that!

Donna said...

So sorry to hear about your leg Carol, poor you. Still, plenty of time for sitting and crafting without feeling guilty huh? Love the look of your blanket. I too am crocheting one but in stripes, such fun.

Sea Angels said...

Hello Carol, good to see you are being creative, your prints are gorgeous then Michele sells some lovely things. I would love to see Nigellas Xmas book I will have to browse Amazon, thanks for sharing that, your home looks lovely all dressed up for Halloween and I like your witch.
Hugs, when does the plaster come of?
Lynn xx

Pipany said...

hello Carol. Golly that leg must be driving you potty. Not too long now hopefully. Your pictures always look so cosy xx

julia said...

Hope your leg's mending well. Love the crochet squares and the blanket is gorgeous, you crafty thing!
Julia xx

Deb said...

Your home looks so cozy Carol. I love the crocheted Granny square afghan.

Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Carol, thanks for dropping by again... you are so good at visiting everyone on a regular basis, I certainly appreciate it and I am sure that others do too.
Good luck for tomorrow's hospital visit, hope the plaster comes off and you can slowly get back on two feet again ~ just remember to keep up the crocheting, those little squares look really cute.
Chat soon, Liz

sue15cat said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, soon you'll be able to see some of my lovely goodies on my new website, just started to get it together ready for our big move, then I'll be a bit nearer to you. Love your blog by the way and the music is divine!

Sue xx

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Carol, Oh! It was so lovely to be visiting you again!...I have been so busy, I have not been able to catch up!...but now I have!...You poor thing with your foot! I know what you're going through...I broke my foot a few years ago & ended up having to have surgery to place a rod in the bone to hold the bone together! I needed to be off that foot for quite some time!...but they do heal & all will be right once again! Just take care for now!....I adore sitting with lovely books as well! Is that Nigella Christmas book new?...I love Nigella..may have to pick that one up!...Just got the new Martha Stewart special holiday issue today...& an off to bed to thumb through it!...Enjoy your weekend!....Your friend, Heidi XO

Josie-Mary said...

Hello, found you through Mel. I love the vintage print & the blanket. I'm working on my own... take a look at my blog. Guy is beautiful...I would love a dog. How cute are the puppy photo's. I've met Cath's dog, also on my blog!! I'll pop back to say hello :)

Miss sew n sew said...

I share your passion for beautiful books I love gazing at the beautiful pictures and have many on my wish list. Love your halloween display and your crochet squares are looking fab. Hoping your poorly leg gets better soon!

Ragged Roses said...

I'm loving those granny squares, they're great. You poor thing, it must be awful for you.A friend of ours was hit by a car last week and thrown from his bike, he is in hospital after a leg operation and has the prospect of 6 weeks in plaster, he is not a happy bunny. I hope the time passes quickly for you, and that Guy is giving you lots of cuddles on the sofa

This Vintage Life... said...

Lovely bit's and pieces's Carol, especially the granny squares. Funnily enough, although I'm not a huge fan of CK I do like her books, great photography.
Deb x

MelMel said...

How is your foot/leg? better?

I just love Stanley, so does my niece, so cute....love the picture of him sitting in the camper van...love it!

Got the new CK catalogue today, already seen so much stuff i would like!
But then i'm having fun making my own....i so love the blanket, really must make the effort to find one! Your so clever!xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

love the halloween decorations and the quilt especially ! i have learning to crochet on my new years list but am busy enjoying my new found fabric collecting hobby although not at the stage to show any creations on my blog yet LOL
thanks for visiting me over there though !
Hope your getting through the days with the cast on poor you :-( presume you completed on the cottage hope your ok about it i always found it a bit of a wrench to hand over a house to new owners :-S
Lesley x

Lulu said...

love all your pics..Beautiful granny blanket..I'm aking one for my bed, its all in one piece..
I love Nigela..

Mia said...

Your granny squares look just lovely, the colours are very pretty and I can not wait to see the finished result. As for your Ebay purchase, I really like the bright and jolly colours too. Now you must have quite a collection of granny square blankets.

I hope your leg is healing well and I trust that you will really be up and about in no time.

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi Carol, how's your leg? Have you officially sold your cottage yet? Do you know when its going to be on Escape to the Country, I'm sky+'ing it every night. How cosy and inviting does your house look! fab selection of book, I love Nigella too, I know she has a christmas special on tv but not sure when.
I'm off to do my 2min silence now...Claire xx

shabby chic said...

Hi Katherine
Hope that your leg is healing well.
I have those books , not the Cath Kidston onr though. I love crafty books.
ps the halloween decorations

jane and the happy crow said...

I love that picture, no wonder you wanted it where you can see it. I read you post about your little boy and really felt for you. We had a bad time with our little dog when she was tiny and she nearly died you feel so helpless. Looking forward to meeting you at the fair next week, there are going to be some late nights between now and then! Love Jane xx

Janet and Paris said...

Dear Katherine, I love visiting your blog and hope you get better soon! The crocheting is wonderful - so very pretty. I just stopped by to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog - and I have a little gift for you on my blog so please visit! Congrats!

Rowan said...

I like your Halloween mantle and the vintage print. I think you are one of many who have the Nigella Christmas book:) It's a coiple of weeks since your post so I hope your broken leg is healing well and that you are mobile again now.

the homely year said...

Hope your leg is mending well...enjoy your books while you have chance. Love the print and the colours in your squares!
Margaret and Noreen

Cassie said...

Wow for a girl with a broken foot you have been busy! I love your mantle-looks wonderfully cozy. I have been trying to teach myself to crochet for some time now and I am not having much luck with it. Your squares look great. I too, also have a thing for books, the stack beside my bed is obnoxious and I am slowly driving my husband crazy with it.

Sandi McBride said...

Hope that cast is off and you're out shopping and having fun!

the flour loft said...

Hi Carol,
looking forward to meeting you on Saturday at the Fair!
lots of love
ginny x

MelMel said...

Happy weekend...xxx