19 October 2008


I awoke this morning with such an awfal pain...in the broken leg. I was dreaming, dreaming about horrible little worm like insects that were laying eggs in my hair and hatching - I saw these insects in Greece while on holiday - I pulled two from my hair, threw them on the floor and started stamping on them wildly....with both legs, OUCH ! my poor broken leg cannot do this anymore, even in dreams................I started to cry, bellowing out a loud cry into my duvet.

I cannot stand it anymore, I hate this plaster Nige, it is too tight.......cry cry cry....I want it off.

I took two Ibrofen with my tea and started to calm myself down and write this post.

I have been reminiscing and planning quite a lot. Sitting with poor leg raised on cushions on the sofa and not being in the mood to read either, there is not much else to do once everyone has left the house.
I have made mental lists for, the Fair, organising the pending sale of the cottage and how I will start the packing of everything with each coming visit. Lists for Christmas and for things that I want to try and do next year, camping etc.

Friday we exchanged contracts on the cottage completion is set for the 10th November 2008.
Boo hoo, goodbye to my lovely cottage is now for real. I have had enough of trying to run two homes. It is bad enough having to deal with all the problems that one house brings. As I will not be much help with the packing, I will just have to direct the whole procedure. -Armchair Commando style.

I missed my First Birthday for my Blog, so I haved wished myself a belated happy birthday.
It does not seem like a whole year of blogging has passed. But what joy it has brought me.
New friends from far and wide. Meeting up with many of you at the coming Vintage & Handmade Fair in November will be exciting, a bit scary too....spirits will be high.
Guy is now 10 months old. My absolutely gorgeous, naughty little Lakeland Terrier which I raised by hand from one day old. He is very special, we have a close bond. He still wants to comfort suck his blanket, like a baby and yet he thinks he is so tough. Growling and barking at anything that dares to enter our home or garden. He sits on the windowsill of my study, keeping guard.

Last night I gave his coat a little trim with scissors, most of his black puppy fur has now gone, replaced by silver grey and tan fur. He looks such grown up little boy with his new hair cut. Bless him. How did we managed to get from this .....tiny helpless little bundle of soft black cuteness to this cheeky little boy.
Lots of care and devotion and ooddles of love.
I never posted the most frightening thing that happened when Guy was just about two weeks old. Late one wintry and very windy evening while I was at the cottage with my parents and Guy. I was giving him his two hourly feed with puppy formula milk.
Guy started to gag on something. This carried on for a while until concern that he could not catch his breath made me try and do something.
I tried to clear his airway, turned him upside down and gently patted his back. Nothing worked. Panic ran through me like little volts of electricity.....I was shaking, I could not find the local Veterinary phone number in my phone book. I ran out of the cottage not telling my parents why.
I knocked on the doors of two neighbour's but no one answered. Luckily for me the Veterinary Surgery is just a 5 minute walk from my cottage, this was a blessing. I ran in my slippers down the muddy lane to the surgery. Thank God for mobile phones. Frantically I dialled the emergency number that was displayed on the window. A woman answered. I explained the situation.
A vet will call you back within 20 minutes she said.
I screamed down the phone, NO he will be dead by then, he cannot breath.
I paced the car park begging God, please do not let him die.
The tears were rolling down my face. My baby, please, please do not die.
I Looked at his tongue, it was becoming more purple in colour.
Gently I covered his tiny nose and mouth with my mouth and breathed very softly into him.
I continued to do this in the hope that I was able to keep him alive until the vet arrived.
Cars appeared, but drove on passed. It seemed like forever.
I could see a 4X4 coming up the lane, it drove into the car park.
Relief my pain eased just a little. The vet ran towards me, took little Guy from me and said follow me. We went into the surgery, I was told to sit and wait. the vet went off to another room. I could not sit. I paced the waiting room, crying and praying. After what felt like an hour but was probably only half an hour, Mr Broadbent the vet, came back into the waiting room. I let out a cry, is he OK?
He is stable, he can now breath, I have aspirated some milk from his lungs. Guy has had some oxygen and anti-biotics. I have checked him as far as possible for a cleft palet. Everything seems ok......but...unfortunately these little puppies seem to just die overnight, it may be the chock of what has happened to him. You must keep him upright all night. I will give you a smaller teat and feeding bottle. Feed him every two hours. But tonight let him sleep a while, feed him in a few hours. Come back here at 8.45am and I will see him before surgery starts.
He asked, where do you live?
He must have noticed that I did not have a car in the car park.
Mr Broadbent drove me back to the cottage.
When I got inside, my parents were so worried they had no idea where I had gone to!
I slept that night, sitting up in bed with Guy on my lap. I dozed in and out of sleep, checking him regularly.
In the morning we went back to the vet and got a big well done. The vet did say that he did not hold out much hope of Guy surviving the night. But the fact that he did must mean that he is a very strong puppy.
I love this little boy. We have shared am experience that will be with me forever.

The first fire..........

The evenings have definitely got colder, so the first fire was lit.
Yippee, a cosiness that can only come from a real open fire fills my sitting room.
Lamplight and candles are everywhere and a feeling of being safe and sound comes over me.
I must remember to order logs and coal. A pile of well seasoned logs is comforting to me. Remembering how my Mum would always have things stockpiled. Primus and candles at the ready, just in case there was a power cut. And again just in case there should be a shortage of something like soap, food or toilet rolls, heaven forbid....a secret stash was made in one of the bedroom cupboards.
As I type this, I am sure the leg plaster is shrinking, I have another three weeks of this horrible Purple plaster, why did I pick Purple? I do not like purple at all. I wanted pink. But they would not let me have pink, said it had all gone. I could see two box's on the shelf marked pink...maybe they were empty.

I cannot bare to wear anything tight. Shoes, jeans, shirts, jumpers or coats. I get all stuffy and want to rip things off. I told Katie that I thought the tight waistband around baby Judes cordroys was uncomfortable for him.
It is no wonder the little man does not want to sit up. If we try, he grunts a gets a bright red face. So as soon as he visits Nana off come the cords. The smile on his face once free of his trousers tells it all. We do not do Tight! happily......
Mr N. is downstairs cooking breakfast. Eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and a big mug of hot tea. My tummy rumbles when it realises food is on its way. But no carbs, carbs for the next three weeks are OUT!!!

Otherwise they will not be able to fit me through the door of Rangeworthy Village Hall and I do not want to be transported about on a Low Loader! Spending most of my time just sitting or sleeping is bad for me. I try to walk about on thevcrutches, but it is hurting my hands and wrists. The only good thing is my upper arms are firming up.
Breakfast in bed is now served. I will be back soon. I hope you all enjoy a nice cosy Sunday.
I am going to my cousin Janices for Sunday Roast.
Be good. Or if you are going to be bad.....enjoy every moment!
Carol xxxx


sue15cat said...

What an interesting read....you had me hooked, well done with your gorgeous little dog, what a bond you must have. I have a big cat 'Toby' who was born to a feral mum and rescued by a friend of mine, with love and patience he turned into a lovely pet, still wary of strangers but loves me to bits, it's special that bond between animal and human.
Hope your leg doesn't drive you too mad.

Sue xx

MelMel said...

Good afternoon!
Oh poor you....do you feel a bit more perked up now?
Your little dog is so cute!
I loved the baby shots! how sweet, puppies are!

MelMel said...

Good afternoon!
Oh poor you....do you feel a bit more perked up now?
Your little dog is so cute!
I loved the baby shots! how sweet, puppies are!

periwinkle said...

Oh dear - I've never had a cast so I can't imagine what you are going through, but I can go with tight as I don't like tight either. Your little Guy story had me filling up - he's definately a fighter. I really hope you are feeling better in yourself soon. Big Hugs...
Lisa x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

YEEAAH, Happy Blogging Birthday to you! Heres to the next year! Im sorry your feeling stressed by your plaster, before you know it, it will be off! Your little Guy is such a fighter, it must of been very scary for you! your cottage is beautiful and i'm sure the new owners will be very happy there, I know I definatly would. When is it being shown on Escape to the Country? I'm watching the new sereis on BBC2 every night, fab houses on there, take care lady with the very trendy purple plaster......Claire x

Tea and Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hope you heal fast! It would be painful.
I enjoy your blog and I think I`ve missed your new house. Is it a cottage too? I love your cottage :)


Amanda said...

Oh Carol you sound so sad *hug* I do hope that the pain from your leg eases up soon. Happy birthday to your blog and gorgeous Guy - how lucky he is to have you to look after him :o)

Take Care of yourself and have a good week xx

...... Kristina ...... said...

Hi Carol,
Happy birthday my friend... yours was one of the first blogs i started reading and made me want my own,your blog is fantastic...sentimental nostalgia at its best and i love it,remember when i decorated my staircase listening to your music on your blog lol?
I'm so sorry you mare having so much trouble with your plaster,Steve's used to get really hot and the only thing that worked was frozen peas on the pot and cooling peppermint foot spray,he used to spray it down his pot lol,i wonder if its when you get warm your leg swells in the pot? anyway might be helpful.
Purple? i am shocked you haven't ripped out some kate forman roses fabric and covered it yet? lol could be cute.
Reading what you did for Guy had me in tears,bless him and you,you are lovely.
Hugs and kisses Kristina xxx

Rosie said...

Oh Carol, you poor duck! I know there is nothing worse than being incapacitated as you are at the moment. of course there are so many things you should be doing thats just sods law, but never mind, curl up with that most delicious pup think good thoughts and be kind to yourself.
My goodness I would have been completely hysterical had it been one of my dogs in that awful situation, he looks such a super dog so you obviously did a grand job.
Hope you feel better soon.
Rosie x

Cowboys and Custard said...

SO much to read Carol..and I can imagine you have lots to think about whilst waiting for your leg to heal.. How frustrating for you!!
Happy Blog Birthday to you too! Isn't it amazing how the months fly by and we find so much to share. I have so enjoyed getting to know you and we will finally get to meet at the Fair!
I adore that little Guy.. and I remember so well the 24 hour care you gave him .. rearing him by hand. He is a very lucky and special dog!
I hope these next three weeks fly by for you and you will soon be liberated from your plaster..
Sending love and hugs
Michele x

LiLi M. said...

'm feeling sorry for you, but I think blogging makes you feel better, at least your blog makes me feel better lol! Happy belated blogversary and take care!

Sal said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel as I broke my ankle six years ago (fell over in the garden)!
Huge hugs...and I look forward to meeting up with you in Nov,at the fair ;-)

Petticoat Lane said...

You had me hooked too!! Mr PL is shouting down at me that girls are out the bath and ready for stories but the little terrors will have to wait I'm too engrossed in little Guy!! What a lucky little boy to have found a mummy like you.
You made me chuckle about Jude's waitband! He must love going to Nan's to.....'breath'!!
Loving the purple plaster. Purple is the 'in' colour of the season don't you know!...VERY hip and trendy your leg is too!!
Take care
Jane. xx

Sandi McBride said...

I'm so sorry you're in so much pain...but it'll be better soon. Thanks for the pictures of our Guy...I wish I had a Lakeland...he looks the sweetest little thing! Love the fireplace...so warm and homey looking. We've had our first Frost...the tender plants are done for...but the peas, cabbage and collards are going great guns! Hope you feel better soon, hon...have another cup of tea

Ragged Roses said...

Oh Carol you are going through it aren't you?! Sounds awful to me, I do hope you are feeling a little better very soon. Happy belated blog birthday to you and your beautiful blog. I remember you telling me that story about Guy way back when and it is testament to your love and nurturing that he is such a handsome young chappy today!!! Take care, thinking of you
Methinks they save the pink plaster for all the little girlys!

prettyshabby said...

Hi Carol, gosh you sound thoroughly fed up! poor you..I agree tight is horrid..let's all wear a kaftan!

I adore your little Guy, he's such a sweetie.I hand reared a baby rabbit once,every two hours feeding with a sringe, he was the soppiest, friendliest bunny you could have, they do have a special bond with you, I suppose they condsider you as 'mummy' unfortunately a neighbours cat killed him, we had gone through all that to reach adulthood and it ended up like that, heartbreaking. At least Guy made it through those first traumatic weeks.
Great your cottage sold so quickly, it must be sad to part with such a lovely place but here's to pastures new.
Happy belated blogging birthday and I hope you cheer up soon x S.

and I do hope if you are going 'armchair directing, commando style' that you'll be wearing your pants!!!! lol

MelMel said...

Glad your on the mend!
Went to my fave shop today.....treated myself to a new picture for my bedroom and a soap holder in vintage green, i'm very taken with it!

I've done so much today....glad to sit down....Olly is hoovering(his job) and then cooking dinner!

I'm watching an old Heartbeat.....there is a kitchen filled with cornish ware!!! how fab! I love it.....
Enjoy the rest...while you can.....:>)))xxx

Deb said...

Hello Carol
Happy belated blog anniversary to you! I am celebrating 2 years of blogging with a giveaway if you'd like to stop by and enter :-)
The pictures of Guy are adorable ... he has grown into a gorgeous pup! Just proves what a strong spirit and love will do!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

what a gorgeous dog i want one now!! i feel so sorry for you with the plaster cast - never had one myself but my daughter did and cried every day !! well done on selling the cottage - what happened with the Escape to the Country thing? did they come round?
nosey ? me ? yes :-)
Lesley x

LOUISE said...

How's the patient today? So much has happened to you in such a short while, and all at once. I hope you manage to kick off that plaster very soon. I remember when my mum had hers in plaster she hated every minute of it, and had a very hairy leg when the plaster came off! On other news, happy blog birthday to you, I hope there are many more to come ... and Guy is a very cute little chap indeed. x

Simone said...

I have cried about little Guy for the second time. He truly is a special dog and he is very lucky to have someone care for him as you do. I really hope that you get some relief from the discomfort you are feeling in your purple plastercast! It's a pity they don't do them in Farrow and Ball shades!

Miss sew n sew said...

Oh Carol you are suffering must be very fustrating you sound like a doer and not one who likes to sit on ones bottom for too long! It's great that it's all happening for you with the cottage hope it goes smoothly. Touching story about Guy and HAPPY BLOGGING 1ST BIRTHDAY to you!!!
love Sarahx

...... Kristina ...... said...

Hi Carol,
Hope you are toasting near the fire with a nice drink and Guy for extra warmth,how are you?
have a great weekend my lovely.
Love Kristina XxX

Pondside said...

I'm so sorry that you're having such a rotten time with the cast - big, big sympathy from this side of the Pond.
Your Gus is gorgeous - Gorgeous Gus should be his name. I'm very fond of all sorts of terriers and am not familiar with Lakelands - must do some googling.
I wish I could come to your fair! I look forward to seeing lots of photos......so have your camera ready or please make sure to have your dear husband act as photographer.

Cassie said...

Your dog is precious, and what a story. Our pets are like pieces of ourselves. I do hope your leg/foot feels better soon! And I'm glad you enjoyed your first fire, your fireplace looks beautiful. (I love old houses) Have a restful week.

This Vintage Life... said...

Oh poor you...hope you're rid of that nasty thing soon.
How cute is little Guy though? I could just spread him on a cracker!
Deb x

Things Hand Made said...

Poor you, lovely post but it sounds like you are going stir crazy.

MelMel said...

Thank you so much for a really lovely comment......you lovely lady......how is that sore leg?

My little niece has a patterdale terrier.....so cute...must do a post soon! Before Scamp gets too big.....the little rascal jumped and bit my thumb the other day....but he only a baby! bless him!xxx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I was nearly sharing some sad tears, while reading what has happened to your gorgeous puppy!
I`m glad to know that he has recovered well!!!
And I was feeling quite Sad to know that you are still in pain!
I wish I lived near so I could help with the packing! Lol.
Kisses to you and wishing you a speed recovery!
Debbie Moss

Country Cottage Chic said...

Oh you poor thing Carol, wish I was closer - I'd come & keep you company.
I loved reading about little Guy - I can imagine how scary it must have been for you when he was chocking like that. Our Toby was hand reared from birth too as his mum died. Luckily he also was a determined little fighter & survived against the odds - it's that terrier determination!

Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Carol, limbs in plaster are just so miserable.
Don't worry about blocking the door of Rangeworthy village hall, if I get there before you the door will already be blocked! I have piled on the weight over the last few months, I seem to eat when I get stressed. All the health scares with my loved ones has meant that I seem to have permanently have a bar of chocolate in hand (or in mouth!).
See you in 3 weeks (gosh is that how little time it is until the Fair?), Liz

Rhondi said...

Hi again Carol
A belated congratulations on your blgoiversary! I remember when you first got little Guy and the thrill of seeing him survive! He sure is a cutie now. I agree with what you said about having a fire. It's just so cosy. It hasn't realy been cool enough yet here for a fire, but any day now it will be.
Hugs, Rhondi