04 September 2008

Busy Busy And Little Things For The Fair

As the Autumn draws in, I get that nice cozy being at home feeling. I love Autumn, I love all the seasons really, it is a shame our summer has been a bit of a let down, anyway I will look forward to my first log fire, roasted chestnuts and not really look forward to clearing all the leaves, especially when soggy wet. This is a supposed to be a special month for me as it will be my birthday soon. I am really not sure if I am happy that it is coming or not. I will let you know!
This morning a miracle happened, I was up very early 6.30am.......and I was full of energy....very unusual for me. So with an early start for a change, I have managed to get so much done. Don't you just love getting that list finally ticked off. The Tax Return is underway, yippee....I will be glad to get that over with. The house got a much need wash, hoover and dust and even all my filing was put away at long last. The ironing basket is empty. Just the garden to sort out now. And we have been shopping recently for Vintage Treasures. I have made a couple of loose and washable lampshade covers which are a favorite of ours.
To confuse my fuzzy brain even more!!! I have started another Blog, which one day just may have something for sale on it...lol....called Petticoats & Posies (wow, done it... I managed to make a Link ! this is a first) this blog will be dedicated to our love of vintage and hand made.
The name yes, ah well, we both like pretty girlie things and flowers so it seemed a good name at the time.
Here are the pair, looking at the photo I think the candle sticks are far too big to have with these little lamps. Never mind just ignore them.
This shabby painted wooden box should be brimming over by now. As you can see, it is not !White and Linen will feature large. Awards abound...another one arrived...from Sandi
Thank you Sandi and hurry back from your little blog break please.
I will pass this Friendship Award onto all my dear blog friends that always pop in to see me and never fail to bring me a smile.

Bye for now, have a lovely weekend all.




OhSoVintage said...

Hope you remembered to polish your halo too after being so busy today. Love the name of your new blog. I'm impressed if you can find time to write to blogs, I'm having trouble with one right now. I really like your lampshades too - do you just slot them over existing shades or do you buy frames? Have a great birthday later this month.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Carol

I know what you mean about Chesil Beach! I meant to leave a comment on your Lulworth post the other day but it seems I didn't. One of our most favourite places - even Pauley likes it there!!!!

Looking forward to seeing you at the V&H Fair in November.


Dragonfly said...

Congrats on your award!

Your mantelpiece looks wonderful - perfectly balanced! That's the window dresser in me talking...

Pondside said...

Whew - you had me at the tax return! Isn't it amazing how a burst of energy can make such a big difference?
The lampshades are lovely - and the new blog.......well, I'll just have to pop over.

Sal said...

Well done on the new blog..I shall visit regularly;-)

MelMel said...


You did have a busy day!
Loving the lampshade cover......i'm going to have ago at making one...by hand as my sewing machine is still broke!


periwinkle said...

nice to see you back, i like the coziness of autumn too but as the nights draw in i really miss the sun. Good luck with your new blog.
lisa x

Simone said...

The lampshades are very pretty and I love the look of what is inside the white box!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Love the new lampshade covers... You are so clever and talented!
I can`t wait to see some of your pretties in your new blog!
Good luck with that!
Debbie Moss

Pipany said...

Oh I love autumn to Carol. I think it is my favourite season. Off to see your new blog now and love the name by the way xx

Cowboys and Custard said...

Wow.. Carol.. what is this thing called energy!! You have achieved so much and all of it lovely !!
You and I both have mixed feelings about an impending birthday... Is it life begins at 40 or...?
I think we love autumn because we were autumn babies.. well that's my rather poor theory!
Keep up the good work girl.. your'e doing so well and putting me to shame.. I haven't started yet!

Loads of love
Michele x

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Carol, I haven't yet felt the whiff of Autumn in the air, but winter certainly seems to be arounf!! I love Autumn, long walks on crisp clear days and misty evenings with an open fire. You will have such wonderful treasures to take with you to the Fair, wishing you lots of cosy crafting days and of course a Happy Birthday, and I know it isn't too far away

Greedy Nan said...

Really like the lampshade. Am feeling a bit tired and I suddenly heard piano music which brought me to. It was coming through from your blog - spooky but clever.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Love that gorgeous mirror!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Wishing you the best of weekends..m..

LOUISE said...

Love the lampshade covers Carol. All you crafting ladies are very talented. x

Shabby-Roses-Cottage said...

I like your lampshade cover :o)
And I love Cath Kidston too ;o)
Very nice blog you have!
Many lovely greetings from germany,Patricia