30 May 2008

Thank you's and Time For a Rest? what is that..!

While I was reading Fi's Blog marmaladerose.blogspot I spotted her very cute hand made Bunnies. I just had to buy the blue Bunny for Jude's growing collation! He is so cute and came with his own little white baby bunny, beautifully made. He sits on Jude's mantle along with all the other Bunnies I had to buy! The white and blue one is a knitted Bunny from Cath Kidston.

Then Mr Postman delivered a surprise parcel! Vanessa at Just Originals justoriginal.blogspot.com/ had made this beautiful little dish for Jude's nursery and a wonderful Lavender smelling Heart. Thank you Vanessa and Fi for your lovely Hand Made Gifts, they all look lovely in their new homes. At long last one of the many projects that I started managed to get finished, well almost - the eyes are not as good as they were and Katie spotted a couple of bits I missed!
I am pleased with the result, painted in F&B Folly Green. I did buy two of these chairs from a very tatty junk shop - for just £11 each. They were in perfect condition with a very nice little weaved seat, until Mr N. decided to stand on one!

And put his foot right through the 'perfect' weave....I told him off - loudly !

So off he went to remove the grass weave and replace it with a little piece of wood..It looks fine now it is painted and my cushion matches perfectly.

At least the rain means I get more done indoors!

I am going away for almost a week to the Cotswold's - not to rest - but help Mr N hang and paint new gates for the parking area.
No peace for the wicked!

Have a wonderful and productive week.

I will be trying to pop into see you but it will have to be from the Library PCs!





Simone said...

I love so much in this post but am particulary struck with the little 'grow' dish. I think you did a good job on the chairs - lovely shade of green. I hope that the weather picks up for you in the Cotswolds. I don't remember the last time the sun showed her/his face!

Heidi Ann said...

Happy Sunday Carol, Have a great time "relaxing"! :)....The little knitted bunny & that adorable dish!...So, so cute!...And I love those chairs!!! What I like about little chairs like those is that you can always tuck them in anywhere, for a bit of added charm! And that shade of green is a favorite of mine, so it made them even more appealing!....Have a great week!.....Heidi :) P.S. And a little thank you for your continuing comments about my posts!!

Vanessa said...

Have a great week in the Cotswolds, shame you have to do some work though!

The chairs look great!

vanessa x

Sal said...

I love the shade of green on your chair.
Enjoy your week away! Sal;-)

Cowboys & Custard said...

I have to say that Fi's bunny gets my vote... what a sweetie he is and the little dish is adorable!
I shall have to go and have a look now at Just Originals..
I see you have been wielding the paint brush again and a lovely colour too..
If you ever need a chair caning then I am your man (woman)... !
Have a wonderful resorative week in the Cotswolds
Carol... bon voyage and safe journey!

Much love

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Carol, love all the pretties you received. Your chair makeover is great, I have a similar cane seat chair awaiting transformation - I think it will be waiting for a while yet! Have a lovely break in your cottage.
Lucy x

Pondside said...

Have a good time (productive!) time at your cottage. See you when you get back!

Pipany said...

Such lovely things in your blog as always. Enjoy the break even if it does mean lots of work! xx

the homely year said...

I really like the green of the chair...I'm into green at the moment as I've just painted our hallway in a soft shade that looks a bit retro and 1950s.
Margaret and Noreen

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Beautiful post...
I love bunnies, the tale of the chairs + their olive green colour -my "proven├žal inspired" kitchen has Laura Ashley linen gingham (like your cushions) curtains under a couple of worksurfaces...
Enjoy your break in the Cotswolds :)

Sandi McBride said...

I loved this Carol...all but the bit about being away for a week...but the little rabbits...how lovely for Jude...and the dish...have fun while you're away...is Guy going?

Garden girl said...

Hi carol, hope you have a lovely week in Stow, and that the rain clears up so you can enjoy it (or do you want it to rain so you can get out of painting?!)The chairs are beautiful, I love the green colour you chose.x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh those chairs are so pretty, I love painted chairs. I am so loving that green.
Hope you have a good time in the Cotswolds and hopefully the weather will pick up!
Alison x

Miss sew n sew said...

The chairs look great FB can do wonders little Jude is very lucky to have a grandma with such good taste the bunnys are beautiful - Vannessa's gifts are so sweet hope you have a productive week in the Cotswolds and time for a little rest too!

periwinkle said...

I know you are working but I hope you have anice time anyway. Lovely colour green on those chairs too
Lisa x

LOUISE said...

I am surprised Mr N didn't hurt himself by standing on one of those chairs. It most definitely wouldn't take the weight! I love the bunny, I shall have to investigate those. Have a lovely time in the Cotswolds and don't work too hard. I like the green chair by the way and the cushion is very pretty. x

Summer by the sea said...

your chairs look great - that is a lovely colour green. Have a good time in the Cotswolds ven if it not really a 'holiday' they say a change is as good as a rest! - Natalie x

Ragged Roses said...

Those chairs look beautiful Carol, what a lovely colour. I'm glad that Mr Ragged Roses isn't the only one who knows the foot through the chair trick! Hope you're having a good week

Greetings! said...

I just happened across your blog today and found it totally delightful. Very nice and I am linking your site from my blog so I can visit again. Have a lovely day!

prettyshabby said...

Hi Carol..I can't believe you threw your eiderdown away!..yes that certainly was a mad day of clearing out!!..talking of mad, I must be going that way as I have read this post no less than 3 times and never left a message!..I love the chair and the colour you've painted it, farrow and ball paints are divine..especially the greens.
Hope you had a good week away..even if it was to hang gates!

jessica daisy said...

How sweet is that little dish!!
The chairs look great and the rose cushion goes perfectly with them. Hope you are having a nice time in the cotswolds.

Country Cottage Chic said...

The bunnies & dish are just lovely & the chair looks perfect to me!