26 May 2008

Tagged and Suffolk - A weekend break

I hope that your sitting comfortably and with refreshments - this is a big blog session.

A few months back I found this pretty little cottage in Suffolk while I was scouring cottages on the Internet. I decided along with my cousin that we should book it for a weekend break for ourselves and our men.
The Wisteria - sinens alba - had a wonderful perfume.
We opened the front door and felt at home instantly.A very cosy lounge with a working stove that we used every evening. A tiny little kitchen but very sweet. I loved the Pea tiles around the sink - they were from Laura Ashley.
We took turns to cook a full English breakfast everyday before we set off on our explorations.
Both the bedrooms have very comfortable beds and nice crisp bed linen.
Just what we needed at the end of the day.

The antique bath was found and fitted by the owners. The whole cottage had been renovated and completed in 2005.

The dining area with a table ready laid for afternoon tea and cake to greet us.

Southwold beach

This charming little seaside town is very trendy and a popular place but still it has managed to make you feel as though you had stepped back in time...but with all the mod cons that we expect! There are some beautiful properties in Southwold, some so close to the sea - but for how long with coastal erosion as it is?
We walked for miles along the coastal road to the little harbour, just to buy our freshly caught Sea Bass for the BBQ and have a well deserved lunch consisting of Shrimps, Whelks, Cockles and a huge bag of chips!!!

Famous for its Beach Huts. One was priced at £70,000.00 or near offer! The one above called 'Costa Plenty' said it all.

Coastal erosion has been a huge challenge for the East of England for thousands of years.
Upto £7m of work has been carried out along the coast in Southwold, so I read, to try and prevent further erosion.
Another lovely seaside town.This strip of land leads out from the mainland at Aldeburgh. The sea is on one side and the marshes on the other. We drove along this strip of land which leads to the Martello Tower.
29 were built between Aldeburgh and St Osyth Stone between 1808 and 1812 to protect Essex and Suffolk. They were built of brick, 13 foot thick on the seaward side, stood about 30 foot high.
The largest tower is CC at Aldeburgh, which is four towers joined together. They are monuments to a time when Britain was threatened by invasion by Napoleonic France.

An old building in Aldburgh on the green.
It is an interesting and enjoyable walk along the beach which stretches for miles.

A weekend is not enough time to really see all that Suffolk has to offer.
Below are the little treasures that I found while visiting and Antique Market and the shops at Aldeburgh.

And a very enjoyable weekend break in Suffolk was had by all......
I have been tagged by two lovely girls, Vanessa @ Just Originals and Sarah @ Miss Sew n Sew.
Here goes.....

1) What was I doing ten years ago?
Well we had just moved into a wreck of a house. It was unliveable really, but we had to move in and suffer as the renovations were made! I should tell the terrible tale one day.
It was a very large detached Vicotrian house - complete with ghosts and Maids living quarters !…we completed the renovations and them moved out.

2) What are 5 things in your to do list today?
Today I have to complete this Tag and do a Blog on Suffolk.
I have to unpack and cook a nice comforting casserole as winter has returned! Clean the house – just a bit. .Read my Country Living Magazine and finish my Susan Hill book The Lady In Black – great ghost story! As the book has to go back to library tomorrow.

3) Snacks I enjoy
I love warm milk chocolate bars – I never like my chocolate from the fridge!
Bowls of soup.
Fruit….or anything that is handy that I rustle up a mouth wateringly delicious snack with. I do love preparing food and cooking.

4 )Things I would do if I was a Millionaire

Pay off the mortgage.
Buy a house by the coast in Sussex and another in Dorset to rent out as beautiful holiday cottages.
And like Miss Sew n Sew... spend huge amounts of money at Cath Kidston, Greengate and Kate Forman! and also Antique Markets!
Give some money to friends and family.
Give more money Cancer Research…..I do this every month already.

5) Places I have lived
I grew up in London. Moved to north Kent – a London suberb really - when I was 5, met my Hub here - still live here! but I also have a cottage in the North Cotswolds where we go to chill-out from the stress of life - being far too close to London…and I rent it out as a holiday cottage to keep my busy.

6) Six peeps I want to know more about
This is an open invitation to anyone who reads my Tag and would like to join in.

Hoping that you all have a wonderful week, even if it does rain!

Carol xxx

Sorry this was a long one!


Miss sew n sew said...

I would feel very much at home in that cottage too! It's been beautifully decorated how nice to lay on afteroon tea for you! I want to visit Suffolk now - those lovely photo's have wet my appetite love those beach huts! Enjoyed reading your answer's we have lot's in common!

Sal said...

I really like Suffolk and would love to visit again,one day.The cottage looks the perfect place to stay! The beach huts are gorgeous but oh my the price of them!

shabby chic said...

Hi carol
oooh that cottage is beautifull , I want to move in!. How lovely and the front door looks so lovely and the front of the house. I expect it was a lovely time for you all. I have never been to Suffolk and I think I would like to now, it looks lovely from your pictures.
Did you move out of the Victorian house because of the ghosts?.
Yes the electricity monitor is a good idea, you done well doing it for a year. I hope you won the debate too !
X Dominique

Cowboys & Custard said...

Please don't apologise Carol.. the longer the better.
I loved seeing your photos and you have really whetted my appetite to see more of this wonderful country of ours. Suffolk is an area I have yet to discover and judging by your photos.. I know I will love it!
I would have found it so difficult to leave that gorgeous little house you stayed in.. what a dream!


Connie said...

I love reading and viewing pictures from "across the pond"!! It gives me great ideas for decorating and looking into other styles and also a chance to view your lovely country!

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

I've never been to Suffolk but I'm very tempted to look into it now for a family holiday - looks beautiful ! Thanks for sharing :)


Carol, that cottage could be yours, the owner has exactly the same taste as you. I like those pea tiles too. We have yet to discover Suffolk, we may have driven through? How I love coastal towns and I really think they are the most luxurious and best kept beach-huts I have ever seen. It is no wonder they sell for so much money! I feel as if I have been away for a few days after looking through your lovely photos. These spots are definitely ones to be jotted down on my places yet to visit list, which since starting blogging is getting longer and longer! I'll be back to read your meme, must get the potatoes peeled! x

Rosie said...

Oh that looks fantastic, what a beautiful cottage!
We had a range like that in the last house we were in, it was in the utility room, which was the original kitchen, didn't work but it looked nice.
Glad you had a great weekend.
Rosie x

Heidi Ann said...

Good Morning Carol, That cottage is adorable! And what a wonderful area! I have been sewing for so many days that I need a change of scenery! Your pictures helped me feel that I actually went on a little trip! So fun to see other areas!!! Enjoy the day!....Heidi :)

Simone said...

The cottage is lovely. I could feel quite at home in there. You had good weather too I see?!! Judging by your photo's, Suffolk has a lot to offer. I would like to visit one day.

the homely year said...

The cottage is lovely...just the kind of interior decoration I like.
And Suffolk looks interesting too...I've never been on that coast...one day hopefully.
Margaret and Noreen

Rhondi said...

Hi Carol
What a charming home to spend the weekend in and how nice of them to have the table set for tea. Thanks for the sightseeing tour. I can't believe the price of those beach huts!!
How is that grandbaby of yours doing?
Hugs, Rhondi

Sandi McBride said...

Oh, I love your vacation, wish I could have been there...I want to hear more about the Detached Victorian please...
love to Guy...hugs from the rotten little baby whom Mac has taken to calling Red Ryder cause she's a pistol!
hugs from me

Pipany said...

Hi Carol. Lovely blog with loads of pretty pictures. Suffolk looks gorgeous and is a place I haven't yet visited. So glad the cottage was lovely as you have to place such faith that your holiday won't be spoiled by somewhere beastly xx

Alchamillamolly said...

I wrote a long comment and I think its lost!! GrrrrrH

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh my, that cottage is absolutely beautiful I just love it!
Such beautiful photos, oohhh and beach huts I love them!
love Alison x

MarmaladeRose said...

that cottage is scrummy! i want one! do you think if i pop it on my christmas list....

Country Cottage Chic said...

I really enjoyed your weekend! What a lovely little cottage.

Ragged Roses said...

I love long posts!! Lovely to find out more about you Carol (I have to have my chocolate straight from the fridge!)> The cottage you stayed in looks wonderful, I have always wanted to visit the Suffolk coast and those two towns in particular, thanks for sharing the photos

Pondside said...

What a gorgeous little cottage - now wonder you had to book it!
I loved the bit about the Martello Tower - there are several in Kingston, Ontario, built for the War of 1812 as defense against the Americans (it was the only war in which the Americans have ever been officially defeated).
Last weekend I was watching a TV show about exotic homes and saw one from the UK where a couple lived in a Martello Tower.

this is my patch said...

Just read more about you Carol. Funny how you would like to live on the Sussex coast, I do and it is lovely, but I would like a cottage in the Cotswolds! We aren't ever completely satisfied with where we live are we! Warm chocolate, no, no, no. Mine has to come out the fridge, although I have to be careful these days not to break my teeth on it! x

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What a pretty cottage! Looked like you had a really nice time and bought some lovely things. Can`t wait to hear about your haunted house.


periwinkle said...

What a lovely cottage, looks like you had a lovely time, gorgeous scenery. thank you for your quilt comments - you should have a go!
Lisa x

thevintagemagpie said...

Oh that cottage, its the front door that got me.. how wonderful. I could stay there forever! I'd love a beach hut here in Teignmouth but the prices are ridiculous! Ah well... dream on! Lovely blog x

Alison Boon said...

what an adorable cottage. And I love those knitted cakes especially the doughnut. Yummy.

prettyshabby said...

what a pretty place you stayed at..my sister owned a cottage in Suffolk for a while and I thought it was a lovely area.(go to see the gardens at Helmingham Hall if you go again..you would love them!)
Gorgeous beach huts, I can't believe they are going for 70grand!!! gorgeous but thats mad!

Miles Away In France said...

What a lovely cottage and a really enjoyable post about suffolk, I have been to aldeburgh but not southwold but I had heard that it is a lovely place.

Racheal x

Garden girl said...

the cottage looks absolutely beautiful, as do all of your photos from your break away. Glad you had such a lovely time..weren't you even slightly tempted by the beach huts?! (stick with your lovely VW, you can enjoy fabulous views whenever you fancy them that way!)x

Alchamillamolly said...

Am leaving a short comment this time!! I think yiou went to a Grove Cottages - cottage that one was featured in Period Living last year or the year before (as time goes so fast!) we went to one of their cottages for our first visit to Suffolk it was lovely, tiny but perfect. I loved Southwold and we are definately going to go back there. Love your chair on your latest blog.