05 May 2008

Snaps & Snails & Puppy Dogs Tails

Garden Snaps....Yesterday was a really warm and I could not wait to get in my garden and have a little tidy up.
The Hosta's are now up...some more than others, but the blooming Snails have devoured one Lupin and some tiny little baby snails had managed to by-pass the Slug & Snail killer and started to tuck into one my potted Hosta's. I am on a mission now!
Here is Nigella the camper......still waiting for that first camping trip with the new awning.

This picture is taken from the back of the garden where the pond is situated and the new patio has been recently laid.....almost finished!

A little fence that we needed to keep the dogs off the garden and my little boy's away from the pond.

Another yellow Acer of the very slow growing type.
I did have this in a pot but when we moved here I did think that this would be the last move...so I planted all my beloved Acer's in the ground and said that I had finally put down roots....
I changed my mind.
One more move is planned.
I will be very sad to leave my plants.

Puppy Dog's Tails......
This little munchkin decided that he would have an adventure.
He squeezed between our house side wall and next doors wall, it is a very small gap of about
4 inches!
Guy was stuck!
Bottom facing out.
We thought that we had not heard him for a while then N heard a whimper.
Talking calmly to him was not working, he could not work out reverse!
N had to drag him out by his Tail.....

The Belfast sink was the perfect place to bath Jude.
Here he is in his bath seat.
Mummy does not have to bend over....stitches still a little sore!

Bathed, dressed smelling gorgeous.
Fed and so content.
This is what little Boy's are made of!

A trip to Tunbridge Wells to shop was
heaven for me.
Guy got a new little red bed, all soft and covered with Stanley print from Cath Kidston.
Jude got a pair of very soft white leather pram booties.
They look quite big in this picture but infact are tiny but still a wee bit too big for him now.
Can't wait to see his little chunky little legs in them!
Well that is another week gone!
I am now off to see what you have all been up to!


Cowboys & Custard said...

What a clever title for this post Carol.. I love it all!
Your gorgeous garden has a lovely collection of plants and looks immaculate.. How do you do it.. Superwoman!?
Guy looks like he has mischief written all over that adorable little hairy face of his.. Glad he was rescued from his tight spot!
I wonder if little Jude will remember his baths in the kitchen sink. I have a strong memory of sitting in the kitchen sink.. must have been a few years ago.. I certainly wouldn't fit now!
Hope you are all having a happy and sunny weekend.
Much love

Katherines Dream said...

Michele, I too remember the kitchen sink. Every evening without fail my sister was wash me there. They only way she could keep me happy was to sing to me, The Christams Alphabet ! do you know it?
Carol xx

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Carol, Loved your blog this morning!!! Your yard is just so pretty! & green!! I love lush & green!...Here in California, it gets so hot & dry, that I yearn for just the opposite!I think I may actually be an English girl at heart!!! And that baby Jude!!!! OMGoodness, he is just the sweetest thing! Have a wonderful Monday!....heidi :)

Lois said...

That is one beautifu contended baby in that beautiful sink.
Great blog.


Vanessa said...

Hi Carol,

Your garden looks gorgeous! I'm very jealous of your campervan, I want Nigella, she looks fab!

I hope Guy has recovered from his ordeal.

Baby Jude looks very content in his sink, I hope everyone is OK at your end, I will be posting pictures of baby Lucas later!

I hope you have had a great weekend!

julia said...

The belfast sink pic brought back many happy memories of bathing our two in the sink, sadly now they're both too big!
The garden looks lovely, and I can't wait to see pics of Nigella in action!
Julia x

Rosie said...

Your garden looks lovely, I really miss my big garden, now we just have a small one that we share with my mum.
What a contented little petal Jude looks, I do hope everything is going ok. I had to laugh at Guy, that is just the kind of thing Rufus did when he was small, and he only fell in the pond once, came scuttling through the french doors full of duck weed and looking very sorry for himself. Thanks for the comments on Gracie, there will be some rather self indulgent mermaids arriving soon.

Rosie x

Simone said...

You have a beautiful garden. Your grandson looks so tiny in the sink. I used to wash in the kitchen sink until I was about 11 as we didn't have running water in the bathroom! I used to have to stand on a chair to dip my feet in!!! How we have progressed!!!

LW said...

What a lovely garden…
Cute little dog…

And beautiful baby boy….
I bet you smile a big smile every time you see him…


Alchamillamolly said...

sorry for the delay on info about the oilcloth will chekc my ebay tonight - have been painting and dado-ing all weekend!

Sandi McBride said...

What a wonderful visit I had Carol. I've been missing you and here I am and there for my wondering eyes to behold are Guy and the wonderful little Jude...I've loved wandering through the garden, it's so lovely this time of year. You really have a green thumb, (or a green husband) and I'm delighted to see you back!
hugs galore to you and yours

Miss sew n sew said...

Your garden looks beautiful so well kept and full of life. I love the picture of Jude in the belfast sink so tiny and happy.

You found some beautiful pram shoes and Guys very lucky to have a designer bed! A nice treat for him after his ordeal bless!

I would love to own a VW camper I'm sooo jealous what a beauty!

Ragged Roses said...

Lovely photos of your garden Carol. I thought I had all of the snails in my garden, surprised there are any left in England! Your garden looks wonderful
Guy is certainly up to mischief. he's going to keep you on your toes.
And finally, Jude, lovely, lovely Jude, How gorgeous he looks and how wonderful babies smell after their bath.

Rhondi said...

Hi Carol
I was just thinking about you enjoying that new little baby and thought I'd pop over to see if you had some more pictures. He is so precious.Babies and kitchen sinks...I'm sure we all have a picture of that. When my grandaughter was about a year and a half, maybe a little older she wanted to have a bath in the kitchen sink. What a riot. I put some kitchen dish soap in the wash and we had bubbles everywhere. We were able to catch it on video as she sang th ABC song at the top of her lungs! You have lots of fun times ahead of you!
Poor little Guy getting stuck.
We had a beautiful day here. Hope you did too.
Hugs, Rhondi

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi there just before bed these are the ebay sellers I got the samples from. Ebay shop - Tablecloth Co - seller philmc23 - this was the green and the florals they have a huge collection. The Liberty ones were from ebay seller - clothshop18 - hope these are useful for you x night night


I see Nanny is spoiling already! What about that little Guy getting stuck, luckily you heard his whimpers. He certainly looks as if he has recovered from his ordeal. What about little Jude in the kitchen sink, he looks very sweet and content. x

prettyshabby said...

ooo this is a jam-packed post of goodies! Your acers are beautiful,I must admit I've dug up and taken some plants with me to new houses..unusual ones that came from garden centres or stately homes that I new I wouldnt be going back to anyway!
I think I want to kidnap that gorgeous puppy, he's so scrummy.. hope his tail's recovered from it's ordeal,lol..I had to do the same with a stuck kitten once,she was not amused!
The new Cath Kidston shop sounds wonderful..I wish we were nearer to visit it and I love Judes little boots that you got him..bless him all new innocent and lovely after his bath in the sink! you can just smell that new baby smell. Broody?.. moi?

ps.I managed to get myself a pull along Stanley- Yay! thanks to a nice lady who emailed me to tell me where there was one left!

prettyshabby said...

Oh I meant to say..I wasnt too impressed with the CK store at Bicester..lots of the same thing really,bags and more bags! but most things had a pretty good discount and they had some discontinued fabrics for half price. The best shop in the whole place was Anne Fontaine..not only for the beautiful white clothes but for the impeccable service and gorgeous rose smelling shop! Why oh why did I not buy their room fragrance?!

Garden girl said...

Oh Carol, he's a little gem! Congratulations to you all. Hope you are all doing well xxx

PS_Iloveyou said...

You have the most beautiful garden and what a darling child!

Congrats all around on jobs well done!

Cathy said...

Jude is too beautiful Carol! I just love seeing little baby faces.

This is my first time to your blog and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your garden post and pictures of your doggie. Absolutely lovely and too cute too.

Take care,

shabby chic said...

Hi Catherine
Your garden looks so lovely , hope you are enjoying it this week.
Bath time for baby! looks so cute
x Dom

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahh look at those adorable photos of that little cutie!
I still remember getting bathed in our sink when I was little, I always used to wave to the lady next door!
Love Alison x

periwinkle said...

love the camper, love your garden.. we haven't planted our cherry trees yet..they are still in pots too. Love Jude, love the shoes... can you tell the sun is shining
Lisa x

Grand Life said...

Great to see more pictures of the baby. Your yard looks great. How can you bear to leave it. Thanks for leaving a comment on my post. Hope you have a great week.

Sal said...

I love your garden pics.Your garden looks so tidy too!How do you do it?!
Jude looks very content!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Aah! A baby & a puppy in the same house...what more could you want?

Bumpkin Bears said...

awww your little Jude is so sweet. Your garden is beautiful. My hostas are also just coming out and one has already got tucked into by the slugs and snails!! Catherine x

Regina said...

Hi Carol
Your garden looks so beautiful
with all the wonderful plants.
Oh what a sweet baby.
Have a wonderful sunny weekend
Hugs Regina

Pondside said...

Lovely garden - nasty snails - cute pup....gorgeous Jude!!
I've had a baby-ful weekend here too, with a visit from my 7 month old grandson, and the news that son and DIL will have another child in late December/early January. I'm glad that they're young and energetic, as two under two will be a handful!

Summer by the sea said...

Your garden looks lovely, I am very jealous - Glad Jude is doing well, he may be tiny now, but those days pass all too quickly don't they? - It won't be long till he's too big for the sink! - Natalie x

the homely year said...

Hi, what gorgeous photos, lovely garden. Poor Guy, what a shock for him, getting stuck. And Jude is so sweet in the sink...much easier for bathing.
Margaret and Noreen