13 May 2008

Herbaceous Perennials and Palms of the attached to your hands variety!

I have in my garden two plants I treasure. The first one is Smilacina racemosa, common name False Spikenard. The second is, Solomens's Seal, both love shade, as do I! and are wonderful for cut flower displays. The perfume from Smilacina fills the room with a wonderful fresh clean scent.
This is the Solomens Seal and as you can see the tiny flowers hang under the leaves like little bell's. Both will become very large, but look so beautiful if you have a the right spot for them. To lie under a tree in the glorious sunshine is where I want to be. I love the variegated leaves of my young Maple tree. I will be so sad to leave it behind. I have a habit of doing this. I plant lots of trees and just as they start to look really special...I move.

My pond has dirty green water, but, I like it that way. My fish can hide! I have planted Baby Tears on the rocks around the pond, it spreads very quickly and adds wonderful lushness to the pond.

Now, I have a question for anyone who knows anything about


I had not noticed that I had and extra line on my left hand until I went to a Medium. After the reading she wanted to read my palm. On inspecting it she commented on the additional line that I had and told me that it was rare and lucky or something, can't remember now as it was a long time ago. My youngest daughter has the same extra line on her left hand and I have just checked Jude's left hand and well and behold he too has this extra line! The line that I am talking about is the little one on the side of my hand opposite my thumb, just a little line that runs from that fleshy side of my hand. Does anyone know what it means?

Update sorry to confuse!

I mean the short line under the little finger that runs from the edge or side of my hand towards the middle and then ends!!!The very little but deep line.

Update:- I have searched the Internet and found some very useful sites, but not one has been able to show in a diagram or describe what this extra very prominent line means!

A very laid back Jude and looking so much fuller in the face don't you think!

Back soon...


Rubyred said...

Hi Carol,Jude looks such a sweet baby,I bet you cuddle him constantly! I will be at Burford over Bank Holiday weekend at the Warwick hall on Sat Sun and Mon.It would be lovely to meet you.Your garden looks gorgeous,have you decided where to move to yet?Rachel x


I love Solomons Seal too Carol, although my photos this year have all been lousy, so it hasn't appeared on my garden blog, lovely to see yours. The first plant is a new one of me, but looks great. Jude is most definitely fuller in the face and fancy him having that same extra line, although you may have to be a bit more specific Carol which line you mean? You have already got me comparing my hand with yours! I love Guy's face in the photo on the sidebar, and I know I am biased but much prefer him to Stanley! x

Simone said...

Your garden is beautiful with some wonderful and interesting plants. Jude looks like a lovely, healthy and contented little boy. I can't help you with the palmistry. I have a whole heap of lines where you have the line in question. I put mine down to just having old hands!!! Your hands look much more youthful and plump (in a good way) than mine!

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Carol, Jude is just gorgeous Lots and lots of photos please!!! SNAP to you too - I was going to write about the trees in my garden (something spooky in the air this week!). I need to buy some Solomon's Seal as I have just the perfect spot for it. Well I've sat with my palm pressed against the computer and still can't work out which line you mean. I'm imagining lots of bloggers sitting in front of theirs gazing at their palms!! Have a good few days and enjoy the shade.

Simone said...

I have just read your update and I don't have that line at all after all!!! I can see that Jude has it too!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Katherine, beautiful plants and I would just love to lie under your tree. I suppose it will be wrench to leave your beautiful garden. Can't help on the palmistry front, I don't have that line, have you tried searching on the internet? It isn't a lampshade but you've given me an idea - thanks! The clue is it begins with b and ends in x!
Lucy x

Sandi McBride said...

Jude looks quite comfy there. Do you suppose he's dreaming of becoming a plant enthusiast as is his granny? As to the line, I haven't a clue...I found out my life line was short and quit studying at that point lol...didn't want to waste time learning!!! Lovely plants and yes, a sheltering tree...nothing like it...such a friend is a tree!

Pondside said...

Beautiful baby....and beautiful plants. As I drove down the mountain this afternoon I noticed that in the space of two short days many of the trees had come out in leaf. There's nothing like that first, fresh green!

shabby chic said...

hi Carol,
Jude is so lovely. Those wee little hands , so cute. Cant help with the palms though!.
Your pond looks so lovely, very lucky fish. It looks like a little hidden oasis for them
x Dom


Thanks Carol for the update on the line. I can see the one you are talking about now. I have the makings of that line but mine finishes shorter than yours! There is another line on your hand that I haven't got, come down about a couple of centimeters and it is the line between the two longer ones which go across your hand! This has proved to be a very interesting post. x

Garden girl said...

Hi Carol- my mother in law is a palm reader (seriously- a story for anothet time, perhaps) I will have a word and report back. I don't have that line myself though..spooky that you guys all do.
Jude is looking very lovely and beautiful indeed. x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Don't know about the lines, but that is a beautiful baby!

Sal said...

A pond in a garden is always a treat...but not as big a treat as your lovely baby!

Rosie said...

Hi Carol,

I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for putting me on your blog list! I had no idea it was there and was busy trailing through your listand wondered who Rosie was.. LOL such a surprise when I found out it was me!
Jude looks delish, I love the laid back attitude.

Rosie x

Miss sew n sew said...

Hi Carol
Your garden is looking wonderful I'll have to make a note of these beautiful plants for my garden your pond is lovely I love to see water in a garden. Jude is looking gorgeous as ever he looks so huggable bless him not a care in the world!

Pipany said...

Oh little sweetie! Such gorgeous pics on your blog xx

Rhondi said...

Hi Carol
I am sure you must be enjoying that new baby. Jude is just precious! I'm glad you showed us some more pictures.
I have a variegeted solomon's seal in my garden.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Rhondi xo

Cowboys & Custard said...

Now who does Jude remind me of.... ???
Just like his glamorous granny!

I am trying to dig out that book on Palmistry that I talked about... I'll keep digging.. haven't found it yet!

Little Guy is definitely my kind of guy... love him!


Grand Life said...

I know nothing about palm reading but my 3 daughters and I had our fortune told in Portland in the park once and it was scary how many things came true. Some good but most not so good. I vowed not to do that again. And yet I'm very meta-physical-- go figure.
Have a great week and let us know in a post if you find out what the extra line is.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What a precious wee baby!


Summer by the sea said...

Jude looks lovely! and I love Solomons Seal too, its such a pretty plant, but not in an obvious way if you know what I mean - Natalie x

Sandi McBride said...

Just checking in on you and Jude!