05 November 2007

Sunday Lunch At A Village Pub

The Two Brewers
We went out for Sunday lunch. We didn't book, took a chance that we would get a table. After all, if all else fails there is always the local Indian!

Shoreham village was the chosen location and a nice warm traditional pub.
I had roast beef with all the trimmings and a home made Yourkshire pudding....yummmm.

We had a lovely day. It is good for my Dad to get him out and do something a bit different from the normal. Mum doesn't talk much, but she eats well and loves her Gin & Tonic, bless her.

They have been married for 65 years.
My Dad is 87 next March and Mum will be 85 next February.
They love a trip out in the camper and both want to come camping next summer with the whole family. They are a tough old couple, I love them so much, as I type this my blog is playing and song just happens to be 'Unforgetable' by Nat King Cole - it has brought a tear to my eye as Dad would sing this to me when I was a baby.
I was born almost exactly 1 year after my Mum had lost a baby girl called Lorraine.
Lorraine had suffered a massive brain haemorrhage and died a fews days after she was born. Mum said she was perfect to look at, you would never had thought anything was wrong with her.
Dad and my older sister - by 16 years - went home and put all the baby things away and out of sight. The Doctor told Mum and Dad to go home and try for another baby. So here I am...
Everyone thought my Mum and Dad were mad to have another baby after Lorraine died, but if they had not done as the Doctor said they would not be having fun out in the camper with me and hubby would they.........


Cowboys & Custard said...

Dear Carol
You've just brought a lump to my throat reading your thought provoking story about your lost sister and your beloved mum..
I am sure your parents cherish you so dearly..
and you.. them..

Jacki said...

You're right, they wouldn't be having fun with you!!

I love the Cotswald babes on your sidebar - so adorable. I'm reading James Herriott's books right now, so the sheep fit right in!


Deborah said...

I just don't know how couples overcome losing a child. I was born 11 months after my eleven month-old brother died. It was so hard on my mother that she would not look at me for a couple weeks - until my dear granny snapped her out of it.

Nat King Cole's UNFORGETTABLE was my parent's song!!! They danced to it at their 50th wedding anniversary. I cannot hear it without crying. My daddy is gone now - Mother will be 88 Decemember 3.

Good wishes and blessings to your parents and you.

Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi Carol, oh as we are reading your lovely post we have tears in our eyes! We understand how you feel, my dad is 90 and Mum is 89. It's so nice they are able to come out with you and enjoy the lunch, which sounded delicious by the way! Great post Carol :) Have a great week! Jenn and Jacqui

bj said...

What an absolutely LOVELY post. What a sweet lady you are and blessed to have such a neat mom and dad. But...in turn, how blessed THEY are to have you!

Joanna said...

Its so very hard loosing a baby, glad your parents had another. They sound amazing to be wanting to go camping.

bj said...

Just to say I love hearts and twinkle lights, too!!
Don't be shy! Be interviewed and post it on your blog! How exciting!
hugs, bj

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Carol, I was so happy you visited my blog. What a great day you had with your Mom and Dad. They are a beautiful couple and to be married that many years. That's an amazing accomplishment. Happy Tuesday ~ Lynn

Sandi McBride said...

Aren't parents wonderful? I often hear people say "how kind of you" when someone mentions taking their elderly parents out to eat or on a trip...kind? Payback I call it, lol...look what all they did for us. I love Yorkshire pudding...my mother made the most wonderful I've ever had...I miss her greatly.


I hope you had a great lunch with your hub, mum and dad out in Nigella! I was very interested to hear of you mentioning Shoreham, not the Shoreham in West Sussex just along the road from me? I have never yet discovered another Shoreham. x

OhSoVintage said...

Wow, fancy having been married 65 years! What is their secret? I, too, was moved reading about your sister who had died but, like you say, then there wouldn't have been you. You are lucky to have both your parents still alive.
Ruth x

Sandi McBride said...

I just love George...did I tell you I have a George? He's a Grey Tabby cat, tho lol...but so sweet! Just dropped in to have a cuppa coffee, friend...