22 November 2007

A Big Thank You Fellow Bloggers And Route Masters

A Big thank you to all you lovely ladies
who have wished me well.
It really helps when you feeling very low.
But I am back on form

Only joking!
I have to fix my own drinks........lol........non alcoholic mostly!
You are all very special ladies to me
Remember These

I really miss these bus's. What fun I had on them.
Jumping on and off when moving..........not recommended of course.
The very best thing though was the Bus Conductor.
I wanted to be one when I was about 3......
I just liked the noise the little ticket machine made, remember them?
And 'On The Buses' that was a favourite as a child.
I want them back !
Stamp stamp stamp.........of feet



I am so glad you are back on form, we all hate not being. I rarely drink alcohol but I love it when J fixes me a cuppa in the mornings. Oh yeah I remember On The Buses, what a classic, I always thought Olive looked so old, but she could have only have been in her twenties at the time, and I liked the wide-boy friend of Stans, I can't remember his name. I have never experienced hopping on and off of red buses, we have only ever had green ones down here, remember our green 'toastracks' the buses without a roof? I am so pleased to have made so many lovely 'virtual' friends too. My christmas spirit award has disappeared, oh well I had recognition for a short while at least! x


Carol, your mum's recipe sounds very similar to my mum's banana trifle made with a small jam swiss roll, extra jam!, sliced bananas and entombed in set cold BIRDS custard with a lovely skin on top, it was lovely and sometimes treated to a bit of cream as well, I have been known to make it, it is so simple. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, Oh On The Buses, it was our fave of both hubby and me!! Classic fantastic British comedy :) Glad you are better :) Have a lovely day!! Jenn and Jacqui

the flour loft said...

Just wanted to say hi.. have been enjoying your music this morning. Love the traditional red buses.. and red phone boxes.. so nostalgic.
wilbe back for a read later.

Cowboys & Custard said...

Goodmorning Carol
Lovely to see you back and all bouncy again!
Buses... I remember them well.. I had to catch the No:3 green double decker to school and it cost 3d bus fare.. as the bus came round the corner I dropped my coin and it rolled down the drain.. walked home that day! I would love a ticket machine.. they always fascinated me.
Have a lovely day.

Ragged Roses said...

I use to love the old red double decker buses and loved the noise the ticket machine made when the conductor turned it? Also remember the purple print on the ticket that sometimes smudged (I can't believe this has stirred up so many memories!).
Kim xxx
Glad you're feeling better. Love the look of the smock and thanks for the sneaky photo of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Love the music. Making me feel very Christmassy.

Good to see you back. Red buses have great memories for me too as I only jumped on them with my Mum. She had worked in London as a young woman and knew which ones to get and when. Loved the freedom of being able to jump on and off. It all felt so easy.

Sea Angels said...

How wonderful...I just adore the music, it made me smile and really lifted my spirits, oh and I want the buses back, lovely post,
Hugs Lynn xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

So glad you are feeling better now.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I so happy you visited my blog and hope you'll return often. I am glad you are feeling better now. Hope you'll post photos of your red and white tree. ~ Miles of Smiles ~ Lynn

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, just us again! Come to our Blog, we have something for you.....

Sandi McBride said...

I loved those buses, too...when we were living in England it was a treat to take the kids on a ride...I love a hot toddy eggnog with brandy or rum (Bubbles and Charles Green, our neighbors in Beaconsfield, introduced us to the brandy in eggnog...yummm...hope you have fun getting rready for the rest of the holiday season...

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

I'm glad you are feeling better now!! I miss those buses too and red phone boxes!!