04 November 2007

Beatrix Potter And The Lake District

Beautiful Cumbria

This year we had two trips to the Lakes and stayed at Yew Tree Farm both times.

Yew Tree Farm was one of the locations where they filmed Miss Potter.

I bought my first Potter book The Tale of Mr Todd when I was about 7 years old. I loved this little book and there the facination with Beatrix grew. I collected more over time but never managed the full set.

I do have the full set now as I bought the missings titles for my children and kept them !
Along with soft toys, china, pictures and so much more, I am so glad I kept them as they are now in full use by my grandchildren.

The Spinning Gallery

This is where the maids spun the wool. We were told they spun outside because they could spin for longer with better light.

Our Bedroom
This bed is comfy! but I did have to jump a bit to get onto it.
The moment we walked into the farm house, I fell in love with it.

The house had kept so much of its oringal charm.

After the filning was over, the tenants had the place re-furbished and used mostly William Morris designs.
It was just enchanting.
Breathtaking Scenery

The whole area is so beautiful........it really does take your breath away.
It is so quiet.

Drystone Walls

The dry stone walling runs for miles following the curves in the land.

The sheep, a lot of which are Herwick actually do not need walls to keep them in their own farm areas. There are specially bred to know exactly where the boundrys are without the need for walls.

The Lakes

Also known as Tarns, are so still and peacefull. There is something about this part of the country that makes you feel as though you have travelled back in time. For me, there was this slight ghostly feel of the 1930's. Especially near Lake Windermere.

I have so many photos and not enough time to upload them all.
I would love to show you more maybe another day.


Cowboys & Custard said...

Oh Carol.. this place looks so perfect and somewhere I would love to run away to for a romantic weekend..
I have just booked a week in the Lakes for next summer... wish I had waited..

Sherry said...

Such a beautiful spot. I loved the Beatrix Potter books and read them all to my sons when they were little. We have the set and each boy loves to know we have them.

I loved "Miss Potter"..the film was touching and charming!

Deanna said...

Wow Carol,
those photos are just so pretty. What a peaceful setting that is. I wish we had something like that here.
I had the giggles with your last post...hahahaha! Doesn't it always seem like the computer goes extra slow when you are trying to log off quickly? lol

Deanna :)

Joanna said...

We are of to the lakes in two weeks, I'm hoping to get K to take me to the gallery to see beatrix potter originals. It looks fabalous where you stayed.

Deborah said...

Oh, thank you for this post! We got to visit the Lakes District for a few hours only a couple years ago. How I love that area! I love all things Beatrix Potter! I had to buy the movie after seeing it in the theater. What a charming movie!


We visited Hill Top when in The Lakes, a magical place, I loved the garden, standing in the same spots she would have drawn her illustrations from. I am looking forward for the film Miss Potter to come onto Sky as I didn't get to the cinema to see it. I would love to go to The Lakes again but it is a long journey for us, maybe one day. x

Carla said...

What a beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. We are planning our holiday next year, but now I now where we have to go.
Your blog is lovely.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Just breathtaking...


Sandi McBride said...

It must be our love of animals that make us love Beatrix Potter...and Peter Rabbit