26 November 2007

Another Scary Moment & Shopping & Baking

Phew! I thought that this was it, Blogging all over for me!
I had lost something that made this Blog work!
I have not a clue how it happened either. I could not do anything, not even upload an image - it just came out as code, could not compose - nothing! Still some bits are missing so I will have to try and sort this out!!!!!!!errrr
UPDATE:- I think I have it sorted, but no colour, still..........

I managed to revert back to another Template and this is it. Big sigh of relief!!!!almost back to normal blog.

Another dull Monday morning, so I had to shop. Carole picked me up in the car and we went to Eynsford village to the Farm Shop to buy a few more Heart's...........Christmas decorations. And some delicious Cinnamon Stars for Christmas Eve. Lovely.

These tree decorations are made from tin and hand painted. I am still keeping the Red & White theme.
This lovely little wooden Christmas tree has little rusty bells on and the cinnamon stars will be very lucky if they are still that packet by Christmas Eve!

The white heart is wooden and the red one is tin. These are supposed to be for the Christmas Tree but I know that I will find the perfect spot form them to hang all year round.

The wooden Christmas tree has a new home already - on my bedroom mantle.

Then we moved onto Otford Village where there are some nice little shops for us to browse. An Antique Centre firstly where I bought another jug! a TG Green milk jug in yellow and white.
I could not resist it. the primrose is quite rare and I had a Sugar Shaker that I bought many years ago that will go perfectly with my new milk jug.
The trouble is as I am sure you have all experienced, where do we keep putting all these new additions to our homes?

Well, you just have to squeeze it in with all the others and hope that Hubby doesn't spot it and tell me off!

Emmm, I need more shelves.

In a little antique shop I found this old children's book for £3.00. What a find. I

Well, I got home and Johanna was trying yet again to perfect Nigella Chocolate Cup Cakes.

Big round of applause for Johanna, they were scrumptious.
This is a Vintage Cake Stand. Salvaged from a house clearance. It is clear glass and decorated with gold. I was not sure if I liked it and I am so glad that I kept it.....it has grown on me quite a lot!


Anonymous said...

. .
\0/ OH NO!
Where are Harry and George,the christening tea set,the beautiful twinkly lights around the beautiful bedroom,my christmas songs? i mean your christmas songs, blushes,the pretty blue background....sobs.
ARRGGH!ok ok calm down shhh its ok lol.
Your post as always is a delight to read,i am loving your new buys especially the jug..of course i understand how on earth where you expected to leave it behind? when i am sure it was calling out your name (yes it happens to me too lol).
Yum! those cup cakes look delicious and the cake stand is gorgeous. who is Johanna please? i must have missed that bit.
the hearts are lovely,i love red and white such a lovely combination.

Alchamillamolly said...

I still think theres something wrong ( Hi having a sneaky look at blogs in lunch break)with the blog - I cant see all your lovely bits at the side. I envy you Carol being able to shop when the crowds arent around. Alan is off this week and I am off Friday so hopefully we will do a little bit of poking around somewhere - I told him WE ARE NOT PACKING on Friday days off are too precious

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh what's happened!!Isn't it frustrating when things go haywire!! Hope you can restore it all ok! Gorgeous finds, how lovely it is to be able shop in those gorgoeus villages! We adore TG Green, we collect the red gingham! The cake is stand is beautiful as are the cupcakes, yum! Have great week :) Jenn and Jacqui x

Barbara said...

love all your chrismas photos! Greetings Barbara

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Katherine
I know this is probably not a particularly helpful thing to say after the trauma of your blog going AWOL ...
but I like the new Zen look of your blog.
I also loved your old colourful blog look... maybe it is a seasonal look.. a white winterwonderland!
Love and hug

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Ooh what gorgeous things you have!!! And how lucky you managed to retrieve your blog!xx


You did well to retrieve your blog, your heart must have been in your boots. Your sidebar has changed sides? I must get up in the loft and sort out the decorations, it is always fun to see what you have in the boxes as I tend to forget what I have got, your decs are lovely by the way. Lovely T G Green, I have the same problem about where to put things, one thing on my shopping list is a display for my T G Green, the glass fronted cabinet which I have my collection in is really not appropriate. My mum used to buy and sell collectables and I used to hate the plate stands she used to purchase, but now I like them and have been on the lookout for the perfect one for cupcakes, yours looks lovely, I think I am quite envious of it, and the cakes! x


Carol, the last I heard was T G Green had ceased trading for good, it doesn't surprise me as various companies have tried to salvage it over the years, I love it and I will miss it, although looking on the bright side it may make our items for valuable in the future? x

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
Phew! your back :)
Tell Johanna her cup cakes look fantastic! now i know who she is lol.
I can't believe you where up with a tin of paint until 2 a.m. :o
Take care x

Country Cottage Chic said...

I love your new decorations - the red & white hearts seems to be becoming a theme! The cup cakes look delicious on the vintage cake stand. I know what you mean about cramming things in - you should see my dresser - I'll have to post some pictures.

Joanna said...

I don't think youu can have too many mugs and and things, although I could do with some more shelves too. I'm on the look out for a nice cake stand, Saw a lovely one in a charity shop that I did not get aand regret. Captain Rupert would love carrot cake cupcakes of a nice cake stand. He is really like thick velvet so soft. His a blue rex which means his coat has no guard hairs just soft under hairs. They stick straight up and you can stroke anyway