21 October 2007

Must Have's

Following Sophie's Fab Friday Theme
Must Have's

has asked us to join in with fun which she read about while visiting Tara over at http://www.bellapink.typepad.com/

So, here is my dressing table.

As you can see not too much on display, all my perfumes are out, although I mostly use 'Euphoria' by Calvin Klien and 'Rush' by Gucci during the colder months and something a little lighter and fresher during the summer. I tend only to use a Clarins moisteriser and a Mac eye creme called Fast Response. I do not wear much foundation, but like Sophie hate shine, Mac Mineralize is great as you are not left with any real trace of power. A quick whisk across my cheekbones with benefit dandelion blusher, which is a gorgeous pale pink and ideal for the winter. Mac or Maybelene mascara, and lippy which I cannot leave home without I use Mac lipstick and choose the shade to suit the clothes or event, pale during the day and a bit more colour for evening.

That's it. I can be ready in no time at all.

Another big must have is a nice bath oil or bath salts, I love The Sancuary 'everything' - body creme, shower gel, bath Salt Soak and Hot Sugar Body Polish, yummy. Johnsons baby Naturals are really great too and I love the smell. For a little colour on my pale body....no time to sit and sunbathe, I use Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion.

I have a love for antique mirrors, I have three. Brushes, Mason & Pearson and Air Hedz paddle brush to de-tangle my hair after washing. Mason & Pearson Combe.

Jewellery, I find it hard to pass a shop with a nice display of beads, I love them!I like silver more in the summer and gold in the winter. I do not wear many rings, wedding ring eternity and engaement ring.

I do love some beads though and have so many now that when I go on holiday it is a problem getting them there without them becoming all entangled. I have to take most of them with me or I feel that I am missing something.

My Sanctury I really like my bedroom, but I have really gone off the curtains that I made so carefully and lined with blackout lining. I really want Linen curtains....but as I have Nigella's pale blue polka dot curtains waiting to be finished and the study curtains also in the pile of 'to be made' I have to wait.

That old bed has been with us nearly all our married life, 26 years and is tiny. It was a saturday morning, I woke and hub was there asleep next to me.....he had not long been in bed, as he had just finished a night shift. This was a good time to tell him I wanted a new bed, and it had to be antique......I am going to the Old Kent Road to buy a antique bed, I whispered in his ear......ok he said, in his sort of sleep state !Great. I was off, enlisting the help of a friend. I arrived at an old junk shop in The Old Kent Road, Walworth, called The Golden Gate. There it was, as if it was meant for me. I fell in love with the old bed with its old floor boards as a base. It measured 4 feet wide so the floorboards were cut 3 inches over the sides so it would support a 4'6" mattess.

It was delivered and soon after the babies started to appear in quick succession.

Well, its goodnight from me and I am hoping that some of you join in

C xx


Katherines Dream said...

Opps somehow I stopped comments on this page and I have no idea how that happened...But we're up and running now.
Thank you Sophie for pointing that out to me.
Have a great trip, lucky girl.
I would love to go there one day.....
C x

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Carol, I hope you find just the right bed...I've had mine since I bought it in England at an auction (new mattress now, though lol) and I love it. Make sure when you find it you post a picture of it, we all want to see it!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi C
It is spooky how much you and I have in common..
I would love linen curtains in my 'sanctuary' and have had some lovely natural linen in storage until I learn to sew! Our beds could be related.. they are very similar.. we inherited ours when we bought the house and had it restored to it's former glory.. I call it the cupcake bed for obvious reasons..
Love your girlie dressing table.. love it all... very pretty.

Holly Woods said...

Hi Katherine.
Now are you ready? this is a joke, written to make you smile!
Jude Law is on his way to your door.
Get ready, woman!
Just kidding!

Joanna said...

Your bedroom is wonderful, I'm having real problems with getting my bedroom to look right. Love your beads I love beads too and have draws off loose beads and necklaces. I alwasy wish there was somehow to keep necklaces from muddling up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, oh great you fixed the comments! Great post, you have a lovely home. Love the heart above your bed, we have a similar one! Jenn and Jacqui

Sandi McBride said...

I love it all...the beads, the bedroom...love jewelry myself.

Deanna said...

Hi Carol,
Loved all of your pics. I loved the bedroom. Such a warm place.

Deanna :)

Ragged Roses said...

Thanks for sharing your dressing table secrets! Love your bedroom, it's lovely to have a sanctuary isn't it!
Kim x

buttercup & roses said...

Hi Cathrine
Thankyou for your lovely words...I absolutly love your bedroom! it looks so warm and cosy.

I do have some eiderdowns for sale, if you look through my blog quite recently I posted some pics of three that I have. If your interested in any just let me know.

Jennifer x

Alchamillamolly said...

Welcome back I missed you!! I put my hearts together for the photo instead of one on each wardrobe and they look so nice I had to buy two more on ebay last night!! Still lokkig for the photo of my chair before it was rescued before I add the finished results. Did you see I have an interview on Monday? Its for a ward clerk in the Stroke Rehab centre here in town. Different to what I do now and I didnt really want full time again but as Alan pointed out I wanted to drop my hours where I am because I don't like it anymore! Its less money but a more meaningful job I would think - I am dreading the interview and thought I maybe should go in and sya should I bother to stay as when they see me they are going to write 'clinically obese'!.............. Anyway Friday today.......Heres to a weekend of cleaning and hopefully some sorting out!

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi just wrote a long blog and it didnt save so must go and dry my hair instead of writing again - will write over the weekend - welcome back

Alchamillamolly said...

Thanks for the info and the advice - I didnt read the top note on the blog until I had sent the two messages. The unit the job is in has the highest achievement for stroke rehab in the NHS and its only a small unit so I am hoping its ok - I just have to something worthwhile now at this time in my life - I would rather not work - I love being at home but have to financially as Alan doesnt have a very big salary and he is 10 years older than me and can retire in 4 years time so I have to keep working so it has to be something I can feel was worth going and doing. Gosh that was a long sentence! Right lunch break over have to go.....................By the way the hearts are off a lady in France on ebay not who you said.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Carol, your dressing table is quite similar to mine!

Alchamillamolly said...

Sorry forgot about the curtain fabric - it was off ebay in several seperate bits - its a Swaffer fabric - you would love the texture - very heavy lined - I lined them in a good quality heavy sheeting in taupe rather than lining because they are so heavy. I have a huge matching curtain across the fornt door as well. I am hoping they are going to go in the front room in the new house - I put big hems on them and I can do clever things with them if not! The colours are lovely - I had too much material and sold it all back on ebay. Didyou get some dodgy emails? is that why you have the letters to copy and the moderation??