26 October 2007



Having seen on http://buttercupandroses.blogspot.com/ a collection of lovely candlesticks grouped together I thought how lovely they looked. Jennifer had spotted a similar collection on http://curlewcountry.blogspot.com/and had made up her own collection.

I was on a mission, I too wanted a collection for my Christmas display. I went to Cabbages & Roses and bought two, they are the ones with the candles in and then went to the local charity shops and found all the others, only at a fraction of the cost!

I think that I still need a few more or maybe I should arrange them a little differently.

The glow from the candles is a lovely sight to see in the Winter months.

My Buddah Collection

This is my latest one, bought for me by a special friend, Carole. We have been close friends since we were 5 years old.

The smallest of these three was bought by Katie my daughter. The thin one came form a little shop somewhere, I cannot remember and the other from a seaside town...cannot remember again as as I have had them so long !

This is probably my favourite. My Mum bought this one for me when I had just got married.

I wonder why !!!

It worked and very quickly too.

Glass Jar Collection

The two top glass jars are my latest. The small one came from The Station Mill Antique Centre in Chipping Norton and the big one from a lovely shop called No 20 also in Chipping Norton. I have not decided what to keep in them yet as they are not fully airtight ! Any suggestions ?

It does have to be kitchen store supplies though.
The two with pasta in came from a traditional sweetie shop in Bourton On The Water.

I do have a lot more spacial glass jars in the larder.......

Vintage Cutlery

I love these.........I have several butter knives. A complete set of forks and knives for fish. Serving spoons and a couple of forks. A set of knives which I put out when serving cheese. They really are special to me and never ever go in the dishwasher.

Interior Design Books

I collect books, too many books. I have a nice selection of Interior Design and Garden Design books. This is just a few of the Interiors books and all of them are a feast for the eyes.

Dried Chillie Collection

I bought these last year from a local farm shop, they were fresh then and quite cheap to buy. I strung them up and hung them in the kitchen from the top of my larder cupboard and there they have stayed. I will not use them now as I like to look at them ! I adore hot food...the more chilli the better for me !

I have another little glass jar in my larder full of home grown chillies which are so easy to grow and look lovely in a pot for the patio.

Chillies In A Pot

This pot is not one that I would put on display as I do not like the plastic type, but we had no other available and hub had to get it into a bigger pot. You can see they are quite pretty plants and the chillies are lovely when there are a lot of them. They are easy to dry and then store or you can pick them, wash them and pop them in a bag and store in the frezzer.


Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi Carol, lovely post, you have some really beautiful collections. Love the ambient light from the candlesticks on the mantle, great buy there! We were just pondering how wonderful it is to be able to browse through all those gorgeous little villages such as Chipping Norton. Bourton On The Water is our number one favourite place in that area, really beautiful!! Wish we were there now! Have a lovely weekend, athnaks for a lovely post! Jen and Jacqui

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi - read my blog for news - by the way the interview is on Monday at 10.am - do I want it? if I was offered or do I want to look for 4 days and have a vintage website? Still wont have to worry yet need to be offered it first! Something we dont have in common - I dont like hot things. Just checked the slevedge of the curtain - the design is Java and its the Cotterstocl Collection. Better go and sort upstairs out.........

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Carol
So nice to have you back again.. I have really missed your blog this week..
I see you are a magpie like myself..
I particularly like your candles and buddhas..bit spooky as I was going to put my buddhas (only 2) on my blog yesterday.. is it true that one shouldn't buy a buddha for oneself.. it should be a gift from someone?
Welcome back.

Miss Maddie's said...

Well you certainly have a lot of wonderful collections.
The candles look nice and homey and their reflection in the mirror adds to the ambiance.If you could find yourself a vintage silverplate candelabra, you could put it at one end of the mantle and arrange the taller glass ones en masse at the other end.This will give balance and more reflective light.Try it just for fun! Susan

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Michele,
I have no idea as to whether one should not buy a Buddah for oneself...em I guess that you may have something there. I will have to find out now and post the answer to that question....

bj said...

Hi, Carol, I am so delighted to have found your lovely blog. I am also very impressed with it!!
Thanks so much for stopping by my place and I sure hope you will come back.
I, too, love jars...funny the things that make us want to buy them all up. If you don't mind, I will post some of mine,too, sometime.
A moon roof or sometimes called a sunroof is the opening on the top of a car that opens and closes with a glass. They are really neat and I love mine.
Thanks again and I am adding your lovely blog to my favorites.

Mary said...

Hi there, Carol, I found you through bj at Sweet Nothings. What a great post! The candlesticks are beautiful -- I think I feel a new collection coming on! :) I also love your cutlery, esp. the bone handled knives -- beautiful!

Come visit me when you get the chance...

Lilli & Nevada said...

Wow you have a lot of collections there, lot of cleaning. How do you keep it all clean. I collect teapots and that is about all. But sold many of them at a garage sale, too much cleaning to do. LOL
Love the candle holders

Curlew Country said...

I love your candle collection Carol (bigger than mine too!) and the vintage cutlery is just like some my parents have that belonged to my granparents - I think you've started me off on a new collecting obsession!
P.S. There a some lovely campsites in the Staffordshire Moorlands area of the Peak District which are about 25-30 minutes out of Stoke for the factory shops. Not needing to camp there myslef I can't recommend a particular site but I've heard several people mention one in Alstonefield which is a beautiful village with a fabulous pub!