06 October 2007

The First Day

Well this is it, I have started at last.
This could be short journey or a very long and interesting one!
Having read many other Bloggs and enjoyed them, I thought I would give it go myself, as I am addicted to interiors.
The Bloggs that I have looked through have been so inspiring and comforting. It is good to see so many of you out there decorating your homes, making lovely things and wanting to share it and your thoughts with others.
I will go off and take some photos. So watch this space.


Carol Cabbagerose said...

Carol - really looking forward to this journey and the new photos.

J Po

Alchamillamolly said...

Oh my goodness - what a lovely house - its beautiful to look at. I too make all my own furnishings - though I think I might treat myself to some locally made curtains. Have you read all my blogs - there arent that many. By the way I now use real F&B paint the texture is wonderful. At first I got the colours mixed at the local paint store - they mix Johnstones trade paint into F&B, Fired Earth etc. but I found if you wnet back a little later to touch up the colour had changed and once I had used the real thing there was no going back. I am excited to read about you - do you see I have a Kate as well! As you can see the downsizing is at stalemate at the moment. You can see my house on www.ianbebbington.co.uk Brompton 4 bed bungalow/house£285k and the one we are wanting to buy at www.rentonscountrywide.co.uk Harewood Lane £235k. Neither are pretty at the front but the location is where we are happy to be. This downsize is a bit soon really as we are taking the 21 & 19 year old with us.We have to stay here at the moment for now 'cos their lives are here whereas if they had gone we would move areas. We decided to do it now so we could enjoy our salaries a bit more and my husband is 10 years older than me so he will finish in 4 years time (14 for me)- once the kids have gone we will probably head for the coast. You are going to love blogging (love Sophies site and pix) you cannot believe how many people will contact you and its so nice to see their homes and ideas. My mags have paled into insignificance - though I did use Sophies link and subscribed to American Country Living! Right I must do some tasks before bath and bed. lokk forward to more blogs Catherine

Alchamillamolly said...

Sorry for the length of the blog - its embarrassing - I never write short witty ones!! just ramble on.....and on......