29 November 2010


Getting in the mood for Christmas already.
I have not had any snow yet, but fingers are crossed!
Even so, the frost still makes me feel all Chrstmassy inside and I am really enjoying being in with the fire roaring away and the subtle light from the twinkling tea lights, which I must say add a little more heat to my cold old house.

 Yet more house books from Amazon have been added to the already too big collection.
But I do love to hold and flick through the pages of these gorgeous books.
They inspire and excite.

 I love the colours, the neat untidiness, the collections and displays.
And love the flaking paintwork!

The above images are from  
Swedish Interiors

and below from my interior!

 I had started wrapping the presents whilst watching one of my favorite DVDs
Joanna Lumley
In The Land Of The Northern Lights
which is perfect to get me in the right mood for the Christmas wrap which I do not enjoy that much really but it has to be done, so the sooner it is finished the happier I will be.

 A couple of trips to local antique shops has been worth while.
I had been looking for suitable lanterns for the barn and the 'Inn'
which may be called The Candle Inn or The Inn At The End!

 I also found a few lovely old frames which one cleaned and a couple given a lick of new paint looked gorgeous.
This wooden lantern I found in Rye East Sussex.
It looks Austrian to me, but maybe somebody can tell me who knows about these things.

 Yes it had to be a shade of white, didn't it.

 I love it more.

 Whilst I had the paint brush in hand the old green shelf got a new colour too.

 This lantern I found in an Antiques Centre in Otford Kent.
I was not sure?
It is a bit ugly to me.
But it has grown on me, a lot.

 In Rye there is a Kitchenalia shop which I love.
Kitchen utensil heaven.
I display my old tins.
Which does not mean I do not actually use them, I do and love it more as they are a treat to handle.

 The three small tins below I spotted EBay and low and behold it was Ruth who was selling them!
Ruth has lots of gorgeous things for sale in her shop.

My baby Johanna is leaving home.
Steve and Johanna are now engaged and will be moving into their new home on Thursday....
Will I cry?
Will I miss them?
I am sure I will.
But I am so happy for them. They are both so into their own interior design already.
So I will post on their progress too.
They are only going to be 10 mins away so I am sure it is going to be a treat for me and Mr N to
go to them and raid their fridge!

With Johanna moving out and taking quite a bit from my home I now have spaces to fill.
Lovely, as I had been banned from buying anymore furniture!
I got this gorgeous cabinet from a barn in Kent.
I am going to crackle glaze it!!!
A first for me, so watch this space.

And this little pixie girl in red is just like my Johanna.
A little reminder of my mischievous baby on the mantle piece!

And finishing off today with a few pictures of my Christmas Decorations,
which are slowing going up each week now up until Christmas week.
A sweetie jar for my 'good' boy's.
I just added the bell's. can you guess why!

So that is it from me this week.
I hope your keeping warm and cosy indoors.
Not easy in these temperatures!

Have a good week all.


Diane said...

Hi Carol
Lovely post full of lovely things - as ever. Also full of inspiration for me as I am about to embark on a rennovation job in my kitchen! We have got tons of snow this morning. xxxx

periwinkle said...

I just love your " ugly " lamp it is very pixie ish I think and can just imagine it swinging outside a pixie house .. Love the christmas red girl too . Then again I always do think you have gorgeous taste. We are having a snow day today , don't think we;ve ever had so much in November and thundersnow too. Congrats to Johanna and Steve embarking on their new journey - very exciting . Oh and before I forget there is one down one to go :-)

LissyLou said...

i buy far too many interior books from Amazon. Your house always looks so cosy and gorgeous - its inspiring xx

Regina said...

dear carol
what a loveley post.oh ...your home
looks very cosy...the shelf with the
light ....i love it..oh carol i love
your home. we have snow and it's cold
have you snow?
i wish you a wonderful advent time,
hugs regina
p.s i love also interior book

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Your pictures are lovely, Carol.


Simone said...

I love your 'ugly' lamp too Carol. I think it looks both old and new at the same time! I bet your house is wonderful at Christmas time. You have such a classy style. Mine is much more 'eclectic' to give it a flattering name! Congratulations to your daughter. I bet she will still drop in at Mum's quite a lot! x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohhh lots of loveliness here! Lovely & Christmassy too. We have snow & boy do we have lots of it! We have well over a foot of the lovely stuff! It is fantastic, although we are getting a new boiler tomorrow & so we are going to be without heating & hot water for days!!! Typical that the plumber put it back over 2 weeks & now we have all this snow & it was -10 yesterday morning!!!!
Stay warm & festive Carol.

The Cloth Shed said...

We have a bit of snow if you would like some.....12ins plus and still falling!
Lovely post with beautiful photos of your home...so tasteful. I love your new cabinet too....
Julie x

Pixiedust said...

I just love your house, you have such great taste. I'm a homes magazine addict too. xx

bellaboo said...

I adore your home..so cosy and warm and all the colours I love.I know that shop in Rye..it's great isn't it?
I'm loving the latest Homes and Antiques mag.I cut out all my favourite homes featured from mags I buy and then file them.Then I'll settle down with a cuppa and drool over them and get lots of inspiration. :0)

Maureen said...

Carol, it all looks fabulous, you have such good taste. I have a passion for lanterns myself, but always hold back on buying too many as the house isn't big enough for too much clutter however lovely. so I have to be strict with myself.

I love the sweetie jar, may I ask where you bought it from ? or did you do it yourself, it's so pretty.

Have a good week.

OhSoVintage said...

Hi Carol
Thanks for the mention! The patisserie tins look great on the wall and I love those old sandwich tins too. The pictures of your house always look lovely and you manage to create a cosy feel too which I can't seem to do. I just got back from St Lucia this morning so am feeling jet lagged and very, very cold!
Ruth x

Yvonne said...

It's beginning to look like Christmas at your house. I'm still trying to pack away all of my Fall/Thanksgiving decorations. Unfortunately, no snow down here in North Carolina, USA... still pretty "warm" for the season.
But as always, you've given me inspiration to start decorating for Christmas. Please keep the beautiful pictures coming throughout the season.
Yvonne xoxo

LoloDesigns said...

Hello, lovely post again. Can't wait to see how the cabinet turns out. Getting some snow in my part of the world so will see if I can muster enough breath to blow some of it your way to sprinkle your garden in white fluffiness ;o)

I'll be starting with my decs from 1st December this year as have decided I always leave it too late and I want to make the most of them this time for as long as I can get away with!

Keep warm xx

Helen said...

You can have some of my snow if you would like? We have far too much . . . . . . .

Lisa said...

As ever your home looks so stylish and very cosy too in the candlelight.
Good luck to your daughter and her partner, exciting times ahead for them.
Lisa x

Pondside said...

Good morning, Carol.
You're way ahead of me! There's not a sign of Christmas in the house and there won't be until the weekend, when I have some time. In the meantime, I'll pop back here when I need some inspiration!

Louise said...

Hi Carol. Lovely post as ever! I appreciate a tealight or two, and a glowing fire at this bleak time of year too. Amazon and mail order has been my saviour this year, what with the snow and laryngitis to boot! I like Rye, a good antique or collectible can usually be uncovered there. I could do with a set of those bells on our tin of Quality Street! I can just imagine how excited Johanna and Steve are to be in their new home for Christmas. x

Deanna said...

Hi Carol,
your home is so lovely and you did a great job decorating! The cabinet is fabulous!

Happy Holidays!
Deanna :D