11 September 2010

September Time

September is one of my most favourite times of year.
I am now happy to accept long summer days have gone
(well the days that we really can call summery days were few)
now is the time to snuggle indoors with lamplight and candles.

The logs were ordered and neatly piled, always a great comfort to see my log pile is a big one and just waiting ready for the chilly afternoons to arrive.So what have I been up to this summer?
Well we have been very busy.
The barn is virtually finished.
We are just waiting on the Oak beams and facias to arrive and be fitted, then the final section of roof can be tiled.
We decided on Cedar Shingles for the roof tiles as they look so warm but moreover different.
The factt that it is not complete does not mean I have not been titivating, playing, arranging the candles and lanterns.
It may look a mess at the moment, but I can see what it will be like one day and I am happy.
I have been hunting down all sorts of old bits to display, a great way to spend an autumn afternoon.
I may even see if I can make something out of some dried leaves to hang!

Indoors I have been re-arranging.
Cyclamen, scented candles and new baskets to fill.

We have had days on the beach with the boys.
Come rain or shine.

Fin is growing so big and smiles all the time.
Lisa at Periwinkle knitted the boys snuggly white cotten jumpers, which look so nice and fresh and differnet on them both.

And those new baskets were quick to fill.
Just look what the boy brought home this time.
Another Lakeland puppy.
No, he is not staying,
I will look after him for a few weeks only,
 then he goes, OK!
So I called him Teddy and
 fell in love.

I cry at the thought of him going to a new home, but he really has to.
Guy loves him too which surprised us all.
They play happily together.
So there you have met Ted.

If you would like to give him a loving family home,
just send an email to me.
He is used to children and other dogs.
He sleeps well, eats well and almost every time
 manages to make it to his pee & poo-mat.
He is just too adorable.

Our summer holiday was two weeks in The Baltic.
We visited Holland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Estonia and Finland.
I loved Finland and Estonia very much.
Below is Tallinn, a most beautiful Medieval town.
It was like being dropped into a Grimm's Fairytale.
The towers, cobbled lanes and squares.
The shops filled with the most tempting merchandise.
We did have a few words over a Handmade Iron Lantern, made exactly as it would have been in Medieval times. (It is hanging on the wall in the image of the new bard).
First he said NO,
Then he said but why?
 Finally after much pleading he said OK and you have won AGAIN!

We had lunch in a little courtyard garden, sigh......local beer....now were are getting into the holiday mode.
The sun was hot everyday.
We had two wonderful weeks aboard The Celebrity Eclipse.

Look at this huge candle which apparently only took 3 months to get to this size.
Lets see if we can make one!

I am off now to relax in a nice hot bath with my book, almost finished reading the biography of Vita Sacville-West a really interesting read....and this book will lead onto Virginia Woolf and her sister Vanessa and then The Women of Virginia Woolf.
So nice little pile of books on my bedside table readly for the cosy evenings to come.
Bye for now.


Carol said...

Hi Julie sorry about the problem with leaving a comment, somehting was turned off!?
The position with Teddy is.
He is now 10 weeks old. So is almost ready to go to a new home. He will have his first injection etc done.
How would you get him to Sweden?

Floss said...

What a lovely round-up of your news - visually beautiful and full of joy to read! I love your little puppy but have plenty of animals over here in France keeping me over-busy already! So I will resist. I love your 'take' on September.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Lovely to hear from you again.
Ooohhh these photos are delicious, I really love coming to visit you as you always have lovely things to see.
Oooohh your holiday must have been wonderful, just my sort of holiday.
I cant wait to see photos of the barn & what you do with it.
Have a lovely Sunday
P.S My word verification below is bless ~ how lovely is that!

Pipany said...

Hello Carol. Good to see toy blogging again and to catch up on your news. The cotton jumpers are gorgeous and perfect for beach trips. Replied to your email, but haven't heard back so was worried whether all was well for you. Sounds as though you have been very busy. Autumn is my favourite season, so I am cosying the house ready for it too x

Country Style Living said...

I agree, we have just had our logs delivered and I can't wait to start lighting up, enjoy your book, I love everything Bloomsbury, one of my favourite places is Charleston Farmhouse, I just loved it!

periwinkle said...

hey Carol. nice to see you again, I missed you . Can't wait to see what your barn look slike when it's finished . Your trip sounds just awesome, so many lovely places . That photo of the boys in their jumpers is so cute , thank you for showing it :-). I love the blonde curly hair , he's going to be a little heartbreaker I think ..

Pondside said...

Lovely to see you again! You've been busy as ever, and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your holiday - that trip was one of my favorites too.
I love the little Lakeland fellow and would have him in a minute if it weren't for getting him here - although there are ways!
Could you post a link to the knitter of the little pullovers?

LoloDesigns said...

I'm in love with that puppy, how adorable!

Lovely summary of your summertime. I'm kinda looking forward to autumn and it's really only 100 days till it all starts getting lighter again :o) xx

Regina said...

hi carol,
it sounds you have a wonderful holiday.oh you was on grimms fairytales,i love the fairys of the
brother grimmm.the photo of the puppy
is great.sweet photos of your nice
grandchilds.i hope you and your family doing well.
have a nice time with your family
my friend,
bear hugs from regina
i miss you

Yvonne said...

Welcome back, Carol! I've missed your beautiful posts these past few months. So glad that you had a wonderful summer with your family. I was a little bit sad to see summer end, but now I'm inspired to make my home cozy for the Fall. As always, thanks for the inspiration! I simply adore your blog.

Yvonne said...

Carol, I have a quick question. I see that you have a lot of experience painting furniture. I just purchased a toy chest for my granddaughter, but they only had it in blue. I want to paint it white. Do I need to sand it before I spray paint it white? It's one of those chests that you have to put together from Target (store similar to your Tesco). Any and all suggestions welcome!

strawberrygirl said...

Hi carol.great to see your back....my dogs floss and rocket said TEDDY could come live with us in Australia...I wonder how one would organise that...cheers TRACY

Lisa said...

You have been busy.I love the cound of your holiday, visiting so many interesting countries.
A friend of mine has just got a new puppy, a Jack Russell and they called him Teddy, so cute!
Lisa x

Fairytale Fashions said...

Carol....I have really missed your posts over the summer. Glad to hear you had such a good time....and can't wait to see more pics of the barn...Karen

Maureen said...

Hi Carol, thank you for the lovely comment and visiting my blog.
Yours is brilliant, I will add you to my side bar if thats OK with you, just so I remember to pop back and see your lovely blog, your gorgeous home and adorable boys.
I collect troll beads as well and have 2-3 bracelets on the go