26 January 2010

January The Highs and The Lows

So much to say but should I be saying it here?
I think not.
This month had some highs but the low were very low.

First high, was finding this gorgeous dutch cradle for the new baby.
It will look better for a coat of paint..haha...well you know what I am like!
We will make a quilt for it too, which I am really looking forward to.

Another high was a trip to Ragdale Hall for two nights and days of sheer bliss.
Every year Carole and  I go somewhere in January as a Christmas treat.
Ragdale was brilliant.
Not cheap but worth every penny.
We indulged in a few treatments and chilled out big time.
Breakfast is served in bed.
Three course lunch was fantastic.
The three course evening meal was too.
After all that foof all I wanted to do was relax, which was easy.
This is one of the lounges.

And this is The Retreat, where you go in dressing gown to have a snooze after lunch.

This again is The Retreat.
Decorated in New England style, we loved this room and the quiet...apart from the odd
I had to get up very early to get this image.
Usually this room is full of nappers.

The main lounge where you can sit and talk or play board games.
I can recomment this Spa and hope to go back oneday.

Another high is the new bathroom being finished.
A place that we love to soak, not togther!
 and have a little chat with a glass of wine of course!

The mirror and brass fitting shave been painted.

A little cupboard that I paid £32.00 for also got the paint treatment.

And the curtain pole and fixings.

Lovely lace panel which came from the old cottage finally found a place to hang.

The little oak cupboard also got the make over in Frost by Designers Guild.

Two little mirrors which also came from the old cottage and did once hang on a dressing table were painted and hung.

This is The Stinky Fish which came from our hotel room in Thailand.
I did pay for it!
The idea was that if you wanted your sheets changed you would put the stinky fish on your pillow!
Great idea.

So now all there is to do is just enjoy.

Katies bedroom which we started early 2009 at last is done.
Well, maybe I will paint a bit more of the furniture but that is not urgent.
The paint tins have been put away for a while.

The wall paper was bought about two years ago from Laura Ashley in one of the sales.
I knew I would find somewhere to use it oneday.

And now the lows.....

My Mum is now in a care home and will never come home.
I feel so sad.

We settled her in, on returning home.....

disturbed burglers who had ransanked our home.
This is the first time I have been burgled.

I thought we were pretty safe what with three dogs in the house, an alarm and locks on all windows.
Alas no.

Well, January is nearly over.
I wonder what February will bring.



country rose corner said...

So sorry about your mum xxx

Brigitta said...

So sad to hear about your mum, that must be quite heartbreaking. And having your house burgeled (?) that sounds absolutely terrible. I don't think I could ever sleep again!!

Your highs are lovely though. Your bathroom is so luxurious, who needs to go to (that fantastic) a Spa (you lucky women) when you have such a beautiful bathroom at home??? LOL
And I'm sure that cradle is going to look lovely ones you've worked your magic on it.

All the best for Februari.


Andrea said...

I am soooo sorry to hear of your unwelcome guests!! I hope that they did not get away with too much of your possessions, just having had an unwelcome person in your home is enough though, although I too have never experienced that. Your Bathroom looks divine,,,your Lace Panel looks fantastic, pat on the back I think as it is well deserved!! Andrea xx

Simone said...

Dear Carol. I am pleased to read your good news and sad to read about what a tough time you have been going through. I have just blogged a poem about a care home and although it sounds bleak my nan is very well taken care of with 24 hour care. Something that couldn't be undertaken if she was at home. I have been burgled before and remember feeling very unclean with the thought of a stranger rifling through my things. I hope that the 'bad stuff' is behind you and you can get on and enjoy the year. Spring is just around the corner! x

sue15cat said...

February will bring a promise of Spring and fresh beginnings, something I think we are all ready for.

Sorry your Mum has had to go into a Care Home, but remember, she will be cared for and looked after 24/7, with people to talk to and new friends to make, something that should set your mind at rest.

Sue xx

Floss said...

What a mixed month, Carol. It's so good to see the lovely things you've been doing, but I'm sorry to hear about your mum. I am sure that you and she have chosen somewhere where she will be well cared for socially and emotionally as well as physically, and I know that you will still be there to support her.

charl said...

oh how awful your house being burgled..that must have really unsettled you.. im so sorry.. arnt people just horrible..have you found out who has done it yet?
really sorry to hear about your mum, but you know at the back of were i live there is a residents home and they have a fab time.. it looks lovely all lovely sofas etc and over the holidays they all had a fine old time..i think its the thought of having to put your mum in a home though must have been so hard for you..
i love love the cradle.. its sooo sweet. what colour are you going to paint it!!,,
bathroom looks simply darling xx

claire said...

sorry to hear about your mum x
also about the burglars. I can only imagine how rotten that feels.
Spa sounds lovely. I go every year with 3 friends..we have 10 children between us..not a pink one in sight!! So we say it is essential we do this.
Ragdale Hall looks stunning. Love the retreat.

Sarah said...

Gosh, there have been some highs and lows, sorry to hear about your mum. Let's hope for a better February.

Pipany said...

Oh Carol. What awful lows you have had. The burglary must have been so shocking and just horrible, especially on top of leaving your Mum in the home. My heart goes out to you. I can only say to take care of you and focus on those highs as much as you can. xx

Pipany said...

Left a comment but it disappeared! Wanted to say my heart goes out to you Carol. Try to focus on hte highs and take care of you xx

topchelseagirl said...

How awful to find burglars. Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary and safe place and what a beautiful home you have. That bathroom and bedroom look more than good enough to be in a high class spa of their own. Although it is upsetting to leave your Mum in a home my Nan was in a lovely one, where they had lots of fun activities every day. Hopefully she'll make some nice new friends.

Victoria said...

What a horrible time you have had. I hope things improve xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh Carol I am so very sorry to hear of the horrid horrid mean burglars, how utterly terrible for you. This must have been so distressing. Poor you.
Sorry to hear about your mum too, I know how hard this must be.
I really hope that this new year brings much more happiness to you.
Ragdale Hall looks absolutely amazing, I just love it!
I need to go now!
Sending you lots of love & a big hug.

Claire Oast Farm said...


Just wanted to say how sorry i am that you have had a terrible time - why is it that these things do come all at once? I have experienced both, and they are horrible. But my Grandma is so very happy in her care home - and so much healthier. It has prolonged her life, no doubt about that and she looks forward to her visitors. She has nothing to fret about. The burglary must have shocked you, but time will heal. They didnt touch the heart of the home - WHICH IS YOU!. xx

bellaboo said...

I feel for you SO much...firstly that your Mum has reached the stage of life when she needs to be looked after in a nursing home and therefore has lost her independence,and secondly that you had to go through the trauma of a burglary.I'd always assumed,like you,that having a dog and an alarm would be enough of a deterrent.
Your home is absolutely beautiful and that bathroom...WOW!


bellaboo said...

I feel for you SO much...firstly that your Mum has reached the stage of life when she needs to be looked after in a nursing home and therefore has lost her independence,and secondly that you had to go through the trauma of a burglary.I'd always assumed,like you,that having a dog and an alarm would be enough of a deterrent.
Your home is absolutely beautiful and that bathroom...WOW!


Lisa said...

I am so very sorry to read what has happened to your mum and to your home.
My thoughts are with you and your family.
Lisa x

LissyLou said...

i've heard lots of goodthings about Ragdale hall.Your bathroom and berdroom are looking really gorgeous.

Sorry to hear about the lows....did the burglurs get away with anything?

Dragonfly said...

So sorry to hear you've had such a rotten time. Being burgled leaves you feeling so violated.

Your home is simply gorgeous. A lovely relaxing spa of your own for when times are hard.

MelMel said...

Hello lovely lady..I'm so sad that your Mum has to go in a home, hope she feels settled as well as she can be.
Oh the horror of being broken into....we had that last year two weeks before my Brother died.....was a dreadful year....~:>((

Hugs for you...xxx

Pondside said...

What a time you've had, Carol. The lows are hard to get past, but your highs can at least provide you with some comfort. Your newly decorated rooms are beautiful - there's nothing quite like a deep tub, is there? Your spa break looked like a treat - love that napping room!
I hope things settle down for you and that your house and spririt recover soon.

Who Lives in a house like this? said...

Your bathroom looks wonderful! But I am so sorry to hear about your mum Xx

Blueberry Heart said...

Hi Carol,
I am so sorry to hear of your burglary and the news of your mum, my heart really does go out to you.
Take care Carol,
BH x

lemonade kitty said...

So sorry to heat about your mum, loving your new bathroom what a lovely shade of grey it must be bliss to lie in that bath. Lucey xx

OhSoVintage said...

I was so enjoying looking at the lovely photos of your luxurious bathroom your stay at Ragdale, all your paint projects and that gorgeous cradle and then I read about your mum and the burglers. I am so very sorry. What a heartbreaking time for you. I do hope February will bring only highs for you. You have the new grandchild to look forward to - when is it due?
Ruth x

LiLi M. said...

Let's start positive: what a nice craddle and I still have to congratulate Katie! You did an amazing job in your home again, I love everything, as always!
Now for the downs: Sorry to hear about your mom and about the burglars. I often think that some people do have another set of brains, they just don't realize what they do to you, they are only thinking of money and themselves. I don't know whether this is much of a consolation, but I do feel sorry for you and your family, take care!

Lyn said...

What a shame your lovely time away spoilt on your return.
Sorry to hear your new. Lets hope February brings some sunshine.

LoloDesigns said...

At times of sadness you just want to hug the person. Sadly that I cannot do but send a wish for happier times as you deserve them.

Very impressed with your abode, both you and hubby and extremely talented :o) xx

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Carol - So sorry to hear your sad news about your mum and about the break in - that must have been horrible to cope with all at once.
One a positive note your bathroom looks fantastic - and Ragdale Hall looks beautiful - Natalie x

elsy said...

so sorry carol to hear about your mum and no words to describe those who chose to come into your home uninvited........xx

periwinkle said...

looking forward to seeing what you do with the crib and if I can ever afford an interior designer it will be you ...

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Oh Carol, what rotten week for you. Im sure your mum will be happy and comfortable but I know it will take time for you and your dad to adjust! I know exactly how you feel being broken into, it happend to me a few years ago when my older two boys were aged two and a baby, my ex husband had just left me and it was at night time when we were asleep but it does make you so angry, what gives them the right, its an awful time but one you will get through with your lovely family (and us blogggers sending you our love).
Your bathroom is so beautiful, one of the nicest I've seen and I imagine Ragdale Hall was bliss!
Hope this week and the ones following are better for you!!!!
Claire xx

Karens Hopes said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mum,we had that decision to make a couple of years ago and it is not easy,you will go through all kinds of emotions and if you need any advice please dont hesitate to contact me. How awful for you to find burglars in your home it sometimes seems as if everything goes wrong at once doesnt it. You will get through this and I'm sending you a big hug hope it helps a little.

Alchamillamolly said...

I was enjoying your post so much love the bathroom and bedroom then the sad news of your Mum. I am dreading it happening in my life we just never whats ahead do we. I ma sure it will be better in the long run for her if she needs care. As for the burglars - they are low lives to say the least in your beautiful home.

Heidi said...

Hello Carol! I look at your blog but never comment as you get so many comments. I just had to respond to this entry. I am so sorry that after having to place your mother in care, you came home to burglars in your home. Thank goodness you are safe as here in Holland, burglars are very violent. It is a terrible feeling that someone is uninvited in our home. And you have such a beautiful home. All your work is really making your house look amazing.

Hugs from Holland ~

my day said...

Hello Carol,
so sorry to hear this about your mum, and how awful to find burglars in your home.Januari isn't nice at all this way. But I do love your bathroom, so beautiful and also the pretty room with the laura ashley wall paper is like a dream.
Wishing you all the best for february, hugs Ingrid.

Diane said...

Your highs were truly high, and your lows are the absolute pits - so sorry. A bit of a bum way to start the year. Your bathroom looks so lovely, I am inspired to tart mine up a bit now. xxxx Hope things pick up for you soon.

Katy Noelle said...

Beautiful Gray!

Felicity said...

oh im so sorry, your poor mum and the break in I hope the months ahead will be better, fliss xx

cathleen said...

Well, I will say this Carol, your home makes my heart flutter! It is so pretty and cozy, and warm. LOVE it. Hope this month smiles at you every single day, because you deserve to have some good things to erase those lows. Take care and enjoy your sweet home.

Our Back Porch said...

Wow! You had a lot going on in January. I pray February will be much brighter. So sorry about your Mum. That is horrible about the burglary. Hope you have a lovely week.

Back Porch Blessings,

Pretty Whatnots said...

I'm so sorry to here about your burglars. Everyone's nightmare. I hope that your Mum is looked after well in the care home. Your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous. We are about to start doing ours and it's really helped me show my partner what I like! Anna x

louise said...

Just so sorry to hear all your horrible news. It's been rough for you of late. I can't believe how I didn't know a new baby was on the way. A ray of hope and sunshine, on the horizon for you. Sending happy thoughts your way Carol. x

Rosie said...

Little gobsh****s! Have been burgled myself so I do understand how you feel. Sorry to hear about your mum, but I'm sure you must have found a lovely home for her! At 91 my mum is having problems with her independance, she just wants to do more things than she is capable of. On saturday she went to the library -just round the corner - and then decided to go to the shops! Far too much for her, and was brought home by a neighbour. Then she pipes up that she was also going to go to Morrisons... I'm going to have to tie her down!
Bathroom wonderful, and that cradle is going to be so sweet..
Rosie x

MelMel said...

How are you today??

Love Melxx

charl said...

thanks for popping by and leaving me some lovely comments.. you know i paint the mount in pictures with emulsion to.. i thought i was the only one.. we really are painting soulmates arnt we!!!

country rose corner said...

Hello Carol, ive been awarded a beautiful blogger award and have passed it on to you, so go here and collect
and if you should wish to share 7 things about yourself then please do (I did 25....) Betty xxx