11 October 2009

Red Sweet Home

Home is great, isn't it.
This is a post with a theme.
It was not really planned, it happened.
After returning from our camp in the woods, we went to The Brighton Breeze.
This is a Vintage VW get together, I will tell and show all, another day.
Today I am sporting one Red eye, which is slowly changing to purple, through to pale green, then yellow on the outer points of my face!
I won this black eye at the Brighton Breeze
Thank you Mr N....for hitting the breaks when I stupidly had removed my seat belt!
That will teach me......
It is cold in the house, but I am still not giving in to the Gas Central Heating yet.
So we huddle in the family room, kept nice a warm by Granny Aga.
At weekends I lite the fire, as a special treat, more for me than anyone else!

The Red rug which usually sits on the wooden floor in the family room, is moved to the sitting room in front of the fire, just in case anything spits out.

I have been at it again, wielding my paint brush.
I have been happily changing various things to Red.
Then filling the many baskets I painted with my clutter.
This one is for table clothes, Red ones.

I have started another project. Emm lets see..... must have 12 or more projects on the go now!
This one will be for the sitting room, as the colours have been chosen to match,
well sort of anyway,
my soft furnishings.

Another EBay purchase.

Love the Red embroidery.
Another project for another day!

The very last of the Red tomatoes.

Does this qualify?
Hydrangeas, now dried, once Red.
A little favourite aromatherapy oil dripped onto these dried flowers lasts quite a long time.

I think they are so pretty dried, the soft shade of pink and Red look great in the home this time of year.

And lastly

I keep reminding myself of this one.
At least once a day if not more.
It works along with....
Deep breath....
Just off to rub some more bruise cream into my poor red eye.
Have a super week all.


Pipany said...

Oh Carol, you poor soul. Sorry to hear about the bruise. Love your red post though, particularly that gorgeous rug and the paint jobs. Hope your week improves xx

Simone said...

I do love a touch of red but not around the eye! Hope your eye gets better soon Carol! x

Itch2stitch.com said...

I love splashes of red in my house too! Is that a Laura Ashley tea towel I see, I have some! We have a coal fire (open) in one room and a multi fuel burner in the other room which I love, but like you I haven't given in to the central heating yet! suzie. xxx

MelMel said...


waht a lovely post, such stunning pictures Carol.....I love the touches of red, thay work so well with your lovely Cabbages and roses fabric....pretty!
Have a great week...xxx

claire said...

As always lovely to see your lovely home :)
I love a touch of red too.
Sorry to hear about your eye.
We have resisted the gas central heating so far..I'm quite proud of myself last year it was on in the first week of September!!!

Sarah said...

Hi Carol
I love the F + B red - may have to give that a go on something here I think!
Shame about your eye, these things happen!
Thanks for your comment - Yes I do have a wooden airer along with a wooden ironing board!

Catherine said...

I love all your redness...but not your poor red eye! Hope it is feeling better soon!

Ticking stripes said...

This is just a gorgeous post - I love it all. The basket looks great - if I painted a basket all the spaces would get clogged up with paint. What did you use? If you like vintage laundry stuff have a look what I bought on 4th September!

Lisa said...

Ouch! Hope the bruising soon disappears and that you are feeling ok.
Great photos, the fire looks very cosy.

Mary Poppins said...

Ohoo Carol what beautiful splashes of red in your pretty post, though I wish I could take away the red from your pretty eye. Hugs for you.

What beautiful projects you have there, I adore the pretty basket you have madeover. I keep bringing new projects into my home, to be worked on one sunny day. And even if they don't get done at least makes me happy thinking about getting them done.

Thank you for the lovely hair comment :) I think I shall indeed keep it long does suit him rather. We have been very quietly excited as a photograph he had done through the agency has gone to print. He is in a catalogue looking rather cute, sitting on a little bike.




periwinkle said...

hope your poorly eye gets better soon ... red is my fave colour and I just LOVE your basket and the rug , especially the rug .

elsy said...

you poor thing..........great post though! love the hydrangeas, beautiful colour

louise said...

I love the red heart embroidery. You really are seeing red, for that red eye. I hope it heals soon. x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

I LOVE the red chair as well as everything else, except for your poor eye, hope its not too bad! Im inspired to go off and paint something red....the town prehaps....lol! Need some inspiration for my family room, think I might have found it!
Have a great week......claire xx

Lace hearts said...

Ouch, your poor eye must be sore. Hope it gets better quickly. I love red as well, but haven't got much of it in the house - probably because I'm too scared! It looks lovely in your pictures though. x

zmoon said...

OK.......let's see that eye. All the colors sound gorgeous! Ha! I hate getting bruised, especially the way you did, and especially around my eyes (and yours are so lovely), but I have to admit I like watching the changing colors. Too bad it isn't closer to Halloween, you could really have fun with that. Looking on the bright side today.

Love all you do. We would have so much fun together, but alas - that pond is so big.

Hugs and healings,
Moonie in Oregon, USA

lemonade kitty said...

The basket turned out realy good is that cabbage's and rose's fabric on those cushion's I spied ??? One of my favourite fabric's...Lucey x

Lucy said...

Oh what a gorgeous red post! Love love love your red chairs! I too have lit my fire and love snuggling up on chilly evenings. Thanks for sharing. Lucy xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh your poor eye.
Ooohhhh but look at all this lovely red going on here, I just love it!
I would love to introduce a little more red into our home at winter time but there doesn't seem to be anywhere that it would fit! Boo!

Zia Meadows said...

ouch! poor thing-hope you made him feel really guilty!
I love the Kate Forman fabric I have it in my lounge too, and I also sell Lampshades in it its so classic!

my day said...

Hello Carol,
I really hope your eye soon gets better and doesn't hurt so much.Love this post with all the reds, your home looks so cozy and warm.Have a lovely evening,
hugs, Ingrid.

OhSoVintage said...

Poor you! I particularly like redas it works so well in many rooms. My kitchen has touches of bright red and the bedroom more a pinky red. I like the red basket with the tea towels and, of course, the Cabbages & Roses fabric.
Ruth x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Thankyou for the lovely welcome back! I will email, claire x

Diane said...

Your not fit to be let out - I remember when you did your foot!! You have great style - you should hire yourself out to people who want their homes "styling" (like that Anne Maurice woman). My heating is staying off for a while - the hot flushes have really kicked in and its like Barbados here in South Yorkhire now!!! The rest of the family will just have to put a jumper on.

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi me again, my silly computer won't open your email! Could you email me
thankyou xx

Blueberry Heart said...

hi Carol,

Love the red!! I've been planning to do my kitchen red and cream for ages but hadn't found the right red - until your post!! F&B (and Carol!!) to the rescue!

Have a great weekend

BH x

PS - hope the eye is getting better

this is my patch said...

How is that eye healing Carol? It is cold here this afternoon, and I have turned on the central heating just to get rid of the chill. I daren't ignite our gas fire, it gives out such a heat, you just frazzle! x

Rosie said...

Hope you are feeling better. I love red post. Your home looks so cosy. x

prettyshabby said...

I bet its a pretty red eye though..sounds it with all those colours! you poor thing..sounded painful!
love the red touches, your home always looks so elegant Carol.
Enjoy those cosy evenings by that gorgeous fire of yours x

Pondside said...

Decorators say that every room should have something black - well I believe that every room needs a touch of red. I love your red touches.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh my favourite colour - RED!
love the chair i must paint a chair really really soon :-)
your poor eye hope its better soon xxxxxxxxxxxx

Regina said...

Hi Carol
What a loveley post,with all the red
I love red...red is my favorite colours for Advent time.Your home looks very cosy.I hope your eyes get better soon.
Have a cosy evening ,
hugs Regina

dicope said...

Hello ! I love your blog !!

I want to invite you to participate in my Giveaway !!


Kisses ^^


Teresa said...

What a wonderful blog...thats whats so lovely about blogland...browse and browse and then something takes ones eye. It happened to be your red...I love red....seems to be a theme through my home. Will be back for more reading.

Mary Poppins said...

Come on now Carol, I bet there is a little money in the pot for sparkly shoes ;)

I did have a little wobble when I slipped them on in M&S, very reasonably priced too :) though make me happy so had to have them :)



serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi, Ive just gone through my emails and I can't find you, I do often wonder when I send them do they actually get there....lol.. try me again
c_carpanini@hotmail.com also try mail@patsibea.co.uk
it should hopefully get to at least one of them!
Hope your well
claire xx

Poppy said...

Hello there, I just discovered you...oh what a lovely blog! I have the "keep calm and carry on" poster in my kitchen, it's amazing how soothing it is! Sorry to hear about your sore eye, hope you mend quickly!

Love, Poppy x