04 June 2009

Happy Days

Getting up each morning I have hardly wanted to pull back the curtains just in case the sun was not there.

Waking up to blue sky and hot sun has been so good.

The garden has never looked so happy.

The house is bright and cheery too.

Little projects have almost been completed.

Like my newly painted cupboard, which I have given a little distressing.

The nursery was re-painted, just waiting for the wall to wall high shelf to be put up for the book collection and a few more toys to display.

If you look closely you will see the pretty SLEEP bunting hanging on the wall where the shelf will be.
I asked Caroline to make it for me, I am so pleased with it.
I was able to choose the materials for the letters which was great.
Sleep seemed like the perfect word to hang above the cot!
I have not hung it properly yet,
I need the shelf up and then I can hang the SLEEP bunting directly above the cot and under the shelf.

Stanley's shelf was painted with F&B Cornforth.

I must stick the S to the wall before it bonks someone on the head.

FSC are Freddie's initials.

The boys love this room.

I think it must feel like a little Aladdin's Cave when they come to stay.

Johanna's Dolls House was brought down from the loft.

I am pleased I kept some of my children's old toys.

Katie & Kevin the twin bunnies were knitted so beautifully by Lisa
It is so nice to have some lovely things to look at and hold, made by some very talented Blogger's.

I have chosen what I thought were calming colours for the Nursery walls and paintwork.

I have added colour with the books, vintage prints and toys.

You may be able to just see a bit of the frame of a vintage doll's pram.
My clever hubby made the built-in cupboard for me where there was an alcove, next to the chimney breast.

Not being a lover of built in! but I needed to fill the gap as much as possible.
So lots of much needed storage space.
I want to change the handles...he picked them!
I would prefer Pewter to match the door handle.
And that is my chair where I can sit and keep eye!

Little dress still waiting for a new owner!

Three little Terriers.
Which I bought from a little shop in Burford, North Cotswolds.
One of my Hearts, which is in fact a key holder for the window locks.
I kept losing these little keys so attaching them to Hearts made the Hearts very practical as well as pretty.

Lovely Old Golly.
I always lo.ed Golly as a child.
It seems we are not allowed to love him anymore! he has almost disappeared.
The pretty little Lucy Attwell postcard
I bought from Louise
I think it was just meant for me, and Guy!

My old Enid Blyton books and Little Ted who came to infant school with me everyday.
And one of Johanna's Beatrice Potter toys which she collected.

So Nursery almost done.
I need a little more Cabbages & Roses Hatley to make a cot quilt and cushions for the bed.

But before I go I must tell you about a film I watched recently about
I was not looking forward to this that much, I have joined Love Film so needed to choose quite a few films for my list.
But, what an interesting story it was.
I enjoyed it so much I watched it again the following morning as I did the ironing.
The is the corset that she wore to try and correct her posture.
She painted her cast, one of a few, as she lay in her bed.

After watching her life story I went to Amazon to buy the book of paintings, her Journal and Biography.

This is a copy of her journal with translations in the back.

Her painting are intriguing, a little scary sometimes.
Her life was sad really.
But she lived it to the full.
I find her life story so very interesting and colourful, like her painting' s.
What a courageous Woman she was.
She suffered Polio as a small child and a horrific road accident as a teenager.
So she was forced to teach herself to walk again twice!

I like nothing better than to get cosy
in the garden with my new books and enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Oops nearly forgot.
I found this little Clay
Bird in the car park.
Lost and alone I brought her home.

She is very pretty.

Oh and I must show you my wall......nearly there!
Slate tiles have started to be laid on the cupboard roof and red Geraniums hung on the walls.

Nearly finished!

So busy busy here.
I hope you are enjoying your time.
If you are listening to my Playlist you will hear one of my favourite singers.
Paolo Nutini
I have a tale to tell about this song but I cannot
bring myself to do so yet.
It is very sad,
hense I cannot listen to this track without tears!


zmoon said...

Loved your post today and pics. Also love the music so much and looking forward to your story as the song is very appropriate for me right now.

Thanks again for your blog. I really look forward to your thoughts, accomplishments, sharings.


Alexandra said...

Carol, I always find your postings so calming! Just like the little haven of calm you have created in the nursery. Oh, and those geraniums rock!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

firstly i am loving the music :-)
secondly ! i long to be a child again and come and stay in your nursery it is absolutely gorgeous what lucky grandchildren !
Lesley x

LissyLou said...

What a beautiful room and garden x

Floss said...

That is such a wonderful nursery. The boys (and maybe one day a girl) will find it so entrancing.

Simone said...

Wow! what a full and varied post Carol! I would love a nursery like the one you have created just for me! Thanks for the info about Frida Kahlo. When you mentioned the 'Frida' dvd on one of my posts, I looked it up on Amazon and it was about Frida from Abba!!! I then realised it must be about an 'arty' Frida! Talk about suffering for her art! Your garden is looking wonderful. Your home is like a sanctuary.x

Different Dog said...

Thank you for the pottery info. Another thing to tick off the list!
Love all your photos. Your home looks darling. Do you have more pics of your kitchen?
Have a lovely weekend coming up!

LoloDesigns said...

Oh my how I love that nursery, it is just perfect! Really lovely post that I enjoyed reading immensely ;o) xx

Different Dog said...

Carol, I was also looking at your camping van and I'm writing a piece on summer and camping. I hope you don't mind but I mentioned your blog and cute van in my post today.
It's so beautiful! Very jealous!

...... Kristina ...... said...

Hi Carol,
Hugs to you my friend x
What a fab post,i had time to drink my whole cup of tea hehe......love the nursery its just so warm,homely,cosy looking and how fantastic you have a hubby who built you a closet too,i love mine i keep peeking in and re arranging things,sad i know but novelty and all.
Beautiful hydrangea and love the rock ;)
I shall look up Frida thanks for the review i always like it when someone you like recommends something rather an online review.
Well done for rescuing the pretty bird,she looks very at home...i tried to rescue two baby birds this week,one a raven and one a baby magpie....both fell in the ponds where i quickly rescued them only to later to find them drown,i cried buckets poor little things so very sad.
The wall oh my its gorgeous and the geraniums look picture perfect.
Sad to hear about your tale to tell,big hugs Love your friend Kristina XxX

MarmaladeRose said...

What a beautiful nursery. It looks like a page from one of those magazines. Infact its making me a little bit broody, I better move on quickly!

periwinkle said...

I'm going to come and live in your nursery , hope thats ok ? Then again ou might find me in your garden admiring the gorgeous geraniums . Oh, Hub said you will have to be careful putting the 2 bunnies in bed together as you know what bunnies get up too !!!. I'm so glad the little bird got a home ..

Rubyred said...

Such a beautiful room, I fancy a nap in the lovely cot.Beautiful toys and decorations too!
My daughter studied Frieda Kahlo and we went to the exhibition at the Tate, I really loved it, she was an amazing lady.Some of her paintings are a little scary though, she led such a difficult life,imagine recovering from her injuries in those days!Sharing the love of Paulo with you!
Rachel x

the homely year said...

Hi, what wonderful photos...the nursery is SO pretty. I love all the bits and pieces you've put together.
And the garden looks great too. I've been planting scarlet geraniums this time...they're lined up along the top of our wall.
Margaret (and Noreen)

Mary Poppins said...

Ohoooo I feel like I have been on a faraway journey to a magical land, actually I feel a little teary, think it was the beautiful nursery and how wonderful it must be to sleep and play there, what lucky, lucky grandchildren :)

I adore the sweet little dress, I love Burford, one of my favourite places.

well done on finding the little bird, ashe was so obviously waiting for you to find her :)

Sweet dreams


LiLi M. said...

I cannot remember a more lovely spring in years, do you? I love what you have done. That nursery...I love everything, I think I would be happy to be your nanny! To sit there, surrounded by vintage toys, reading about Frida Kahlo mmm there are worse things to do! No wonder that pretty birds just offer themselves to come and stay with you! That photo of Jude & Guy...sooo sweet!
We have this saying: gedeelde vreugde is dubbele vreugde, gedeelde smart is halve smart.It means when you share your hapiness it will double but when you share your sadness it will divided in halves. Just to let you know...take care!

Pondside said...

What a pretty room. I find it so interesting to read that it is called a nursery. That's not a word we use over here, except for plant nurseries, or the part of a hospital that holds the newborns. I may begin to call the room that we reserve for our grandsons The Nursery - love it!

sue15cat said...

A dream of a nursery. Any child would love to play and sleep there, gorgeous, well done.

You've also inspired me to watch the film Frida, thank you.

Sue xx

Cowboys and Custard said...

You have created a very cosy room for your grandsons to grow up in and I am sure they will have very fond memories of this room in years to come...
It is beautifully styled Carol...

I must watch that film when my boys are off doing other things.. I know nothing about Frida Kahlo.. but am intrigued now..

Have a lovely peaceful weekend my friend.

Michele xx

Alison said...

Such lovely photos as always. Love the nursery how sweet.
I loved the Frida film too. We were also lucky enough to see a Frida Kahlo exhibition when we were in Hamburg a few years ago. She was so original & creative.
Have a lovely weekend

Lisa said...

A beautiful room, so many lovelt things to play with.
Your geraniums are so vibrantly red against the brick walls.
How busy you've been!

charl said...

beautiful room.. the children must love coming to stay.. i agree the colours are lovely and calming
what colours have you used>
loving the bright red of the plants against the brick wall aswell ..lovely

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi Carol, your grandchildren must love come to 'nannies' to stay, what a beautiful room, I love your wall, it looks great! Claire xxx

Sarah said...

Hi Carol
Just catching up on all the blog posts! - what lovely photo's and a super room. I too have Stanley - he's fab isn't he? Thanks for the detail on those caravans - I must look them up. Anything retro's good for me!

OhSoVintage said...

I thought I'd already commented on this brilliant and interesting post. You do have a lovely home and I really enjoy looking at your blog. Love that photo of your Security Guy! I have watched the dvd about Frida Kahlo - very good.
I have also been on that cable car in the IOW (in 1991). I was so scared and held on to my 7 year old daughter for dear life, her reassuring 'Mummy, you're safe with me!'
Ruth x

Felicity said...

Hi Carol
your nursery is beautiful, so pretty and restful, it looks lovely

felicity xx

louise said...

No sunshine today, but the garden is looking very colourful for the rain. The nursery is fabulous and your grandchildren will look back in adulthood with such happy memories. I have many from when I spent time around at my grandparents on a Saturday morning. Lovely to be able to include some additions from your childhood too. I have a small collection of gollies, I love them and my Mum loved them too. I find political correctness most irritating! I do think the postcard you bought from me does look the part, and yes it is Guy pulling you along on the lead! Thanks for the mention Carol, you are a most sincere friend to have in blogland. Have a great day. x

Floss said...

Hello again - it was great to look through this wonderful post again!

For reasons almost beyond my control (see my post) I have tagged you, so I really hope you don't mind! If you have time, do pop over to see this easy challenge.

Lucy Bloom said...

I just left a comment on your previous post - thinking it was the end of this one - doh!

Pom Pom said...

The nursery is calm and inviting, full of love. Love your blog!

MelMel said...

Oh my, what a adorable childs room....so utterly cute!xxx

my day said...

Hello Carol,
I just love the pictures of your home, it makes me so happy everytime I visit you.
Have a lovely week,hugs Ingrid.

Lace hearts said...

Oh, what a beautiful nursery you have put together. I love absolutely everything you have chosen. Thank you for posting such a lot of wonderful pictures to share it with us.

Deanna said...

Carol, what a delightful post. I love the dreamy nursery...it's so beautiful.

When I was a Girl Scout, our troop with about twenty other troops around the USj, went to Our Cabana in Cuernavaca Mexico and we took a tour of Frida's home and I remember she had put these tiny clay pots on the wall of her kitchen and that they spelled out her name and that of her husband. I thought that was so creative and I never forgot it. She definitely is very a subject to study.

Deanna :D

marble rose said...

Oh wow! Your nursery is absolutely idyllic - how lucky the little treasures that get to slumber there!But more lucky to have someone who cares about them that much!


serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi Carol, hope you are all well! Just admiring your gorgeous garden and house pics again, I love how your garden is established and looks so lovely to look at!! We are starting ours from scratch as we have had to raise it up due to flooding, it was the lowest in the road, great though as it has given us a blank canvas!!
Just a quick question, is Baby Tears, the proper name for the sweet little plant you have in your garden? I can't seem to find it anywhere and nobody has heard of it, it so cute and I would love to have it my garden!
Take care.....Claire xxx

OhSoVintage said...

Yes, I was also left outside a pub with a bottle of coke and crisps with the blue salt packet (it was always soggy!). My daughter was born on 7th August - it certainly was a very hot summer to be pregnant.

Liz said...

Missing you. Are yiu coming back??

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Thanks for the info on the Baby Tears, I will be going armed with it to my local garden centres!! Hope you had a good time away......Claire xx

Sandi McBride said...

I don't know how I missed this! What a perfectly wonderful nursery this is...I could almost enjoy going back to new motherhood to make it mine...almost, I said...lovely pictures, Carol...hugs to our Guy!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Carol

I have just discovered your beautiful blog. I am goingt to catch up with some of your previous posts now.
Isabelle x