06 April 2009

Spring Cleans !

Do you have one of 'those' piles on the stairs.
A small pile, maybe a few piles that are meant for other members of the family, to be taken to their rooms....by them.
The pile is clothes, shoes, mail, that sort of thing.
I have.
And talking to one of my daughters about this said pile today, she said she did not SEE it!

Now how big does it have to be? before she SEE's it!
Does she recognise that it is her STUFF.
Oh yes.

How often do you go into the bathroom and find an empty loo roll thing, on the bath, on the sink or maybe resting on the toilet roll basket!
Is it just me?
Am I a constant Moaner!
Am I alone here?

The day started off well.
I was going to get so much done.
But as the day has progressed I concluded that I will never ever get to the end of my chores.
Spring Cleaning is one thing.
But The Cleaning Is Done....does not exist.

As you can see from my photos, I have been busy today.
Oh and, did you like my new Wooden Tags for my cleaning jars.
I asked SidmouthBoy on EBay to make them for me.

Anyway having done the Spring Clean today...downstairs only!
I have just noticed Dust is back again.
Hey Ho, I can do it all again tomorrow...not!

Well, I have had a little moan, upset all the family.
Mr N was glad to be called out to work.
Good, now he has gone I can have a cup of coffee and post a Blog Moan.
That's better.

I love having all this white stuff,
but you do have to put a lot of effort in to keep it looking nice and clean.

And little displays are lovely,
if you do not mind damp dusting, often!

In a bid to get the message out loud and clear,
I wrote on the chalk boards in my kitchen.
How did Teachers, in the Old Days, write so neatly on the chalk boards.

Will they?

I even had a sort out of my cupboards.
I have a big Boot Sale to do or maybe a lot to list on EBay now.
I have a new lawn being delivered tomorrow.
I have a wall half built on my patio.
The Son built it.
He needed money!
Now he has the money, I will have to moan moan moan at him to finish it!
When done I will show you.
I hope that you all have a better start to the week than me.
I am off out tonight with the girlfriends.
That should be fun.
We will all moan, I know it!
Take Care All,


LiLi M. said...

Do you know that I even don't think anymore that somebody will take that pile upstairs? And you are right about 'Seeing'. I was ill last Christmas and I felt totally embarred that my daughter invited one of her friends. No no she cannot come in! Why not? It's dusty every where! I complained to this to my girlfriend who told me: Those girls just won't see that. I wish I kept that look! Have fun with your girlfriends tonight. Moaning together can be a lot of fun.

louise said...

Carol, your post has made me smile! I loathe moaning, but sometimes you have to, even if it does fall on deaf ears. I am sure all us girls can emphasise with exactly what you say. What a lovely idea to have large pots for cleaning solutions, I would love to replicate that idea sometime? Recently I have been taking items down to the charity shop as no time to do a boot or e-bay. Too busy doing housework! As for moaning with girlfriends, we all do that! Have a lovely evening. x

Simone said...

A woman's work is never done! I am constantly trying to tidy up but it never all gets done. Every bare surface: table tops, sideboard, counter tops etc get covered and the stuff isn't even mine! I get told off if I move anything so I get really mad just having to look at the ugly piles!!! So you definitely have my sympathy. No matter how much nagging I do my house will never be pristine like yours!x

LissyLou said...

I know exactly what you mean!! I have 2 little ones and a big one and never seem to get on top of things as they create more and more mess!!

Flossie and Tom said...

Hi Carol

Glad you got it off your chest

I have a stair basket that I put in all the stuff everyone else has left lying around - but noone else ever takes it upstairs !! IT DRIVES ME MADDDDDDDDDD


periwinkle said...

I am so with you on the piles on the stairs -- as for the dusting, our fireplace hearth is black granite and no matter how often you dust it there is always dust on it !!!
lisa x

willywagtail said...

I'm sure the occasional moan is good for the soul. And yes I have exactly the same problem. It is the only reason I will be glad when my last one leaves home. Then I will enjoy the cleanliness and moan that I have lost her. Can't win.

Pipany said...

Nagging? Yep, could write a book on it Carol. Don't think it changes till they get their own places. Thank heavens for blogs where we can moan away x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

had to laugh at the empty toilet roll - we have 4 toilets in our house and at some point at least one has an empty brown cardboard tube that only me is capable of changing apprently..........
i feel like i just moan constantly some days but i dread to think how bad it could get if i didnt!!!
that dust keeps coming back to my house i hate it when its sunny sometimes ;-)
have a good night out!
lesley x

Pondside said...

Go ahead and moan - for all of us! The pile at the bottom of the stairs crosses all international date lines and boundaries. I'm the only one who sees the pile of mail in the hall, the laundry waiting to be put away, or the dishes needing washing. Grrrr
On the other hand, you've posted on of my favorite scenes - laundry on the line - love it!

Surfer Rosa said...

Oh yes - I have the piles on the stairs. I actually leave things in the centre of the stairs otherwise they're invisible. The other week though I watched my husband stepping over the pile by straddling two stairs !!!! needless to say I had a few choice words to say.

I love your signs - I have a sign from that eBay seller too and was very pleased with mine.

Country Cottage Chic said...

You did make me laugh Carol as I'm glad it's not only in my house that this happens!

Rosie said...

Hi Carol, we have piles on the stairs too, and on the hall table. I have decided that it's easier to do it myself. And as for your notices in the kitchen, they might make an attempt, but in the end you know it won't be right and you will end up re-doing it.
Your basket of clean laundry looks sumptuous.
Rosie xx

Life'sJourney said...

I am staring at the pile on my stairs as I type this!! lol.. I love the chalkboard messages to the family.. how appropriate!! I have your blog listed on my own blog as one of my favorites, and your blog never disappoints!! Thanks!!

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hee Hee, your post made me laugh Carol, I could just imagine you banging the keys on the key board as you wrote this post!!
I feel like all I ever do is nag especially having 5 males in the household!! Hope you have a great night tonight!! Moan to your hearts content!
Claire xx

Summer by the sea said...

Carol - feel free to moan away - I think we can all sympathise with families that just don't 'see' their mess. My other half leaves his hair wax out on the bathroom windowsill every morning and never replaces the lid - aghh! I too am feeling frustrated this week, it is supposed to be my week off, but I just can't switch off, I have so much 'stuff' that needs to be done and I can't do it quick enough - love your little displays and white sofas too - Natalie x

my day said...

Hello Carol,
I do know what you mean,it is the same over here to.And cleaning their own room seems so difficult for them.I hope it all gets better one day.Love the pictures of your house and wish you and your family a happy easter.
Greetings Ingrid.

thriftymrs said...

We have those piles on our stairs. They are, I think invisable to everybody but me.

Your post really made me laugh because I can relate to so much of it.

I am thinking of going on strike.

Lucy Bloom said...

Oh there are always piles on my stairs, and I'm responsible for all of them, so I can't grumble really. Just have to find something else to moan at Mr. Bloom about ;-)
Lucy x

Rosie said...

Thanks, it's so nice to know that I'm not the only one!

Lajoni said...

I just happened upon your blog ..as you do and what a lovely time I have had reading it and looking at your wonderful photos of your home and family...I have thoroughly enjoyed it and will be popping back

Deanna said...

Carol, I'm still smiling about that post. I've been struggling for days in trying to Spring clean my apartment! My husband is a messy Marvin and I'm no slouch at making a mess. I've recently gotten organized though and coming home to a clean place really hits the spot!

Deanna :D

Debbie said...

You are not alone Carol - I have tried for years to train my lot ... things left at the top of the stairs usually need to come down, at the bottom need to go up, the loo roll inner too - if they have the energy to take it off the holder why can they not use the bin which is 4ft away??? My pet hate is coats left on the backs of chairs and shoes under the table ... I know I usually have a lot of sewing clutter on the table but I get furious when I can't move a chair without getting caught up on husband's size 12s !!

Alchamillamolly said...

You are not alone - there is always a pile on the stairs. Last night I had such a lovely surprise after a harrowing and expensive run round Tesco I sat down to watch the TV - (Alan was out at a meeting - bliss!!) with a lovely hot cuppa and Escape to the Country had just started when I saw the clips of the houses to be featured I lepat up and put a video in - it was yours!- Oh bliss it was beautiful - what an inspiration and the couple loved it. all of them complimentated you on the wonderful job you had made of it. I am lending it to my friend once I have watched it again so she can drool too. As I work full time as well I just seem to spend any of my time away from work cleaning and doing household duties whilst the resto f the famiy use the weekend for pleasure. It is also easier most times to see no I will do it myself as any help is given so half heartedly - who said women are liberated!! Have a lovely Easter with those gorgeous grand children. My step son in law is about to put his house up for sale in East Dulwich and move to Tunbridge Wells. They are going to try and sell and rent and get to know the place first.

MarmaladeRose said...

I love looking at your white sofas. I can only dream of white funishings. If you saw the plume of black sooty smoke that escapes from our log burner every time we open the door you'd understand why!

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Carol

Thanks so much for your comments, all the other lovely bloggers are making me feel so much better about things. I've had a few days now where I couldn't get it out of my head but I am feeling better :)

I am in total awe that you have white things! I think it will be a loooong time before I can risk it again, heehee. Love the wooden tags, he made door signs for my girls' bedrooms and did a great job, very quick too.

Take care and have a happy easter xxx

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Carol. I know this isn't going to make you feel better in the slightest, but this post really made me smile. A kindred spirit! Sometimes I feel that I am only the only one in our house that notices things, I wish I had the ability the other members of my family have to switch off and walk away from all the things they've dumped everywhere! When the girls were younger I used to give them carrier bags and we'd have a competition to see who could fill up their bag first with all the stuff they'd left lying around and take it up to their room again! It worked for a while, now they demand better prizes!!!!
Have a wonderful, dare I say it, relaxing Easter weekend

Rosie said...

Happy Easter Carol, hope the bunny leaves lots of chocolate!
Rosie xx

Sea Angels said...

Its good for the soul.....really good to get it of your chest...but your lovely lovely home is looking so beautiful.
Have a fabulous Easter.
Hugs Lynn xxx

Oast Farm said...

Hello Katherine I love your blog it has inspired me to start my own, you are right about Tunbridge Wells, so many great independent shops!

Oast Farm said...

Sorry Carol, my first attempt at commenting forgive my mistakes! As i was saying - yes Tunbridge Wells is a great town, so many people moving there from London at the moment i can't compare anywhere else for house bits and pieces shopping and hard to resist clothes.

Not sure how i can get people to read my blog any help appreciated anyone?

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oooooh I have enough trouble with just a husband nevermind children!
I love your little tags, so cute!
Anyhoo on to the good news ...
you won my giveaway of the heart t-light holder & garland! So just e-mail me your address & I will get them sent off to you next week.
Hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend.
love Alison

MelMel said...

You make even the washing look delightful!

I do so enjoy your blog!

Happy Easter!xxxx

Kim McBirnie said...

OH, I'm so with you on the moan, there are piles everywhere in our haouse, and it isn't just the childrens stuff. My husband is terrible for opening mail and then just dumping it, as if the paperwork fairy will come and sort it. You keep moaning, it should be everyone's responsibility!!
Love the photograph of your dog by the way.
Kim xx

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Hi Carol. I know how you feel!
Love your new tags on your cleaning jars - they are so gorgeous!

LoloDesigns said...

Ooh what a lovely blog! Thanks for popping by mine, it's nice to have new visitors especially ones who have similar interests. Will definitely be popping back ;o) xx

Cowboys and Custard said...

It was so lovely to talk to you today Carol.. and I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter but can't find the comment button to do so.. so I am here instead!
Hope you enjoyed your roast duck and had a wonderful day with your family..

Much love to you
Michele xx