26 March 2009

Saturday Morning Saturday Afternoon and Saturday Evening Swing!

I have been wanting to post about my trip to the Country Living Fair, but as usual time flew away and so much more has been going on since.

I went to Tunbridge Wells with my sister, really just for coffee

and a quick look around Cath Kidston...never ends up a quick look though!

It ended up as whole day of shopping and we didn't get home until tea time!

After coffee and a BLT in one of the lovely old cafe's.....very yummy...

we went to Noa Noa where I tried on a pink Tulle skirt with a layered black skirt that I was wearing.

I fell in love with the beautiful soft pink material it had to come home with me.

I was thinking that there must be some occasion where this will be perfect to wear under a dress or skirt or even on it's own with a pretty top.

So that was wrapped and paid for along with a crotchet pink brooch, too cute not to take home as well.

Then we went onto Cath Kidston to buy a dress that I had seen in the latest catalogue.

I tried on and bought the dress in CK, I was now on a roll and very happy.

This is where I can easily loose control!

I pass Noa Noa on the way back and spotted the black Tulle skirt in the window...I hesitated but not for long!

went back in and bought the black too!

This picture makes the skirt look a funny washed-out black but it does show the detail well.

I was thinking that these will not be in the shop for long I am sure.

I had to buy it, before the opportunity disappears, forever!

Here are my purchases along with a pair of Red Shoes from Office that I bought last week. These looked to me, like a pair of shoes that were made for Fun.

The fella who runs the Office shop in Bluewater did a good job talking me into buying them but then again do I really need much coaxing.

All I needed was a Grand Occasion where I can get all dressed up.

Well guess what, that very evening!

You do not get much better than this!

The Rivoli Ballroom in Brockley is the place to be for dancing.

It is threatened with closure which would be such a great loss.

I have heard all sorts of rumours, one is that the locals will buy it.
This place is just wonderful.

Lots of like minded people of all ages from teens to eighties!

All dressed up to dance the night away in true 40's style.

My pictures are not good, my camera was not working as it should have.

We went with our dear friends Tina and Dave.

Here are our men at the very Vintage and original Bar getting our vintage priced drinks!

I just wish I could show you better images of this wonderful place.

Watching everyone dance was fantastic, they are all so very good at jiving.

Most were dressed in real vintage or vintage style outfits.

The Band was just brilliant.

It was a fabulous evening we left at 1pm, our cab was waiting for us.

We will definitely be going again....must get the wear out of my new buys.


Tunbridge Wells, the part that is called The Pantiles.

Mr N. and I went for a quick lunchtime walk and a drink in the sunshine outside a very nice little pub.

Jude also enjoyed being out in this glorious sunshine.

And here is a lovely little shop where you can commission painted furniture and various other pieces.

Lots of very yummy things here.
I could just move in here!

Very quick tour of Tunbridge Wells, a great place to visit.

So I never got to show you what I bought at the Country Living Fair in Islington in the end.

Maybe next time.

Have a wonderful weekend.




Mia said...

Oooh, the skirts, the skirts! Just what I would love to wear for a special night out! Love them, love them.... and the shoes! Sounds like you had a wonderful time too.

How lovely that you are finally coming to Norway for a holiday. I do hope your visit will be up to your expectations.

Pipany said...

Oh I want that skirt Carol! So romantic and floaty and fun...sighs deeply in admiration. Great buys and can't wait to see what the CL fair produced xx

periwinkle said...

check you out in your fancy shmancy get up lady , just the place to go to :-)Think I could live in that lovely shop too
lisa x

MelMel said...

oooohhh...so much to take in-what a feast of a post!
Loving the skirt, dress...and the shoes..well...just perfection!

Olly and I did Lindy hop/jive..was so much fun...very tiring!xxxx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh my goodness, how absolutely adorable are those skirts ~ just my kind of style! I am loving those red shoes too!

Eeek I can't believe what a wonderful place you went to, it looks really fantastic, you lucky thing.

Thank you so much for your lovely message too. Must get back to work now getting peoples orders ready, I often get distracted by blogging when I'm printing postage & invoices off! So naughty!


LiLi M. said...

I love Noa Noa, I love tule so...I love both skirts, you were so right to buy them both! In a skirt like that a girl just walks differently, mmm, that could be the shoes to, I adore them. Have more fun in your outfit, I love to hear where and when you wear this!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a fantastic day, retail therapy is just what a girl needs!

my day said...

Hello Carol,
it looks like you had a wunderfull time at the party, your new skirts look very lovely too.
And the pictures of the shop,I would like to visit it to, but its so far away.The things they sell look just great.I'm very looking forward to your new post.
Have a nice evening,Ingridxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Those shoes scream FUN in capital letters - they are yummy (I'm a shoe-aholic you know!)
Seems a good thing you bought them & the skirts when you had the perfect opportunity to wear them.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

lovely lovely skirts !!! and that shop looks fantastic i havent been to tunbridge wells for years.....

my daughter mia and i had your blog on and were dancing around the kitchen to your music LOL
lesley x

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Carol - what wonderful purchases, I love the tulle skirts and the CK dress. It looks like you had a fab evening out - My Dad loves to jive and it is a great disappointment to him that my mum and me and my two sisters have all got two left feet! - Look forward to seeing what you got at the CK fair - Natalie x

prettyshabby said...

Hi Carol..ooh isn't it wonderful when you can be extravagant and think oh heck blow it, I'll have one of each colour!!
Looked like you had a fantastic evening (and morning and afternoon for that matter!) I do hope the Rivoli doesnt close down, it would be a shame to loose such history. One of my sisters used to live in Crowborough and we would visit Tunbridge wells, I remember thinking it was a lovely place then, full of gorgeous shops and that was nearly 20 years ago!

Miss sew n sew said...

Your skirts are soooo pretty no wonder you got one in each colour!
Looks like a great place for a night out glad you had fun!

Greedy Nan said...

I went in the Noa Noa shop when I last was in TW and loved it all except the prices. I wanted the frock that is like the old style full petticoat most but not for just under £100.

MelMel said...

Thank you so much...thats lovely of youxxxx

OhSoVintage said...

What a great post. Such a lot of photos to look at! I love Noa Noa clothes but we don't have a shop near where I live. Quite right too to buy both. I love the look of that interiors shop too.
Ruth x

Cowboys and Custard said...

I feel as though I have had a lovely day out and an evening of fine entertainment without leaving my armchair or spending and £££'s..

Love those skirts and I can just imagine how lovely you look in them Carol..
Now I would like to know where you get your stamina from for all that jivving???

Sorry I have been quiet... bit under par recently combined with being busy...
Will give you a call this week.
Have a lovely weekend.
Much love
Michele xx

Regina said...

Hi Carol
Loveley,loveley skirts and shoes.
Great buy.I think you had a wonderful time.
Have a nice week my friend!

Rosie said...

Hi Carol, my didn't you have a grand time! I have only been to Tunbridge Wells once, and found it so lovely. I remember a dept store at the bottom of a hill, and they had the cotumes for Sleeping Beauty in the window. Oh they were fantastic and filled me with inspiration. I think we went to sell some books to a chap who lived on one of the gated estates, very lovely houses and looks a really nive place to live. Love the skirts and shoes are divine!
Rosie xx

Pondside said...

What a great time you had on your shopping trip.........the shoes alone!
I've had a good time catching up on your last posts. Life has been hectic over on this side of the pond, so I've not been able to visit the blogs that I enjoy. Had a great visit this morning, though, and I'll be back later.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Just me again!
I just wanted to let you know I'm having a giveaway if you want to pop along and join in!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

hello there hope all is well with you!
i just had to tell you ive booked Cissys cottage in suffolk for a week in the summer hols to take the children for a little holiday - saw it on yours and Lissylou's blogs and it looks so nice so am very excited already :-D
Lesley x

charlie said...

The thrill of buying a sumptious new skirt..and then finding the right place to wear it so soon! Perfect! And what a great little shop you found! There is an amazing shop here a bit like that but I am scared to ask if I can take pictures!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

hi carol - you won one of the fabric hearts i did last week so let me have your address and i will post it to you soon :-)
lesley x

louise said...

I'd swear I left you a comment on this post! I'm sure what I said was that Jude looks so sweet in the sunshine. So glad you you had a great time at the vintage dance, and how much I love your gorgeous skirts! I haven't been to Tunbridge Wells in ages, lots of lovely shops to re-visit! x