28 November 2008


I am still trying to catch up.....I am now convinced that this a permanent situation for me. But I have had time to think, long hard thinks......while I have been doing that job we hate, the dusting. I have been letting things get me down and stress me out. No more, I am not going to let things worry me that I cannot do very much about. It's not my fault, we (the country) are in this state. But I just cannot help having this feeling 'wanting' to sort everything out for everyone close to me. Just impossible really.

The Christmas shopping has started. Where do you put all your Christmas shopping? mine is placed in a sort of tidy mess, next to my wardrobe...at the moment, waiting to be wrapped up and labeled before anyone gets the chance to have a peep.
The leg is much better, thank you for all your very kind comments. But, I still cannot wear heels. My new boots, which I bought before I went to Greece and broke my leg, just sit and look at me wondering why they have not been taken out for a walk yet. Has anyone any idea when I should be able to wear heels?How long is this healing process going to take.

I have been burning the midnight oil a bit too, this is when I find I can sit and blog happily without constant interruptions. And I have been able to almost finish my crochet cushion cover and have started a felting project and crocheted a corsage. Which I will show you in my next post.

Mr N has been doing a few little jobs around the house too. Update on the move....we are staying put, for obvious reasons.....credit crunch! Mr N who does not want to move anyway, has agreed to put up a few things for me, this candle sconce and these door hooks came from the cottage and we are decorating, as I mentioned in my previous post.

As I was dusting I thought I must show these tiny Black Leather Parent shoes that belonged to Katie. I am so pleased that I kept their first shoes. It feels so good to just hold them and remember her first trip to the corner shop wearing these very shoes.

The cone in the pewter pot is perfect for topping with a little oil, I mostly use Patchouli, as people enter the room a little waft follows them in and is so much nice that plug ins!

I am getting close....nearly my 100Th post. I will be having a little Give Away to celebrate my Blogging.
Have a lovely weekend and take it easy.
Carol xxx


LiLi M. said...

That is exactly what I forgot to ask my doctor when I was there, because you are relieved it isn't something very serious. He said it will end with rest, but when do we take a rest in during Christmas preparations? When do Mothers rest anyway?
I love your pictures! Have a nice (quiet) weekend!

MelMel said...

Oh dear, seems we both had a rough day!
Its very upsetting when childrens behavior changes for that silly type, i think they copy other kids, and it makes them giddy!

I hope your foot gets better soon, seems a long time, since it happened, those boots are wonderful!xxxx
Big hugxxx

Sal said...

I know what you mean about the Christmas shopping.I am always glad when I can get it wrapped and under the tree it goes. ;-)

Pipany said...

A reflective post today Carol with a slight feeling of melancholy? I hope you are ok and the weeend is peaceful for you xx

periwinkle said...

I hope you are able to wear your heels soon - I wouldn't have that problem , I'm like a 4yr old in heels - all wobbly. I love the idea of the pine cone - what is the make of the oil you use? Take care and have a lovely weekend
Lisa x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

I love your new boots and Katy's little ones are so sweet. Have you tried walking around on tip toes to see if that helps? Hope your feeling a bit chirpier, just being in your gorgeous home would cheer me up! Claire x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Good for you making yourself slow down & de-stressing!

the homely year said...

Hi Carol, I agree with you about plug-ins...natural scents are so much nicer. Such lovely things in your photos...the little black shoes are so cute. Like your boots too and hope you can wear them soon.
Margaret and Noreen

Things Hand Made said...

Blogging at night is a good way to catch up!

Rhondi said...

Hi Carol
I am also trying to catch up. I am so behind in visiting some of my favorite blogs. Sorry to hear that you injured your foot and I hope that it won't be too much longer until you're able to waer those bootes
Hugs, Rhondi

Amanda said...

Glad to hear the leg is healing well - shame about the heels though - poor dear boots :o)

I'm so gutted I never got the chance to come to the fair :o( we didn't even make it to my friend's birthday which was the event which clashed and meant I couldn't come to the fair. It looks like a great day though - glad you enjoyed it and way to go on the shop work!

And boy do I not envy you trying to fit all that into one house - we cannot wait to move to the new house and suddenly have 4 bedrooms instead of just one - we'll be laughing at how much space we suddenly have!

MelMel said...

Hi sweetie.....very cold here today...so will be making good use of the gift later!xxxx
Have a super weekend1

Deb said...

I love those little black patent leather shoes :-)I have a Katie too and agree that their first shoes are just priceless possessions. I love your idea of the little pine cone topped with a drop of oil! I must try that.
Have a lovely day Carol.

Lavender hearts said...

Hi Carol,

I have run flats too. The cheapest I could find for my size wheel was £110 each so I've paid that. The workshop went well but only 2 people turned up. Still it was nice to meet them and I taught her daughter to use the sewing machine.

I'm glad you are sticking in your house for the time being, it's defo not a good time to move at the moment. I'm really pleased that the sale of your cottage went through! Most of my friends have not been so fortunate.

Sian x

The sewing room said...

hi love your blog the way you feel is just how I have felt lately with the run up to Christmas, and those presents just everywhere in bags in boxes and hidden in redundant suitcases, but reading your blog has cheered me up knowing I am not the only one.I hope your foot is better soon so that you can wear those lovely boots, have a great weekend

Sandi McBride said...

I know what you mean about your heels Carol...one thing I can tell you is that you need to practice standing on your tiptoes...just going up on them and back down..you have to stretch that instep! Then wear a pair a few minutes (no longer than 5 to start) every day...before long those calf muscles will be strong and your instep stronger! Just take things easy, enjoy your life...there's so much there to enjoy!

Pondside said...

Hello again
Your post captured, quite eerily, the way I've been feeling today. I've started a blog post and deleted it and then started another and deleted it too - it's a combination of the time of year and the state of world finances, I'd guess. We have little control over either!

Ragged Roses said...

In between all the dusting and pressie buying and life in general, this does seem to be the time for reflection doesn't it. I know how you feel about this all being your fault somehow, I seem to take on the blame for everything and nobody blames me, I just feel resposible!!!!!!
Well done you for buying some pressies, I haven't got any yet. Hope you have a better run up to Christmas now, even in flatties (you need some of those gorgeous Mary Janes!), Take care

Rosie said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. I visited your stall at the fair and intended to introduce myself but at the time you were very busy serving and after a few minutes I lost my nerve. I wasn't sure if you had ever visited my blog. The boots look reaaly good so I was sorry to hear you aren't able to wear them at the moment.
I also kept my sons first shoes and it's hard to believe that the 6foot men that will come home for Christmas soon ever fitted in them. Hope you have a good weekend too.x

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Love the little black shoes + the heels - hope you get to wear them soon - it always lifts morale when we wear something we love and feel good in...
Catching up is somethng I seem to spend my life doing too..:)

MelMel said...

Your tagged!X

Lisa said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for the comment you made on my stitching!
Will be back to read your blog v soon.
Take care

Mia said...

Love the boots! I hope and believe you will be able to wear them soon. I have not started my Christmas shopping yet... but I am thinking about it... And I have started making some small homemade gifts. I hope they will be well received.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, reached you through Michele at 'Cowboys and Custard' Your daughter's little shoes brought a tear to my eye as I also have a similar pair that were my daughter's many years ago. It would have been easy to throw them out but having them to hold occasionally is lovely. Take care in this frosty/slippy/snowy weather. Eli. flutterbypatch.typepad.co.uk