06 August 2008

Hand Made and A Camping Trip To Lulworth and Another Award!

Sorry this one has been a while in coming.....and I still have not managed to pop in and visit anyone - this really makes me feel guilty and I promise I will catch up with you all soon.
A lot has been going on...far too much for me to cope with happily! anyway I think I am back in control and have managed to get some sewing done in preparation for The Vintage & Handmade November Fair. I will be selling some Vintage bits and some handmade bits.....
Here Jude - sorry Jude we had to put you in the baby girls bib! - is modelling one of the many lovely soft towelling bib's that Katie and I have sewn.

They are reversible........

Some are plain on the front.....

But all have a lovely contrasting cotton on the reverse side......

We also will have some Lavender Hearts......Linen Lamp Shade Covers....Christmas Decorations.....Baby Changing Mats....and many more bits that we hope we will be able to make in time.

An Award.....

Well this is what Blogging is all about.....Sharing The Love.....Thank you Sandi @ Holding Patterns who is one of my very first blogging friends....a very special lady.
I am going to pass on this award to.....all those who wish to accept it...the only rule is.... you must be named in my list of Lovely Bloggers on my sidebar!
Blogging has introduced me to some wonderful Ladies...so good to share some time with you all...a problem shared !

A Camping Trip To Lulworth Dorset
Well sorry to be a bit boring but, here she is again....Nigella the VW camper...all packed and ready to go on her first full week of camping in the beautiful county of Dorset. God I needed this break...I did not even care if it rained...just to get sway!

Childhood memories of Dad sqeezing so much in the car and on top of the car before we set off at dawn for our annual West Country summer holiday, came flooding back.
Not a spare inch leftin our camper. Everything but the kitchen sink went in...I could not face a week with just a mini fridge. So the garage fridge complete with little tiny freezer - must have ice in my Pimms - was lifted in place...and loaded with everything needed for great camp cooking and drinking - making merry!

It was 3 hour drive from home....but now the tent is up and everything in its place....a job well done... then poor Mr N collapses on the camp sofa! a cold beer will soon sort him out!
My little ray of sunshine, Jude. I wonder how he will behave on his first camping trip? well he was just a happy boy from the start to the day we went home...then he tried it on a bit!

The Dorset coast is stunning... you could be forgiven for thinking these pictures are of a Greek Island!

This is Durdle Dor beach. The campsite is located on the Lulworth Estate...a lovely site..everything we needed was there. Our site on the camp was only a short walk from this beach, but the catch is.... the climb down to it....It was hot, very very hot... the hottest day on record in Dorset so we were told. Climbing down the steep hill and then the very steep steps cut out in the cliff was bad enough...but climbing back up after a day on the beach was just hell....sticky, sweaty and out of breath - even the fittest... I will mention no names here! found it hard...once at the top......relief ! and a sense of achievement.

Paul and Jude at the top of steps that lead down to Man O War beach. The sea was the bluest that I have ever seen in this country and was beautifully clear...bliss to swim in.

Durdle Dor again. This beach was a little harder to reach - but well worth the effort.... no gain without pain...
Katie and Paul pose with Jude.
After a long day on the beach and a lovely refreshing shower after the cllimb up, we can relax. Katie and Paul just had to have our Rock N Roll Bed ! we were relegated to the tent bedroom!

But it was a nice, cozy tent bedroom... lots of cushions and flower power going on here!
Guy on guard duty.
A full English Breakfast is a must to start the day. The boys can do the washing-up!

Poole Harbour....not such a nice day for the beach, but perfect for a little trip around the local area. Guy exploring......
This lovely old boat caught my eye!
Katie & Paul enjoy an afternoon siesta in the back of Nigella on that Rock N Roll bed of ours!

Lulworth Castle. Lulworth Cove as seen from the roof of the Castle.
Lulworth Cove is not as nice as Durdle Dor or Man o War beaches, but still a pretty cove...a bit of fishing goes on here too.On the walk down to the Cove I saw a little cottage garden that had a tree which was full of 'Lost Buckets'!

Well that was my Summer Holiday....all over and so looking forward to next year...we will be going there again.
Have a great weekend girls.......Cx


Heidi Ann said...

Hi Carol, it was so nice to hear from you!!!!...and I agree, would love a couple Adirondack chairs too!!! I used to have a pair of green ones & to tell you the truth, not sure what happened to them???....Your camping trip with that darling "Nigella" looks like a wonderful expedition!....& what a lovely family,... your daughter, her huband & baby Jude! (he is getting so big!...& so cute!)...and I LOVE the things you are making for the November sale!!!Again, I so wish I could be there!...As always love seeing a slice of your life!...Take care, we'll chat again soon!...Heidi XO

Amanda said...

Wow what a beautiful place - thanks so much for sharing all those pictures and memories with us! I have always wanted a VW Camper Van and seeing the pics of your holiday make me even more determined to make T get one in the future hehe

The bibs are also gorgeous - perfect for all the litle darlings. If we manage to get to the fair (fingers crossed) I think a few of my friends will be getting some for Christmas :o)

shabby chic said...

Hi Catherine
I love lulworth cove its lovely, I remember the bucket tree too!. We stayed in a little hotel just up from the cove on the opposite siide to the bucket tree!. We had fish & chips at durdle door , looking at the great view across the sea.
Your campbase looks lovely and very pretty. How lovely having your family with you and not forgetting the beautifull little Guy.
We also had some lovely ice creams just up the road ! with lots of sprinkles on them too!quite a few times
take care xDom

Simone said...

What a lovely post Carol. You were very lucky with the weather by the looks of things! Jude makes a fantastic model for the bibs! My favourite part of this post though has to be the 'bucket tree'. Have you ever seen anything so weird?!!!

Pipany said...

Hi carol. This was such a great post. This is what I call camping! Lovely pictures and got a bit of a kick when you mentioned Poole as I have some of my stuff in one of the shops on the harbour. Have a lovely weekend xx

LOUISE said...

What a great summer holiday you have just all had. I know what you mean about family holidays, my parents used to pack themselves, us two kids and all the luggage in and on top of a Mini! Nigella looks packed to the gunnells, where did you fit the kitchen sink! Poor Mr N looks absolutely flaked out at the end of your journey. Those bedrooms of yours don't look so bad. How handsome is Jude, an absolutely gorgeous little fella and he models those bibs of yours so well, he is not so sure about the pink one! And what about Guy your little guard dog, he bought a smile to my face, he really is such a sweet dog. Congratulations on the award and thanks for sharing the love! x

Summer by the sea said...

Hi there - nice to see you back again! - Jude makes a lovely model, although I am sure he won't thank you when he is older for making him wear a pink bib! - The camping trip looked lovely, Dorset certainly looks gorgeous, I would love to explore that part of the country but it is a very long drive from Filey. Your Camper van/awning look very cosy - the nearest my other half gets to camping is a 3 star hotel but your pics may convince him otherwise! - Take care, Nat x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Jude is so adorable, he has a beautiful face and I just love his name. I wish I had come on your holiday it looks so cosy and fun in your camper and Dorset looked lovely.....Claire x
PS Your bibs look great. Fingers crossed I'm going to try and get to the November sale.

Miss sew n sew said...

Hi Carol
your holiday looks great and your camp looks brilliant even a comfy sofa to sit on! I can see you have thought of everything it all looks so pretty! The beaches at Dorset look very nice I've never been so will put it on my list of places to visit.
I love those bib's you have made for the fair I wish I could come but I live to far away. And well Jude he modells well doesn't he what a handsome chap!

Marja Kristiina said...

Thank you so much, Carol!

Your family is absolutely lovely and little Jude is the most precious of them all! You're so lucky!

Grand Life said...

Cute baby--glad to hear someone else is behind on their blogging comments. We are looking foward to a return trip to England having just found out our buddy passes are good for international travel. Yipee!!!
Have a great week.

Pondside said...

You really do know how to take a camping trip! Little Jude looks to have a had a great time - good to start young.
Your bibs are sure to be a great hit - they're gorgeous. Your model, though, is really something special!!

Garden Girl said...

Glad to have you back! Your holiday looks fabulous, and I love how you make your tent and Nigella all cosy and homely, we're just the same when we go away in ours. Isn't Dorset just beautiful? We were at Lulworth Cove recently as well- I have the same bucket tree on my blog somewhere!! A lovely walk down to the beach, but as you say, not the greatest of beaches when you get there. Never mind. Jude is looking absolutely gorgeous! You must all be so proud.x

Rosie said...

Hi Carol, thanks for your good wishes, its been a strange week not having John here all the time,but it does mean I can get lots more things done! The dolls were originally made by a lady called Dot Christian, who lives in Aus. She has a blog, but at the moment she has shut it down for awhile. Things are just getting on top of her. The dolls are very easy to make, there is no real pattern and are usually about 3" long or what ever you wnat to do, mine are a bit bigger than that, and I intend to do some larger ones. I like to fill mine with lavender too. *Message for Jude* What is your granny thinking of putting you in a girly bib! Even if it was very lovely. You look very handsome in the blue checky one!

Rosie x

Alchamillamolly said...

Thanks for thr encouragement to come to the 'bit of do'. I am going to suggest than any bloggers who attend should wear a badge with their blogger ID on them? Dorset looks wonderful but your little Jude is better to look at that anywhere! he is so lovely. I am just looking at the comment at the top of the page - I have an Adirndack chair from Perrys plants in Sleights near Whitby - they do settees and stools as well - we have had ours for years -its very comfy. They are also advertsied in the back of the housey mags

Rhondi said...

Hi Carol
It looks like you had a wonderful vacation. Beautiful scenery, I love the little homey touches you had while camping! Jude is a doll and I see that Guy is no longer "little" I'm glad you had such a good time.
Hugs, Rhondi

Cowboys and Custard said...

I really enjoyed this photo album of your holiday Carol..
I do think you should win the award for the most organised campers and the most stylish! I love the fact you took your own bunting too..
Great family photos and I can see where that gorgeous grandson of yours gets his genes!
I mustn't forget little Guy...he is still as gorgeous as ever..
Michele xx
P.s I am sure your handmade lovelies will be a big success at the fair!

LW said...

Hi carol,
I loved all your pictures of your holiday...
And I still think that baby Jude is just the cutest baby ....
I love when you share his pictures….

I adore the bucket tree; I am going to save that idea for a birthday party..


Petticoat Lane said...

What a wonderful holiday you had in the 'stunning' Nigella... Maybe one day I'll get that VW Camper Van or Ameriacn Airstream I dream of. You have really made it truely beautiful. Thank you for showing us your pictures.
I'll have to try that campsite, what a great area and gorgeous beaches.
You have a beautiful family, what a heartbreaker Jude is going to be!

saraeden said...

Your camping trip looks wonderful , i wish i could talk Chrissy into camping but i may be getting my own way on the campervan so you never know !!

Sara x

Ragged Roses said...

What a post, photos of Jude, Guy, beautiful scenery and the equally delicious Nigella - THANK YOU!

Heidi said...

Hi Carol, I am sure you are busy creating more lovely pieces for your upcoming sale!...just wanted you to know I gave you a little award on my blog today!....Heidi XO

Cassie said...

Oh the pictures of your holiday look fantastic! We have sandy beaches here in the states but we don't have the beautiful rock formations right on the beach that you have. Your sewing looks great too. Thanks so much for sharing your holiday pictures, it was like I got a little holiday myself!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Carol, Jude is just gorgeous...and Guy is quite the little man these days. What a wonderful trip you've all had and I was so glad to see Nigella again! I was just thinking about Guy when he was so tiny and you were up and down with him and look how he's grown...Jude will be that way, too...a grown up young man next time you take him off in Nigella!
Love to you all
glad you loved your award!

Miles Away In France said...

I want your holiday, your camper and your dog, and I want it now!
(stamping feet)

Racheal x

Kitschen Pink said...

Hello there - just tootling around your blog! LOVE that 'lost bucket tree'. Do you think they sell those at my local garden centre? Does it only come out in Summer months? t.x