09 April 2008

New Baby. The Nursery and The Home Birth

I must say thank you to Regina for giving me an award.....it is truly reciprocated.
Well here she is....Katie and the neat little bump.
This is the hardest part, the most uncomfortable part of the pregnancy....the last couple of weeks.
The baby is due on 16th April, but like most families we hope that it may arrive a little earlier!
The nursery is almost finished. It is all white at the moment, but once baby is born the room will have a few touches of pale pink or blue.
I am hoping for pale pink Cabbages & Roses Curtains!!!!!
Cute cuddly Bunnies....
Names are needed for these two...any suggestions?The Moses basket bedding is washed and ready.
The hand knitted pram blanket was one of several that I have bought for Kate & Paul's baby.
I found this one EBay. I am looking for little white knitted shoes/booties now.

A close-up of the blanket.
It is so beautifully made....

Katie's old pine wardrobe from her bedroom at my home is now painted white and looks so much nicer. It is slowly filling up...mostly white as we do not know the sex. We just love looking at baby clothes.....I cannot wait to get out with Hub and buy a dress or romper suit !

Lots of hand knitted shawls, cotton bedding, muslin's and 'Terry Nappies'. Katie has decided that she wants to use real terry nappies she has a mix of the ready shaped ones and the traditional square type.....nappy buckets....I remember them well !!

A wooden painted heart for the wardrobe that I bought from Daylesford Farm Shop.

The Nursery just needs a few finishing touches.
A rug would be nice....

The Home Birth Box
has arrived and the Gas and Air!
I have provided lots of towels !
and Katie has bought a Birthing Pool !
Candles, aromatherapy oils and soft music will, I hope, help to keep her calm....through the most painful bits.
So that is it...we just need a few strong contractions to kick in and we're off.....
For those of you who may be unaware, Katie (a Midwife) has delivered a few babies at home, mostly during the night for some reason, so she knows the system and how it works.
We are only a short drive (10 mins) from the Maternity Hospital....which is soon due for closure, very sad.
So if the Midwife or Katie feels that she needs to be transferred to Hospital,
then that is what we will do.
Wish her luck....


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Carol, that is one beautiful nursery, hope all goes well with the birth, you must be so excited!
Lucy x

Rosie Daydream said...

Hi there!

Your nursery looks beautiful! Get ready for those sleepless nights! Good Luck! Teresa x

Pondside said...

Of course.......good luck, to Katie and to all her supporters!! How exciting to be waiting and fixing up the baby's room. It is adorable. We also have everything for wee Declan here in our house - who knows when he'll need a nap or to stay overnight?
Looking forward to the good news!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Thinking of you lots and twiddling my fingers with anticipation!
The nursery is a dream ..
I think Flopsy & Mopsy for the bunnies.

I will be in touch proper.. v soon.

Don't forget the strong curry trick!

Much love to you and Katie

Simone said...

Good luck Katie! I love that nursery, it looks very serene. Names for the bunnies:- how about Sandy and Snowbelle?

shabby chic said...

Hi Catherine,
That bump does look very neat!. The babies room is lovely and looks so well organized too.
Good luck and best wishes to you all x Dom,inique

Vanessa said...

I could not have a home birth as I could not be doing with all the mess! I am a clean a holic sometimes!

The baby rooms great but finishing touches in pink or blue would look fab!

What about calling the bunnies 'Cabbage & Rose'.

Let us know of any news!

julia said...

What an exciting time! Lovely, lovely nursery. Good luck to Katie.
Julia x

OhSoVintage said...

How exciting! Looks like you are all prepared for the new addition to the family so we'll all wait to see if it's a girl or boy. The nursery looks lovely - I have that heart on my white painted wardrobe too. Hope all goes well, I'm sure it will.

Ragged Roses said...

How exciting Carol, I am getting excited for you. The nursery looks wonderful, so pretty. Fingers crossed for a lovely birth, I had my second daughter at home and it was wonderful. Love that blanket and hope you get the curtains you want! Good luck, thinking of you all

white o'morn cottage said...

That handknitted quilt. Did you buy it on Ebay earlier this year? Because if you did I am the person who sold it to you!!! What are the chances of me stumbling upon a post showing something I sold? So exciting. Please let me know...but I do know - It is it. I'm going back to have a look at this post. I can't believe it! so beautiful in the setting of the beautiful nursery. Love and best wishes...Una Pam (unachiffon on ebay)

Deb said...

This is one of the loveliest nurseries I've seen! For the sweet bunnies I thought of Belle & Beau Bunny :-} Good Luck to your daughter Katie (My daughter's name is Katie as well).

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Carol, the nursery is lovely and tranquil. Just what a baby needs! I know you are excited, I would be over the moon now...as for the bunnies...how bout Ginger and Ale?
hugs to you and Little Guy
(And I hope you get to have the cabbagerose pink curtains, too!)

periwinkle said...

Gorgeous nursery- good luck. Good idea for the washable nappies. I tried but just couldn't manage so use 100% biodegradeable disposable instead.
Lisa x


This is a lovely post Carol, I love nurserys, and I would have so much fun, as you certainly have, by helping to create one. This style is exactly what I would choose. Good luck with the home birth, I was born at home too, although 43ish years ago now, and things were very different back then. I have always thought I would use a birthing pool, that was if I ever had a baby! Those drawers look full to me, so an outfit for every day already! Please let us know what Katie has straightaway won't you. x

India J said...

Hi, what a stunning nursery, Good Luck :)

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi Carol - what a beautiful nursery - love the painted wardrobe. You must be very excited about this baby. Looking forward to lots of Aaaaaa pictures. Good Luck to you all

Country Cottage Chic said...

The nursery looks beautiful...how about "Cabbage" & "Rose" for the bunny names?
Good luck to Katie & we look forward to "meeting" the new baby one of these days.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Thank you for visiting my blog today! =) I came over here to visit for my first time, and what joyful news! What a dreamy nursery, too! =)

Joanna said...

Good luck to Katie, a home birth sounds very exciting, the nursary looks wonderful, and so pretty, I so cross about those maternity unit closures. Our local one might be closed and from us it would be an 40 mins to an hour depending on traffic to the nearest.

Curlew Country said...

Such a lovely room, baby will be soothed and peaceful in there without a doubt. Hope Katie isn't feeling too uncomfortable and do wish her all the very best. What a wonderful time!
Much love to all
P.s I vote for Cabbage & Rosie for the bunnies too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
Woo Hoo little bump is nearly here..how exciting!
What a dream of a room,just perfect... i love it,i hope Katie doesn't have too much discomfort poor thing looks like she may just POP! ;)
Beautiful blanket awww to snuggle up in,can't wait to see bumps sweet little face.
Thank you for your wishes for Max xxx
Big Hugs Kristina XxX

the homely year said...

Hi, the nursery is gorgeous...you've got everything organised! Good luck for the birth. I had baby 2 and 3 at home and much prefered it to being in hospital. Hope everything goes well!
Margaret and Noreen

Miss sew n sew said...

The nursery is beautiful love the fireplace and the wardrobe. I had a blanket knitted exactly the same as that one for Emily it's so pretty. Such a exciting time for you. Wishing Katie lots of luck for a smooth birth

Rhondi said...

Hi Carol. The nursery is beautiful. Such an exciting time for all of you! This is their first baby? Your first grandchild?
Keep us poted.

Ziakoko said...

wow what a pretty room! It looks very peaceful- East of india do lovely crochet booties/shoes in a special box only in pink & blue though- so they'll have to wait! lol Zia

Summer by the sea said...

What a gorgeous nursery - I wish Katie lots of luck for the home birth - hope she doesn't have to wait too long - that is the worst bit! - Look forward to seeing pics of the new arrival and the room with either pink or blue touches! - Natalie x

Regina said...

Hi Carolien
What a beautiful baby room.It looks
very cosy.Good luck for your daughter
Have a nice day Regina

Tori said...

Very sweet! I guess by now the baby has come, congrats!

I just found your lovely blog and I'll be back to read more!