05 March 2008

A Cotswold House Tour

A new Cotswold House Book

I first want to say thank you for all your nice and interesting comments on my new garden patio.


Thank you Michele infocowboysandcustard.blogspot.com/ for sharing your music playlist and introducing me to a great musician...John Mayer


Inside the new book!


As I know that so many of you love to look
at house mag's,
I thought you may enjoy a little tour of my Cotswold cottage.

The front of the cottage.
A climbing Hydrangea - which I like to keep well cut back!
The Mullion windows are the originals.....a little bit drafty
but I could not replace them as they have such character.


A little glimpse at my new kitchen - painted cream.

The Kitchen in tiny but cute.
More jugs ! I have a collection here too!

The image below shows the thickness of the walls.
The little oval window is original and is in the en-suite bathroom.
More Jugs!

A little chair that I painted.......yes I paint everything!

As soon as I spotted this old pine mirror...I just had to have it!

A green dish from an old junk shop.....I think it cost 50p!
I drip essential oil on the cones.

The potpourri pot was another bargain £1 and is filled with Lavender.
This is the mantle in my bedroom.

Hearts everywhere!

The window on the landing.

Two more bargains!
I cannot remember how much but I know that I have seem them for a lot more that I paid for them.
The colour of the walls are
Farrow & Ball 'Blackened' it is a sort of very pale grey/blue.

A twig wreath on the landing
and one of the many hearts that I have bought on EBay.

In the courtyard garden.
My Gargoyle....is he not cute?

The garden pots are watered by and irrigation system - as I am not able to water them myself often.
Great idea, especially when you go on holiday.

Candle light for balmy summer evenings.

The new leaves are just appearing....all fresh and green.

New wall basket.

The courtyard garden.

A water feature.
I have planted Baby Tears and Water cress in the water to keep it clean...it works well!

The green door is not a real door...Well what I mean is, it leads nowhere!
Just for show!
The old Rayburn.....
cooks, provides hot water and heats the cottage.
I have a bedroom downstairs which looks out onto the courtyard.
There is a door in this room which leads out into the courtyard and is lovely to have open on warm summer evenings.......
the courtyard is completely walled so is very secure.
My bedroom.

My bedroom again looking into the en-suite bathroom.
We bought this window from a Reclamation Yard as we needed the hinges to repair the broken hinges on one of the mullion windows.
I kept this window as I could not just throw it out. it may come in useful!
Good thing that I did keep it,
I have found the perfect spot for it to be!
Bedroom window.

Looking up onto the landing!

The lounge window and part of my blue pot collection.

Lounge window again with Cath Kidston Antique Rose curtains and a Pewter Dish....another great find and only cost £1!

New painted dining room and spotty oil cloth table cloth!
I want to paint the rest of the chairs to match the end chairs.

Shabby Chic shelf.
The stairs lead up from the dining room.

Window sill in the dining room with an old damaged Bull which I bought years ago in Covent Garden. The Milk Churn is a recent buy!

The local Florist sadly closed and this trug is one of the many things that I was able to buy in the closing down sale.
Closing down sales are so sad I think.

Well the Tour is over and now I must go and see what you have all been up to!
Bye for now


a pink-bee said...

What a Beautiful Home!:)Thank-you so much for giving the tour :)
Have a happy day :)
crystal :)

NeereAnDear said...

I must say that your blog is beautiful ... Your home is simply stunning...

I love the simplicity and elegance..

I appreciate you stopping by my blog.. and your interest in my topic...

It is generating quite a lot of commentary



NeereAnDear said...

I must say that your blog is beautiful ... Your home is simply stunning...

I love the simplicity and elegance..

I appreciate you stopping by my blog.. and your interest in my topic...

It is generating quite a lot of commentary



Ragged Roses said...

When can I move in - it's absolutely beautiful!

julia said...

Lovely pics, thanks for the tour and what a beautiful home you have!
Do you take guests, it looks such a peaceful and organised house, especially compared to ours!
Julia x
ps I love that Damien Rice tune on your dukebox thingy!

Curlew Country said...

Oh I could drool over your lovely home all night! Bedroom fireplaces, courtyard gardens and a rayburn! And all so beautifully finished too. I really enjoyed the tour - thank you!
Steph x - d'you know I bought exactly the same spotty oilcloth - on EBAY! Oh crikey hope I didn't get into a bidding war with you! My excuse is that with two little ones, money and time isn't in that plentiful supply so I get my retail therapy online for a bargain these days. But yes - I'm on ebay far too much! Take carex

Lucy Bloom said...

Your home is just stunning, I think there will be many bloggers going a slight shade of green when they see this post!
Lucy x

Vanessa said...

Wow your house is absolutely gorgeous! Do you want a lodger! You have a great eye for bargains & how they will fit in to your house!

Pretty Practicals said...

Can I come and live in your house? It's simply beautiful!
~ Liz

shabby chic said...

Hi Catherine
Your home is so beautifull and elegant. You have a good eye for lovely items and putting them all together. I wish my house looked as tidy!. The style of the outside of your home is beautifull too. I do love that gargoyle too, it is very cute

x Dominique

Pondside said...

Lovely tour - like a mini-break from this busy day. You have an eye for just the right object in just the right place - not contrived, but so cozy. I love jugs and pitchers, so very much enjoyed seeing yours.

Sandi McBride said...

I feel as though we had a cup of lovely tea and then walked all over looking at the lovely work you've done (Hi Guy my precious, want a tickle behind your ears?) and now we are out in the garden, look out George! I've enjoyed my visit, but must run now...so good to see you...

Rhondi said...

Hi Carol. Thanks for the tour of your Cotswold home. I love everything about it, the mullioned windows, the thick walls, the courtyard, the stove, the charming way you've decorated it. Everything about it is wonderful! How lucky you are to have such a beautiful place to get way to!Rhondi

Garden girl said...

Oh Katherine, your cottage is so beautiful, you lucky thing! You have obviously put a lot of TLC into it. I love Stow so much, and we are frequent visitors as you know..maybe one of these days we'll pass each other in the market square without knowing! Thanks for sharing the photos x

Rubyred said...

What a beautiful home you have made.It looks very inviting.I love visiting Stow in the spring before it gets too busy.It's not too far from me as I live in Witney and sell my goodies at Burford.Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us!

Cowboys & Custard said...

So much to look at and all utterly beautiful.. and down to your exquisite taste in decor..
Really stunning home Carol and I was going to ask when I could move in but I see that Kim has already beaten me too it!! Shucks!
I will just have to press my nose against the window!

Little Guy is impossibly gorgeous! I could eat him up!

I am glad you like the music.. It is in the post!

Much love

Lois said...

I happened upon your blog this morning. I think I have been here before some time ago. The tour of your cottage was most inspirational. There is a calm and order to your rooms that I only wish to create in my house. I try and get one area simplfied and done, and life gets in the way, and clutter and chaos reign. Your rooms are beautiful, would it be impolite to say 'more please!!!'


serendipitylovesnewyork said...

What a beautiful cottage you have, you must be a very proud house owner. Lovely Blog that you have....claire xx

Miss sew n sew said...

Your Cotswold Cottage is so lovely I love all your finishing touches it looks so beautiful. Were off on our hols to the Cotswolds on Saturday to stay in a little cottage so there will be lots of pics on my next post.Looking at yours has got me in the mood I love it!

Lulu said...

you have a lovely home...I just love your windows...They have ledges to put little potted plants and such, love that so much..
You live in a beautiful place..

Country Cottage Chic said...

Your home & garden are so beautiful Carol - such a peaceful & tranquil looking place.


When I first visited the Cotswolds, I was absolutely blown away by the architecture, it is just so pretty. There is only one word to sum up your place, and that is beautiful. x

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Everyone has said it all Carol - just beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Give little Guy a hug from me.
Sandi x

Alchamillamolly said...

wow Carol - your house in the Cotswolds is much lovelier than a lot of the ones they feature in my housey mags - you should send your pics in and see if one will feature it. Its stunning - I have broadband at last and am loving my new house. I am sitting here in the front lounge - its freezing the gas central heating is going in tomorrow. The storage heaters werent fantasic but now they are off the walls I miss them. The whole place is in an uproar but once the heating is in we can get sorted. Ordered 10 rolls of LA Percy for the back lounge - thats the first room to get a makeover at Easter. Glad to be back online - off to be to get warm roll on tomorrow.

Alchamillamolly said...

Carol - where havethe Bower Birds gone - it says their blog isnt there anymore??

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Your cottage is truly a dream home. Just so absolutely beautiful! And you have plants growing outside in your beautiful garden. Sigh. It`s non stop historical record breaking snowing all across our province from yesterday still non stop and those chairs in my last post at the moment have about an inch or so left of the tops before they disappear totally. Hopefully I can squeeze enough battery power from my camera to take a pic tomorrow morning.


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Carol, I'm having a bit of a chintzy Sunday today. Hope Guy is doing well, a few other bloggers have acquired new puppies recently, it's making me quite puppy-broody. Oh dear, I see trouble ahead!
Lucy x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Hello, this is my first time here, so I am going to have to have a good look around!
You have such a lovely home, thank you for sharing the photos.
Love Alison x


I forgot about Mr Twiddle, so great to have been reminded. Yes I did read of his adventures, I am sure he was very similar to Mr Pinkwhistle! Carol, you will know what I am talking about, even if others don't! x

jules said...

what a lovely tour, just like flickinh through the pages of one of those expensive magazines that I am addicted to buying, you have a lovely home and I love the idea for the pine cones, I have a basket of them that I have collected so I am going to try out your idea.


PG said...

Lovely tour, and beautiful home, there is nothing like having a good poke around someone else's nest! (I must get hold of that book, being a fellow Cotswolds dweller).

shabby chic said...

Hi Catherine
Yes those Farrow & Ball paints are good. The paint I used on the dresser was White Tie it was the oil based eggshell. It was the first time ever using it and it was lovely to use . I am definaetely a convert!.
I love the colours you have used in your home , they are lovely and it looks so tastefull and lovely.
x Dominique

shabby chic said...

ps meant to say i do floristry on a monday night and it is such fun, lots of lovely ladies on the course. I think you would love it too. Its so relaxing. xx

Grand Life said...

Your home is just incredible. What a talent you have. Thanks for sharing with us.

Regina said...

Hi Carol
Your home looks so cosy and elegant.
Thank you for sharing.