19 December 2007

A Winter Break In The New Forest

Last weekend we went on a little trip to the New Forest. I did think when I booked this weekend break that I would be completely organised for Christmas and that I could go away and forget everything for a while! lol

No I was not organised, presents still to buy, cards still to write and send!

House in a mess.

This is my eldest daughter Katie - 22 weeks pregnant and her lovely husband Paul.

We are standing outside the cottage which is right in the forest, heaven!

The cottage was decorated for Christmas. This is the mantle over the log burner in the dining room.

The Christmas tree!

The Quay at Lymington which is a beautiful town and full of gorgeous little shops.....had a little spend up here! and Sunday lunch.

Paul and a fallen tree.

Katie and I outside our little shop. (Not really)

See the shop title........this is in Burley, Witch country.

Hubby, Katie and Paul examining the huge root system on this tree.

New Forest Ponies, they just wander wherever they want and are a bit scary they are not frightened of cars or people. These ones started to follow us along the lane....too close for me. By the time we reached the end of the lane we had about 10 ponies walking behind us!

It was a wonderful weekend and as expected went all too quickly, I should have booked a week!




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