12 October 2007

Wonderful Paper Bags !

Making my pumpkin soup today, I was reminiscing a bit.

I had also bought some Kent Cob Nuts, yummy! and they were in a nice white paper bag.

As I made soup and ate nuts......... I was thinking to myself how great it is to see a paper bag intead of those horrible plastic bags, foam with cling film or plastic netting !

I remembered back as a 2 1/2 year old. My Mum always saved the paper bags from our daily shopping.
I went three afternoons to nursery and Mum made my 2 small square peanut butter sandwiches and carefully putthemt into a lovely brown paper bag with MY name on it.
At tea time, the 'Auntie' would hand out our sandwiches and after eating them we would have a little nap in the little camp beds that were lined up in a side room ! oh those were the days.
I was given a brown paper bag with my sandwich inside by 'Auntie' I accepted happily thinking it was MY peanut butter sandwich............I could not read my name at that time...............anyway, I opened the bag and shock horror.....it smelt horried...I cannot eat this I said, here you can have it back, it is not mine.
I didn't really say that, I was so shy, I just cried..................
Auntie asked me whatwas wrong ? I told her "this sandwich is not mine".

Auntie took the bag from me and read out the name on it.........."oh you have been given Peters sandwich"....... FISH PASTE sandwich.......FISH PASTE, yuk !

Peter had eaten MY PEANUT BUTTER sandwich very quickly...so I went hungry.
Anyway, looking at the paper bag on my counter this afternoon which is now being used a container for all the waste from my pumpkin, onions, garlic etc and later to be place into my recycling bin as a whole lot, I smiled...........thinking back........

I then picked up the bag, turned to take it out to the recycling bin and the bottom fell out...............all the contents fell all over the clean kitchen floor.........maybe plastic is more practical after all !!!!Just does not look as nice, does it?
In actual fact, I really do have a problem with supermarket packaging, I do not like it, fall stop !


Alchamillamolly said...

Hi I thought I would add my comment on this blog as it was empty. I am a bit peeved today - we took a huge quantity of top quality stuff to Oxfam today - it took two of us two visits to carry it all to the shop. The woman on the counter scowled and Alan knocked on the door at the end of the shop and said just didnt want you to come out and fall over this lot - she peered at it all and said 'Well I hope there's not electrical items in there. Alan siad 'No we know you don't accept them' and she shut the door. No thanks - no nothing! If it hadnt been so damned heavy I would have picked it all up and taken to another one - I don't expect then to fawn all over us but I was taught to say Thank You. This was a middle aged lady who should known better. I am cross! I am going to get my son to add the play list and a blog counter as well. Still no photos taken today - didnt get in the loft but did the big cupboard in my old workroom - called 'the study' by the estate agent! Right off to read my new Robin Pilcher. Went a bit daft on ebay last night and spent £33 ouch!

Alchamillamolly said...

Good morning - can't stop long this am - why is your blog called Carol and your blog search under Katherine?? What a moan I had yesterday didn't I, I am just so down about this house situation - if we stay here then neither Alan or I can change jobs, and I think the time is right to move , but the way things are going its not looking good. I think we might have to change where we are going. Apparently the people we are buying off have got their agents to leaflet the area they fancy mind you if it takes as long for them to circulate leaflets as it does to add a property back to their website then they will be dellivered with Xmas cards. What bad luck that both our buyers and the people we are buying off are both with the smae useless agent. Right I must go - speak to you later


I remember as a kid, my granny using old cut up paper bags for greasing her cake tins!