09 October 2007

Fellow Bloggers

Thank you
For your lovely comments.
Can somebody tell me how to add my list with links of my favorite Bloggers?
Looking at the posts from others is better than looking through house magazines !

A Love For Old Bottles.................

I have a thing about collecting......bottles, jugs, old bone handled butter knives, I am turning into my Mum! who also has been squirreling away her many finds from car boot sales.

I do get some help with housework in the form of my gorgeous grandson Freddie Santino......here is is busily hoovering the hall !
He is 15 months, full to the brim with fun and laughter and has to have lots of cuddles and kisses. He is wearing a nappy, by the way, although earlier that morning he had decided that he would remove it himself...........I heard him playing in his cot it was 8am. I went to get him up only to be greeted with his huge smile and his nappy thrown out of the cot. I think that it may be time to start potty training..................


julia said...

Thanks you for visiting my blog and the lovely comments.

It was great to be welcomed by one of my favourite ever songs to your blog.

You've made a great start and what a beautiful home (and grandson) you have!

See you soon

Julia x

To add links you need to click on "customise"

julia said...

Sorry, pressed return by accident!

Click on "template" and yo should see the bit you need. Hope this helps!
Julia x

Alchamillamolly said...

Oh my - Isee what you mena about our bottle collections - your Freddie is gorgeous. When Adam was about 2 he had his own little 'hooby' that he would go miles with. We have two grandsons but they are my steps as Alan and I have been married before. They are Spencer 5 and Toby 3 and they live in East Dulwich so we dont see much of them. Its awkward tho because Alans ex wife is their real grandma. Still I will get my own one day. Now this is getting spookier I have tassels on my door handles as well! and the same flecky carpet on my stairs! Are we stalking each other?? I will take some more pics at the weekend so you can see - long day today - bath and nightie on and its only 7.50pm! I must not stay on the PC all night. Here's a question - do you have Victoria magazine - from America? It is starting up again and someone in America on the blogs was invited to give her comments on what people like - is anyone out there with her link as I can't remember it? Night Night

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Such a cute picture of your grandson!!!

Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi Carol, thank you for visiting our Blog, sure glad you did, we love yours! Your home is beautiful, love the duck in the lounge. Your grandson is too cute!And the picture of your beautiful daughter's wedding, it is so lovely and they look so happy! And we adore Miss Potter, a visit to the Lake District is definitely on our agenda next year, hopefully in October. Autumn seems a nice time to travel! We have you in our faves! Jenn and Jacqui

Sandi McBride said...

Ok Carol, not that's the kind of help I'd take anytime! What a cutie pie...I love old bottles, too...and old jelly jars with the wire closures. Your home is lovely...still laughing about thinking I was going into your kitchen...