11 October 2007

More Collections

Just a few of my favorite Cookery Books that are kept close to hand in the kitchen. And more jugs, some old and some new, and my Mums pie funnel. A bowl of plastic lemons and limes! Another Heart !

I used to buy fresh lemons and limes until I spotted these in a lovey little Florist called 'Roses'........the times my Mum has taken one out of the bowl to use !
Why, why, why do I keep buying Hearts because I love them of course......


julia said...

Lovely pictures again! I've just listened to the Radio 4 programme you mentioned. It was very entertaining!

Julia x

Suzie Sews said...

Oh I love hearts too...lovely photos
Suzie Sews

Faye 'Country Chic' said...

I just found your blog via curlew country. I too have an obsession with hearts, I just cant stop buying and making them for the business... there just so appealing.
x Faye