11 October 2007

I'm In The Garden

This lavender filled heart says 'I'm in the Garden' and was bought for me by my lovely friend Sarah. This leads me on to say that I did make it out for a little fresh air today, in-between all the painting !

The garden does look pretty in early autumn. This grapevine has almost covered my pergola. Last year we made wine, it is a Rose wine, it made a great Sangria for our summer bbq's. But this year sadly we did not get to pick the grapes at the right time as we were camping in Cumbria - the birds have enjoyed them !


Deanna said...

Hi Carol,
I've really enjoyed your sweet blog. Your pictures are really beautiful and I have to admit, I am really intrigued by all the song selections that people put on their blog. You have some of my faves and some that were a first for me. I listened to all of them while I washed the dishes!

Have a great day!
Deanna :)

Laurie said...

What a beautiful garden! It looks like a great spot to just sit and take everything in.