14 October 2007

Beautiful Rose's

It has been a lovely day today, head still hurting a wee bit, but if I move slowly I can cope!

My Mum An English Rose

Took Mum & Dad out for Sunday lunch. We arrived at the chosen country pub, sat at our table and was entertained by a live folk group playing traditional Irish Folk music....wonderful, as was the roast beef dinner !
Mum sat next to me, My lovely Mum, a true English 'Rose'. But sadly she is not quite herself, her memory has almost gone now. It hurts so much to see her slowly going into a world of her own, she cannot hold a conversation, although she does know who we all are, most of time.......

Here is an old photo of her holding my sister Jacquline.

My Dad was away fighting in the second word war, her never saw my sister until she was four years old....

Mum told me that when Dad came home it was like starting all over again, he went away a boy and came home a man and it took time to get to know one another again. They have been married for 64 years.

In this picture Mum is only 15 years old, she is with her older sister Emmy. Mum had two older brothers Tommy and Danny and more sisters, called Florance, Dorothy and Lilly.
I miss my Mum who used to phone me every day.
I miss my Mum who would listen to my moans and put things into perspective.
She came to my house everyday, and always had something in her basket for me that she had baked. She loved to cook. That has all gone now but to me she is and always will be A True English Rose.


Deanna said...

Your sweet mom is very beautiful. I love that picture of her and your sister.

Deanna :)

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi Carol - its 6.37am!! What a lovely blog about your Mum - it must be very hard for you - you must cling to your lovely memories - when you get a quit moment you shoud let your mind wander over them and write them down so they last and your children can know how she was when you were young. Its hard for them to know our Mums as anything buy Grandma's just like it's hard for them to see us as young, girls who danced all night...they only know us as Mum's. I dread either of my parents reaching this stage at the moment they just moan about their doctors appts and I get so angry they are both turned 80 now and have no real ailments and have all their faculties at the the moment - they should realise how blessed they are with their health and they are able to live well. It actually drives a wedge sometimes because they are so unaware of their blessings. Its things like what is happening to your Mam that bring us down to earth Carol. xx

OhSoVintage said...

Thankyou for visiting my blog. I have really enjoyed reading yours and looking at your photos. I love your living room - very tastefully decorated (very Kate Formanish). Like your choice of music too, quite a few of my favourites in there. I so identify with having a mum who has always been there listening to moans and putting things into perspective. Your parents must be very special people to have been together for 64 years. I'll call again.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

What a lovely photograph! I bet you treasure it!

Sandi McBride said...

Your mother is beautiful...my mother, or Queen Grace as we called her, no really, we did...was a lovely woman, too...kind and good, as your mother was. I regret I didn't just set the tape recorder down and let her talk...
I have a little something for you at my place, so stop by anytime

Cowboys & Custard said...

Treasure every moment you are with your beloved mother.. she is still with you in so many ways..
M x


Your mum and her sister look real beauties in that photograph, your dad must have felt very proud to have such a pretty girl on his arm. I have pictures of my granny with a very similar hairstyle. My lovely mum who sadly is no longer with us, was born in November 1939 just at the beginning of the war and her dad was a navigator in the RAF, she lived with her mum and grandparents until he came home and didn't start to get to know him until about the age of six. My grandad is still alive at the age of 93 and lives in Majorca, he is my only surviving grandparent. I have too got some lovely old black/white photos that I hope to post onto my blog in the future. x