16 April 2013

The Beautiful Northern Lights & Not So Beautiful House Makeovers Start

Look Here....
Northern Lights.

Found Here...

On a less beautiful note.
Week five....
And this is the progress..
So Far...

Big bathroom is soon..
fingers crossed.
To be made into Laundry/Utility Room.
With a small Shower room and toilet.

I must not moan.
After all his day job pays for all these projects.
But I hate mess that spills into the rest of the house.
I like instant results.
But we do not get them much now.

So I wait patiently and just look for nice things that will fill these two rooms.
And thought maybe a before and after photos would be good.
Let us wait and see how long it takes for the next major
improvement to this room.

Sorry for the uninspiring images.
But this is real life after all.
Hope to be back soon with something nicer.


elsy said...

patience it will look fab very soon, i know. the northern lights....on the list to see at some point, i hope x

Pondside said...

Believe it or not, we're in the same boat. The ensuite bathroom has been gutted - four walls standing and a bare concrete floor. Tiles are stacked on the veranda and a shower waits, leaning against another wall. Today I have called a contractor to come and have a look, as I am running out of the patience that you seem to still have!

Sandi McBride said...

Havent been by in a while, I could kick myself...now I must go back and see all I have missed!!! Uninspiring? Surely you jest!

Karan said...

I love looking at photos of house makeovers, but the mess they make when your living in them is just so stressful! you have a beautiful home and I can't wait for more photos! I have finished as much work on my house as I am going to do and now wait not so,patiently for our opportunity to move hopefully to the country. Regards Karan

A tale from toadstool house said...

those skies are beautiful. good luck with the bathroom,were doing ours soon.xxx

Jay said...

I'm sure it will all work out beautifully in the end, hopefully the end is soon!

Pikachu said...

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Sandi McBride said...

just checking in...

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