31 January 2013

All Is Quiet

It is seven thirty in the evening and nobody is home.
The house takes on a different hue.

No sound other than the gentle tick tock of the clock.
It is tranquil.

The Kitchen is asleep.
Thank god.

This light and quiet reminds me of the feeds
in the middle of the night on the maternity ward.
I enjoyed nothing better than to sit in the rocking chair 
with a little tiny babe in my arms and a tiny glass bottle of warm milk.
Feeding baby while its mother slept.
Does this happen much anymore.
I think not, the nursery has gone.

 This seems such a long time ago now, but
when we had our first babies, we stayed in Hospital for a week.
And on the last evening, can you believe this....
we were allowed to go out for a meal with our husbands
while the Midwives looked after our babies !
Those were the best days.
Only thirty years ago.
What has gone wrong.
Too many people.
Not enough time.
No room to breath.

So all my babies may have left my nest.
But they fly back often.
And when they do the house bursts into life again.

I go to bed and do not worry about that little cry in the night.
The patter of little feet coming up the hall and into my bed.
Just pray the phone doesn't ring now.

 It is nice to quietly reminisce.


jill said...

Oh I love time on my own does not happen very often so I really cherish it.When I had my daughter 28yrs ago nearly I had to stay in for 10days now adays they are lucky if they get 10hrs on the maternity unit.Lovely pics of your home all nice and tidy,2 of my little grandsons have been here for a couple of days and the house looks like a bomb has dropped and this grandma has not got the energy to tidy up,but I love it.Love Jill xx

Lyn said...

Beautiful photos, such lovely tones. Xxx

Summer Blue said...

Hi Carol,
Remember me? It's been a while. I do love to read your blog though and see your beautiful family and home. The boys are all growing up so much from when I started reading your blog all those years ago.
How I wish you'd have been in the maternity ward when I gave birth a few months ago. I was on the operating table having had a c-section and the surgeon peered over the top of the screen whilst they were stitching me back up and said; "Third child, you can go home in the morning, as long as you can walk 'somehow' from here to there then that's fine"!! It took until 7pm that evening for me to even feel my legs again!!!!
It's a good job that I didn't do as he said, as the next morning I fainted whilst on my own in the shower and later that day lost 6 units of blood. When it happened it took 5 minutes of me ringing my buzzer and shouting "Can someone help me please?" until anyone came to my room. That's what happens when you have 2 midwives to look after 30+ women that have just given birth. They even let me go through the entire night without checking on me once! The first person I saw in 10 hours was the lady who came to give me fresh water! And my husband had to ask and ask for me to get any painkillers.
It was such a different experience to when I had my girls in a birthing unit 6 & 8 years ago.
Jane. x

Who Lives in a house like this? said...

Lovely post, if only we could turn back the clock!

Pondside said...

Lovely peaceful post, with a little food for thought. I will have three new grandchildren in the summer, and their mummies will have a scant 12 hours in hospital.

Muggensteekjes said...

Hello Carol,
it's been too long ago since I visited you here. But I still love reading your blog and look at your beautiful home. And such sweet and lovely thoughts...
Bye, hugs Ingrid.

Helen said...

Gorgeous, peaceful post thanks for sharing your quiet time with us,
Love Helen x

Helen said...

Thank you for sharing your quiet time with us,
H xx