28 January 2012

Twinnys Who Love To Decorate

I am now confirmed as suffering from bloggly eyes...
Before I slump onto the sofa I wanted to show you my latest project.
I have painted inside my crackle glazed cabinet.
Painted in F&B Light Blue, which looks a kind of grey and matches my light blue walls.

Also I have had a shift around of furniture.
This little table got a fresh cost of light blue too, changing it from a deep blue of which I cannot remember the name of!

And I painted this from it natural state of light wood into
bright and white F&B Strong White to match the rest of the paintwork in my sitting room.
The insides are very dark, painted in Annie Sloan Charcoal.
I like the dramatic contrasts and the darkness shows of my displays especially the whites really quite well.
I think!

And now to meet my other half, my twin!
Well that is what my hubby calls us.
Of course she is a distant relative (my Dad and her Mum) but not my twin,
It is just that my hub says we are so very similar in so many ways.
The things we love, the colours we choose, the clothes we wear.

So here we are.
Happy lot.
So clever those self timers on cameras these days.

And now a second helping of my lovely friends home.
The kitchen.
Note the little Storm Lantern on the table, that is from our shop.

Everything including the kitchen sink.

I recognise that cabinet, I have one so similar.

We both love the cool shades of New England.

This fireplace has since been ripped out and log stove put in.
I will show you as I will be paying another visit or Loraine's very soon.
As she lives quite close to the NEC Birmingham and my two daughters and me will be attending the Trade Spring Fair to see what lovely items we can find for our new shop......Loraine's is a good comfortable place to return to after a busy day of buying.
No doubt dinner will be waiting!


Into the bedroom.

But I will not be sleeping in here sadly.

I will be in here.

I have gone and deleted the image of the bed.
Does that drive you mad.
One slip of the finger and it's gone!
Never mind.
I am getting so tired now.
It has been such a long day in the virtual office.
Sleep tight.


A tale from toadstool house said...

Oh!I have serious home envy and would love a home makeover what fantastic taste you both have.Lovely piccies,they look like the best eye candy.xxx

jill said...

All looks very nice,I would like to paint some of our furniture but hubby has put his foot down says it took a long time to get paint off the furniture when I wanted it plain wood, so it stops plain old wood!!!! oh well I may have to have a little accident when I decorate next OOOpps.Love Jill xx